Freiburg, Germany: “Refugees” Barred from Nightclubs

All nightclubs and discotheques in the supposedly liberal city of Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg, have taken a joint decision to bar all “refugees” from their premises after endless criminal and sex attack incidents, a local newspaper has reported.


According to a report in the Badische Zeitung, all of the nightclub managers got together after a series of nonwhite sex attacks and other crimes to agree that the only solution to the problem was to simply refuse all “refugees” admittance to the clubs.

The owner of one of the clubs (the “White Rabbit”), sent an email last week to its events organizer saying that they had decided that “we will no longer grant admittance to people who have only a temporary residence permit. This was not an easy step, but we currently see no other way to get a grip with the problems caused by the refugees.” The email was leaked to the Badische Zeitung.

Incidents at the club included pickpocketing, a knife attack on a bouncer, and numerous sexual harassment cases. Included in the latter were several forcible entries into the cubicles of the women’s toilets, the administering of “knockout drops” in women’s drinks, and even an attempted rape.

Club-visitor “Annika” told the Badische Zeitung that she had attended a concert after-party held at the White Rabbit in December, and “A large group of African men come in and harassed the dancing visitors,” she said. “We were surrounded and felt up.”

Soon, violence broke out, with guests and staff coming to the women’s aid and forcibly throwing the nonwhites out. Outside, the mob waited for the women to leave, and forced them to “run a gauntlet” through them to get away.

The Badische Zeitung continued by saying that similar incidents had happened at many other clubs as well. The Jazzhaus club, for example, a well-known left wing establishment, was also forced to bar “refugees” after a number of serious incidents.

“We have a political claim to be a cosmopolitan club,” manager Michael Musiol said, explaining his club’s political stance. “But we cannot run the club this way; the ideal and harsh reality are far apart.”

Peter Bitsch, operator of the Kagan nightclub, said that women simply no longer felt safe in the town’s nightspots because of the “refugees.” They form packs in front of the doors and move from disco to disco, he added.

The club owners know, the Badische Zeitung says, that legally speaking, they are walking a thin line. “This is a very fine line. If sued, a club manager would have to prove in court that he did not discriminate,” Alexander Hangleiter, Managing Director of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association in Freiburg told the Badische Zeitung. “But I also see the predicament of restaurateurs and club owners, where their guests stay away if they do not take action against the abusers. I’m at a loss.”

* Freiburg has traditionally been a left-wing controlled town, and at the last local elections, the Greens won the largest share of the vote.

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  1. I despair, and I’m in the UK – my daughter was in Cologne last summer to see a concert, and I have two daughters planning to go to Hungary to see a concert this autumn. I hope they’ll be safe in Budapest.

    1. Do not worry about Hungary. Its very safe.

      You westerners should come and visit eastern Europe, Hungary, Poland, Czech. Who knows, maybe it will be the only civilised place to live in Europe…

      1. I think you’ll be proven correct there Raf von Thorn, and as I commented on other threads, we could do with leaders like Mayor Toroczkai in every EU country now. We need leaders who care about preserving our own cultural identity – too many people from all of our countries made the ultimate sacrifice between 1914-1945 to simply give everything away.

        I don’t even recognize my own country any longer, it’s beyond belief how it’s changed, especially (in contradiction to the latest story about London) during the ‘New Labour’ years where it has since been admitted by party officials that they wanted to flood Britain with immigrants whom Labour believed would always be more likely to vote for them, and their plan was to lock out the Conservatives from power permanently.

        It backfired, and now it looks more likely that the Conservatives will be in power for decades, maybe twice as long as their last tenure (18 years) because Labour have lost the plot completely. Part of the party are simply not electable because they are too left, and the others are so close to being the Conservatives that no-one would bother voting for them, and would never trust them with the economy, immigration, or very much else for that matter.

  2. “We have a political claim to be a cosmopolitan club,” manager said, explaining his club’s political stance. “But we cannot run the club this way; the ideal and harsh reality are far apart.”
    Sooo… lefties finally admit what the rest of us have been saying for years.
    ” Freiburg has traditionally been a left-wing controlled town.”
    Freiburg should fling `left-wing tradition` out the window asap.

  3. How any sane person allows such behaviour to be happening under the threat of some form of discrimination beats me. The people are not, and never will be civilised like all good members of the countries they have invaded. It’s time to call a halt, and politicians, lawyers and the dictators in Brussels need to face reality.

  4. Have to suspect Stu, that Budapest is one of the few places they will be OK. I imagine the concert will be a sell out, for young people wanting to let their hair down a bit, without mortal fear!

    1. I hope so Mike, and I certainly wouldn’t want them to be going back to Germany now.

      I guess Cologne must have still been relatively free of these ‘refugees’ at the beginning of June last year, as my daughter and her friends seemed to enjoy it there, staying for a few days and touring a few neighbouring towns before getting the train to Amsterdam for a couple of days, then flying back from Schiphol. She didn’t like Amsterdam very much though.

  5. Merkel may of started a civil war by letting in hordes of unaccompanied males from barbarian lands.If you had a daughter who has been assaulted by a soon called refugee, you should sue the German government for importing this misogyny.

  6. I think it’s time to look into who has the control over Merkel. This is so absurd, she must be blackmailed into it by a higher power driving the globalist agenda towards a world collectivist system.

    1. Jacques, I don’t believe anybody has control over Merkel. That woman is just plain evil and hateful and probably paid very good by Soros.

    1. Agreed … providing the Merkel solution isn`t to send them all around Europe.
      Nothing less than repatriation for the whole lot of them.

  7. Based on comments on this and other topics on this site, there is a definite attempt by various countries to prevent free speech. “Non-white invaders” is not allowed in many UK papers, even though that is what they are. They are not refugees, they are not seeking asylum but are using that to infiltrate the whole of Europe to get free money, will never work openly and will never intergrate.

  8. These migrants should not be allowed in the clubs under any circumstances if that’s the way they treat the women of Germany or any other EU country. They are barbaric and disrespectful. Even when the women leave the clubs transport must organised for them to get home safely or any other place they want to go to even at a small fee. Much of these migrants are muslim and the women in their home countries are dressed head to toe where the women of other countries are dressed to look the way they feel and to these migrants they think these women are easy going and sluts which is not the case. These migrants have no respect for the opposite sex because on how they dress. These migrants expect you to respect them and their women but they don’t respect you or your women. My view is send them back to where they came from.

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