France to Deport All “Criminal” Illegals: Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron has announced that his government will start deporting all illegal invaders convicted of a crime back to their home nations.

The pledge, which actually formed part of his election manifesto—and which at the time was dismissed as part of a plan to undermine Marine le Pen’s Front National—was made during Macron’s first televised interview since taking office.

According to AFP, the announcement was made just two weeks after nonwhite invader Ahmed Hanachi stabbed two white women to death at the Saint-Charles train station in Marseille.

Hanachi had been in police custody for shoplifting in Lyon just two days prior to the attack, but had been released by police the following day despite not having the correct documentation to prove that he was in the country legally.
In the TV interview, Macron discussed the so-called “double penalty” which means that, following conviction, a custodial sentence or financial penalty for undocumented migrants is forgone in favor of immediate expulsion from the country as ordered by the French Ministry of the Interior.

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has repeatedly criticized efforts of anyone proposing such reforms.

“There is a kind of practice where those who are in our territory illegally can be checked several times as they have become accustomed to the inability to bring them back to the border. This will change,” warned Macron, adding that “it will not happen overnight.”

The Le Monde newspaper announced in a banner headline that Macron’s move was “contrary to European law”—a claim which is puzzling as an illegal immigrant is clearly open to being deported upon capture.

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  1. Not a chance, you’ll deport one or two, while another 100-300 slip in daily/weekly. Western Europe is already overrun and population replaced because they all abandoned Christianity and god now you’ll worship satan (allah)..
    good luck western Europe,

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