France Paying Invaders to Go Home

The French government is paying invaders a €2,500 ($2,650) “bonus” if they agree to be sent home—further evidence that the entire “asylum” invasion is a hoax.

If invaders were “fleeing for their lives” an offer like the French government’s would be impossible.


According to the French La Figaro newspaper, the €2,500 is an increase over the already existing payout of €1,850 on offer for those willing to return voluntarily.

Quoting Director General Didier Leschi, from the French Office of Immigration and Integration (OFII), the newspaper said that the government has temporarily decided “to bring to €2,500” the maximum “return assistance” for foreigners agreeing to return voluntarily to their country.

The special offer is being made to try and entice invaders to apply for the cash handout before the end of the year, when the bonus offer expires.

The idea is to “significantly increase the number of voluntary assisted departures,” Leschi said, referring specifically to the more than 7,000 invaders from the Calais Jungle who are now being housed in “reception centers” all over France.

The controlled media has insisted on calling these invaders “asylum seekers,” “migrants,” or “refugees,” but the offer of cash to them so they will go home makes a mockery of all these descriptions.

Leschi said that so far, Afghans have shown the most interest in the offer, and that the OFII has already conducted 3,051 returns this year.

In addition to the cash, returnees receive assistance from the OFII on arrival for “reintegration, employment, business creation” and an additional cash payout of “up to an amount of €10,000”—a fortune in many of their home countries.

“Depending on the country, this can help them to start a small business,” Leschi said.

In Afghanistan, the average national income per capita is $410, which means that the European payouts are well worth making the trip, even if just to be sent home once again—€10,000 is effectively 25 times an average Afghan’s annual income.

The race-denying liberals fail to understand that paying the invaders to go home again only serves to encourage the invasion—even if their attempts to parasite off Europe ends in failure, they will still be immeasurably better off just for having tried.

The only way to actually end the Third World invasion is by clamping down with military might on the borders—that is, dealing with the invasion force as a military threat—and by repatriating the already existing invaders with no compensation at all.

Only when the message gets through to the Third World that there is no benefit to be had in invading Europe—and in fact, only considerable risk to life and limb at the border—will the invasion stop.

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  1. Correction in paragrap one of the article above. It should read:
    ‘The French taxpayer, via the Government, is paying invaders…….’.
    A France that is virtually as broke as is Italy squandering the peoples money. Why is Soros or the UN asked to foot the bill?

  2. Another proof that money is simply printed/ available when necessary. The whole tax fraud committed by the administrations is becoming more and more obvious.

  3. And the Euro masses infected with nihilism and self indulgence, will soon be over run and conquered, as the EU turns into a third world garbage dump. Girls twelve and older will be forced to marry older men. The docile self absorbed Euro citizens will soon witness their demise into a hellish nightmare of enslavement and executions. I hope this site is read by Europeans, if so, better “get crackin” and save their countries, their futures.

  4. Years ago, Enoch Powell – who so accurately predicted that England would develop a dog’s breakfast of a population – suggested paying coloured immigrants to return to their own countries. I think Powell was a brilliant man, and would have been an excellent prime minister, but it seems to me that wherever this kind of invasion has taken place, expulsion would be more to the point.

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