French Editor Fined for Naming Jewish Lobby

France has reinforced its position as one of Europe’s most totalitarian democracies by fining a small newspaper €10,000 just for mentioning the Jewish lobby’s influence in the country’s judicial system.


As detailed in a letter to its readers, the editors of the Rivarol newspaper—a weekly paper published continually since 1951—the Paris Court of Appeal recently issued two important judgments against the journal.

Fabrice Bourbon

Fabrice Bourbon speaks at a meeting in France.

In the first case, the chief editor of Rivarol, Fabrice Jerome Bourbon, was sentenced to a personal fine of €4000 euros, while the paper was ordered to pay €1000 in “damages” to the “International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism” (Ligue Internationale Contre le Racisme et l’Antisémitisme, LICRA), a Jewish organization which claimed to have been offended by the newspaper. Although it is a privately-run Jewish organization, LICRA is mainly financed by the French state and receives €500,000 every year from the French taxpayers.

Rivarol was also ordered to pay a further €1,000 each to two other state-subsidized “anti-racist” organizations, the Human Rights League (Ligue des droits de l’homme, LDH) and the SOS-Racisme movement—both of which are heavily dominated by French Jews.

The court case was started after Rivarol published an article in January 2014 titled “The unbearable Jewish thought police” after a series of court cases involving the half-black and half-French comedian Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala, better known as just “Dieudonné.”

Dieudonné has been repeatedly accused of being anti-Semitic in France, even though his “anti-racist” credentials are impeccable. An early campaigner against the Front National, Dieudonné even stood as a parliamentary candidate against that party and was active in some of the Jewish-dominated “anti-racist” organizations described above.

However, Dieudonné soon spotted the blatant hypocrisy within those movements, namely that they opposed “racism in Europe” but fanatically supported Israel, the only state in the world with legislatively enshrined and endorsed racial laws governing immigration and citizenship.

As a result, when Dieudonné started incorporating pro-Palestinian and anti-Zionist material into his “anti-racist” activity, he instantly fell out of favor with his former allies—and has been legally hounded ever since.

The Rivarol article dealing with this pointed out that the court cases against Dieudonné all originated with private Jewish organizations, and that by enforcing their claims against him, the French courts were just becoming “rabbinical courts” and that France was thus living under “full Jewish tyranny.”

Another passage from the article selected by the court to show Rivarol’s “crime” read as follows: “We are indeed headed, stifled, and oppressed by a minority which does not permit [free] thought and does not suffer the projections of a comedian and singer.”

In the second case, the French court also ordered Rivarol to pay a further €1,500 each to the LICRA and the League of Human Rights organizations for alleged offense suffered by a May 2013 article dealing with the Cannes Film Festival.

Bizarrely, in that particular case, the court had earlier deemed the two organizations’ submissions as inadmissible because of obvious legal flaws in their arguments. However, this did not stop the court from ordering Rivarol to pay them “compensation.”

Rivarol is barred by law from making appeals to raise funds to defray the fines, but French-language speakers can still help them by taking out special offer reduced price subscriptions or other items at their shop.

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    1. I think the zionists have accepted that there will be many jewish casualties in Europe as they are using miltant muslims as their foot soldiers. However their elite will continue as normal and will remain unaffected.

  1. Your article is incorrect – Liberia also enshrines in its constitution the fact that only black Africans may naturalize or otherwise hold citizenship, so Israel is sadly not alone in “legislatively enshrined and endorsed racial laws governing immigration and citizenship.”

  2. LICRA was the organisation behind the assassination of Ernst von Rath, the German diplomat, in Paris in 1938. The organisation seems to have recruited Herschel Feibel Grynszpan, a Polish-Jewish refugee, to carry this out, with the payment being made to his parents in Paris afterwards. The full story seems never to have come out, however.

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