FPÖ Launches Presidential Campaign

Austria’s anti-invasion Freedom Party (FPÖ) has officially launched its new presidential election campaign, choosing as its theme the slogans “Power needs control” and “Austria needs security” as its play to win the election set for October 2.

The latest opinion poll—released yesterday—shows the FPÖ with a substantial 6 point lead over the opposing Green-communist candidate.


The election is a rerun after an earlier vote this year was declared invalid because of irregularities in the postal voting system which favored the Green-communist candidate.

The party’s election campaign manager Herbert Kickl revealed the main posters which will be used during the campaign this week at the FPÖ’s headquarters in Vienna.

“Norbert Hofer is Austria’s only guarantee of security,” Kickl told the media at a press conference, mapping out the party’s strategy which is set to take advantage of the refugee-terrorist attacks which have plagued Europe since 2015.

“We are concerned with the internal security of Austria, security in the labor market, as well as external security and our statehood,” Kickl continued.

“Only Norbert Hofer has a clear vision of our values and our culture,” he said, adding the FPÖ candidate was also a “counterweight, and a warning voice for Austria” against the Green-communist candidate Alexander van der Bellen.

“Hofer differs vastly from the Green opposition candidate, who stands for the continuation of a false tolerance [toward the ‘refugee’-invasion], the opening of the labor market to asylum seekers, the consolidation of the [banking and industrial] power cartels, and the division of society,” Kickl said.


Referring to Van der Bellen’s campaign—which had also just unveiled its major campaign posters and themes, featuring for the first time the Austrian national flag and colors, with the Green-communist candidate pretending to be much more conservative, Kickl pointed out that there was no link between “the Greens and patriotism.”

“They have as much to do with each other as [Turkish president Recep] Erdogan has to do with human rights,” he said.

He added that current party feedback from the voters was that many voters expressed relief that the election was being rerun, and that increasing numbers were going to switch sides in favor of the FPÖ after the spate of refugee-terrorist attacks.

latest poll

The latest opinion poll—released yesterday—shows Hofer with an increasing lead over the Green-communist Van der Bellen.

According to the poll, produced by Gallop in Austria, Hofer is set to take between 48.5 and 57.5 percent of the vote on October 2, with an estimated average of 53 percent.

In contrast, Van der Bellen is set to take between 42.5 percent and 51.5 percent of the vote, with an estimated average of 47 percent.

The survey found that Hofer was benefiting from the issues of “Turkey [in the EU], refugees, and terrorist attacks.”

The poll also found that 5 percent of voters will vote for a different candidate this time, and a further 12 percent were considering changing their voting choice.

It was especially among the “conservative” Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) voters that the desire to change their voting choice was the most prevalent.  The OE24 news service pointed out that since most ÖVP voters chose Van der Bellen in the May election, this factor is likely to “deny him victory this time.”

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  1. Hope he wins. The Greens will just flush Austria down the toilet. It’s odd how the alleged “environmentalists” want to pack endless numbers of impoverished third-world savages into every country, thus ensuring that they eat everything down to the ground, exterminate all remnants of wildlife for food, cut down the last forest for firewood, and turn the place into a giant garbage dump.

  2. Hofer should have been President already! Having a second election is total, stupid BS after the Greens rigged the first one earlier this year. Slow and dimwitted Europeans!

    Now there’s a chance, albeit a slight one, that the Greens may win this sucker ‘honestly’ (or at least not having their vote rigging detected by Euro retards), and go on to destroy Austria !

    Europe is in a terrible mess because its citizens are sheeple, who are trained to OBEY whoever is giving the orders. They are not independent thinkers, but are in lockstep with everybody else. No personal initiative at all!

  3. Norbet Hofer had better have some good security because Socialists will not not only revert to electoral fraud, they will go all the way to eliminate him.
    After all they have EU permission & encouragement behind them. Merkel has already lost the UK & they cannot afford to lose Austria to another exit referendum!

  4. Van der Bellen shouldn`t be allowed anywhere near political office after the last fiasco.
    Those who don`t play by the rules and are willing to cheat in order to win are the lowest form of political scum.

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