FPÖ to Formally Challenge Election Result

The Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) has announced that a “myriad of irregularities” in the recent presidential elections has forced them to formally challenge the poll result.

The FPÖ’s candidate, Norbet Hofer, lost the election by a hair’s breadth amidst many allegations of voter fraud, duplicate voting—particularly among nonwhites in Vienna—and discrepancies in the postal votes.


Strache addresses a press conference in Vienna, June 8, on the appeals against the presidential election result.

FPÖ leader Heinz-Christian Strache said in an official statement that the party was challenging the presidential election due to a “myriad of irregularities.”

“We are not bad losers, but this is about the very foundations of democracy, which have to be secured,” Strache said at a news conference in Vienna.

“Without these irregularities, Hofer could have become president,” he said.

A total of three appeals of more than 150 pages have been submitted to the Constitutional Court, he continued.

One appeal had been submitted by himself as an authorized agent, a second by presidential candidate Hofer, and a third by “voters and citizens.”

He said that the number of irregularities which have now been reported are of such a number that “mistrust in the system is justified.”

Strache said that irregularities had been detected in 94 of 117 district elections, and with postal vote ballot cards in 82 districts.

“This affects more than 570,000 ballots,” he said. “When there are so many indications [of fraud], then that constitutes a disaster, and we cannot accept it.”

“So many occurrences cannot be dismissed as irrelevant to the election results. Anyone who looks away and simply moves on, has an insufficient understanding of democracy.”

He added that the State Prosecutor had already determined that laws had been broken in the election, which set a legal precedent for the appeals. Election results were tallied by unauthorized persons, and there were “numerous system errors and shortcomings.”

“It does not take a conspiracy theorist to get a bad feeling about these irregularities.”

The appeal process will now be handed by the Constitutional Court of Austria, which sits in Vienna and whose primary function is to review laws for their constitutionality and to repeal them, should they prove to be unconstitutional.

A spokesman for the Constitutional Court said that they would endeavor to make a decision on the dispute before the swearing in of the new president on July 8.

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    1. Yes, and if we suspect it has been rigged, we should do the same as the Austrians, and challenge it

      1. If it’s Remain by a narrow margin how will we know if that was because of the 48 hour extension for registering to vote? Also why was there a 48 hour extension when the system crashed only 2 hours before the deadline? It’s already feeling unfair.

        1. That is why the ‘crash’ happened. They could see that there was a possible chance of losing. The government and the electoral commission are totally corrupt!

      2. You forget that Gordon browns proudest achievement was to get “the right people” into the “right places”, including the electoral commission, which is stuffed with Common Purpose operatives.

    2. So much corruption must be taking place, I don’t trust these postal votes, and even our own govt are now saying, if the vote goes the wrong way, they will rebel & force The House of Commons to go against the populist vote…….at the end of the day, they (Governments) seem to be so corrupt that they are willing to do anything to get the result they want, and not the electorate……!!!!!!

    3. Just what I was thinking. We have already seem the depths to which the ‘Remain’ side are willing to sink to get their own way, nothing is going to be too corrupt to contemplate. What a sorry state Cameron has brought us to, he needs to be kicked out as soon as the referendum is over, whatever the outcome. He has brought us down to the level of a 3rd world banana republic.

  1. Surely, the next question for any sane individual is, has the Austrian ‘Constitutional Court’ got any connections to or is subject to any influence by the EU in any way, shape or form? Bearing in mind these EU people are ruthless megalomaniacs who will go to any lengths to stop or stifle alternative views or opinions.
    We are now told that the implementation of numerous EU Directives has been suspended until after the UK Referendum. ‘Don’t scare the Natives’. One named is the reduction in power of hair dryers and electric kettles.

    1. The last conservative leader was drummed out of office by the EU.
      Nothing’s changed!
      The Dictators in Brussels cannot afford a conservative government
      In any state. It will break their cohesive hold on events & they do not want the spread of conservatism or individuality.


  2. Good news, fingers crossed that they find the whole election was rigged and even money says that there may have been a fair bit of ‘back-hander’ cash from the EU to prevent Mr Hofer from winning. Juncker has already declared that the EU will isolate and instigate sanction against any state that elects a party that is anti-immigration or in his words far right. Sadly Mr Juncker seems to have more sway in Austria than the people at present, so if this is rigged beyond any doubt, then the people of Austria have every right to have their own referendum against the EU.

  3. It is clear this situation cannot be stopped via the democratic process. Any party that has has the nation and their own people as it’s core values is vilified and cheated by the plutocrats and jewish elites and their thralls that make up the sham left-right parties. No matter how many thousands march in protest nothing is done apart from a media blackout on the damage caused by these Orcs. The time for real action is overdue. The ‘leftists’ strut about in arrogance, loudly signalling their ‘virtue’ and publically espouse their ‘values’. We know who they are, make them feel the need to hide their opinions. Make them fear to walk the streets. Ultimately the people will cut the diseased part away to protect the whole, as history shows again and again. When freedom cannot be achieved by the ballot it will be decided with bullets.
    Nobody is eager for war, but it seems increasingly certain that the dice have already been cast as to what is coming. So Europe, and the people of Britain…. Die on your feet for a free future or live on your knees for no future?

  4. I agree with kerry, it was about the time!

    I was surprised they accepted the outcome at the first place, as it was strangely suspicious that postal votes would be so much opposite to regular votes just to give leftist marginal advantage, after He was basically already beaten.

    I think they made mistake by not challenging the result right away, but late than never.

  5. I strongly hoped the FPO would fight this. My hope now is this results in Norbert Hofer assumes the Austrian presidency this year. HOWEVER……. The radical anti-white left is nothing if not crafty and determined to bury our race. Expect the following “finding”: “While we have found that indeed there were instances of illegalities being committed, we have found that the number of them was not great enough to have changed the outcome of the election. The original result stands.”

    1. That wouldn’t surprise me in the least, the EU have been bribing organisations of all sorts in order to keep their cushy jobs and perks intact. Why else are they unable to have their accounts signed off in audit, you cannot have an invoice for £10,000.00 or whatever which is clearly made out to individuals who are known political lobbyists.

  6. It’s one thing to establish that fraudulent voting occurred, and another thing to prove how someone voted.

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