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France: Nonwhite Riots over False “Police Rape”

Nonwhite invaders in France have continued to riot, burn down, and trash large parts of French cities in ongoing violence spurred by a claim that policemen anally assaulted an Arab with a truncheon—even though an official review has shown that the alleged assault never happened.

In one of the attacks, the nonwhites deliberately set fire to a car that had at least two children inside-and it was only due to quick action by police and a passerby that the children were saved from the blaze.

According to a report in the Le Monde newspaper, at least eleven nonwhites, including eight “minors,” were arrested on Sunday, February 12, following street violence and attacks on police in the heavily Arab- and African-populated area of Argenteuil, northwest of Paris.

According to a statement issued by the prefecture of Val-d’Oise, the violence is “probably” related to the case of Theo L., the Arab at the center of the original assault allegations, which supposedly occurred during a violent arrest in Aulnay-sous-Bois on February 2.

The prefecture statement said that large crowds of nonwhites had gathered in Argenteuil “in order to provoke confrontations with the security forces,” following a call launched on social networks.

A number of vehicles were set on fire in what has become the usual opening violence for nonwhite riots in France and elsewhere. The nonwhites then proceeded to attack fire services and police personnel called out to deal with the blazing cars.

According to the police, “many projectiles” were thrown at the security forces, and a bus was stoned, injuring its driver in the face. A journalist was also assaulted, but suffered no serious injuries.

Over the past weekend, police reported that at least ten nonwhite rioters had been arrested in Drancy in Seine-Saint-Denis after a “group of some fifty youths from the neighboring commune of Blanc-Mesnil went to Drancy with iron bars” with which they smashed parked cars.

This brings the total number of nonwhites arrested for public violence all over France since February 2—the date when the alleged police assault took place—to at least 65, with 28 being arrested in the first three days alone.

The trouble spread to northwestern France, where at least 20 nonwhites were arrested in Nantes following a violent demonstration by at least 400 rioters.

In Aulnay-sous-Bois, over a dozen cars were set on fire in the city center over the past weekend. Aulnay-sous-Bois has seen riots almost every night since the February 2 incident in which it was claimed that policemen had “anally raped” the Arab by inserting a “telescopic truncheon” into his anus.

An urgent police review of the allegations, video footage, and corroborating evidence quickly proved that there was no truth to the allegations, but this has not stopped the controlled media, French communists, or the nonwhite invaders from spreading the story as if it were fact.

As a result, charges are still being pressed against one of the policemen, but lawyers expect the charges to be dismissed in due course as the evidence is presented to the initial court hearings.

It is a recurring theme among the nonwhite colonizers of the suburbs surrounding Paris to riot over police action. In 2005, two Arab burglars, hiding in an electricity substation from a police patrol, accidentally electrocuted themselves, sparking weeks of nonwhite riots over alleged police brutality.

Around 10,000 cars were burned in that violence, and at least 6,000 nonwhites were arrested before the riots died down.


  1. France is already lost. Maybe they deserved it for all their political correctness and libertarian ways.just a pity that a once noble nation with a rich culture will be no more. Europeans wake up!

  2. Theo, who lied about getting a police truncheon in his ass, is an Black African, not an Arab. There are pictures of president Hollande visiting him at the hospital. It’s not just Hollande. The fake news media and the politicians started making a fuss about racism and police brutality before they had the result of the police investigation. They made a big racket about it. That’s why the Blacks and Arabs started rioting. But the media are now under-reporting the violence of the rioters. They are afraid it could influence the vote in the presidential election next April.

  3. This is what they get for all their liberty
    and color-race blindness. Total *ssholes.
    I just hope LaPen becomes their next leader. Somehow sh*t soros will screw
    things up.

  4. So when the police arrest or have to shoot a white criminal, you never see whites rioting, never, I can’t remember an incident yet.

  5. There was not a peep of protest from our ethnic friends after the Paris and Nice atrocities. Is there any doubt that they are at war with us?

  6. Theo was injured by a truncheon but accidentally because of his low lying jeans. What the press keeps silent is the reason for his arrest. This guy is no angel and there is a reason why 4 cops were needed to arrest him.

  7. The government and media are raising a stink about the arrest of that African parasite, and using the incident to incite violence and denounce White people.

    But the violence obviously comes from the nonwhites imported by ZOG. That’s why there are so few White people left in places like Argenteuil, Bobigny and Aulnay-sous-bois.

    Even the policemen don’t want to be sent there.

    What’s happening now will only encourage the last Whites to get out.

  8. It is for this reason that the eastern bloc nations must resist with the utmost tenacity and vehemence that shitty EU diktat that they ‘must’ accept black/brown invaders.

    F*ck the EU!

  9. I have no pity for stupid people that open their door to muslims and then are surprised when they get raped and their cities burned down they deserve what their getting and if America wants this let them have it, but they will be so sorry some day, but then it will be too late, Trump may be strange in ways but what he is trying to do is save the white race for a little longer, we are doomed for we are dwindling and inviting in Third Worlders and God have mercy on our souls.


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