French Govt Refuses “Frexit” Vote

The French government has refused to even consider holding a French European Union membership referendum, Front National leader Marine le Pen has said.

In addition, she said, the EU intends to make the Brexit process as “painful as possible” so as to teach any other would be “leavers” a lesson.

Le Pen made the announcement after attending an emergency meeting of all the major political party leaders at the Elysée Palace on Saturday to discuss the Brexit vote.


The meeting, called by French president François Hollande, was also attended by Nicolas Sarkozy. All three—Hollande, Le Pen, and Sarkozy—are expected to take part in next year’s presidential elections.

Le Pen used the meeting to make her demands known for a referendum on France’s membership of the EU, but she said that her calls were rejected by the other leaders.

She also said that there was a clear strategy on the part of the other leaders to make Britain’s exit as painful as possible so as to set an example to others.

“It is clear that some people want the divorce to be as painful as possible so that others don’t get the idea of going down the same road as the British,” she said.

Observers have pointed out that a Brexit which would impose high costs on Britain for leaving the bloc would serve to limit Le Pen’s calls for a Frexit—and would be an attempt to avoid the issue dominating the forthcoming presidential campaign.

However, given the current political climate, and Le Pen’s undoubted political acumen, the issue of a Frexit vote is likely to be a major issue in the election, despite Hollande’s best efforts.

When the Brexit result was announced, there were jubilant scenes in the FN headquarters, with party vice-president Florian Philippot telling media that the UK vote would “force the same question on French voters. We cannot escape a referendum [in France],” he said.

“It shows the French people, first, that a referendum on the EU is possible—and in a country that has an equivalent size to France. And it shows that you can leave. That is considerable progress in political terms.”

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  1. Of course Hollande and Sarkosy don’t want a referendum on leaving the EU, they are under strict instructions from Merkel aided by Juncker and the rest of the dictators to ensure such an event is never allowed to happen. Surely the unemployment figure in France should be addressed before making such statements, because both those idiots are failures in looking after their own country.

    1. Hollande and Sarkosy are both intent on destroying White Europe and its culture. They are BOTH supremacist Jews. Sarkosy said in a speech about 8 years ago that White Europeans must interbreed with other races. If they did not do so willingly, then they would be FORCED to do so. Look it up, it’s on Youtube!

    2. They are promised fat jobs, salaries and allowances in eu after their term in their own countries. they are acting on self interest only.

  2. Hollande, another communist like Merkel. Le Pen will be the next president of France, if it’s not a muslim!

  3. Ah, the French.

    They blackmailed the Germans into the EU in return for “approving” reunification in 1990.

    Of course they want others to remain in the EU. Leaving invalidates their top-down big government socialist agenda.

    Big congrats to the Brits!!

  4. I visited france a couple of years ago
    as part of the 70th anniversary of
    D Day. What a major disappointment.
    Paris and other major cities were filthy
    and because of the huge amount of
    non whites it looked like a 3rd world
    sh*t hole. Only country in Europe I will
    never go back to.

    1. I visited Paris 3 years ago. Arrived at Gare du Nord from Amsterdam,walked out onto the street only to be overwhelmed by the stench. The whole area stinks like an old urinal & not a white face in sight. Unwashed masses lying around the streets, nobody appears to have a job or are even interested in life. What a [email protected]&$*… mess. Obviously this must be a Socialist paradise.
      Will not bother to return to anywhere in Western Europe. Eastern Europe however is still OK for now!

  5. French and German patriots need a plan B. I would love to see Sweden vote out, but it seems they’re really screwed. Austria, with Hofer playing a part like another Farage..maybe. What a real crap situation…and the roaches are still pouring in! God help them!

    1. Following on from Brexit…..
      Only REMANIA will stay.

  6. Very true brit,anyone can listen to him on the doco. YOUTUBE WITH OPEN GATES-THE COLLECTIVE SUICIDE OF EUROPE…Pay attention to barbara spectre on the same film shes not shy about saying who is at the centre of it all.With the small number of ethnic Swedes they have a real problem,they have elected a feminist/ marxist government for too many years.Bought off by welfare payments i suppose,still theres always a bright side when the islamists finally have gained enougth political power to take over they will soon shut the feminists down…….terry

  7. EU is never a union of equals but a dictatorship where power lies in the hands of a few elites who have poor leadership skills, never work a day in the real commercial world and with no multi culture experience. Its is time europeans break free from this dictatorship regime.

    1. If we ever reach the real point of ‘out’.
      Right now, as you will know, many voices are claiming the Referendum Vote is meaninless and should be dismissed as of no consequence. A leading light with this opinion is, Labour MP (yes) David Lammy. He openly claims the vote last Thursday should be ignored. Being black and of Guyanese decent probaly (forgive the pun) colours his view as clearly politics in Guyana operates this way. This despite his UK Law Degree. Perhaps a shining example of a ‘white’ influence failing to steer Lammy towards a Western approach to politics?
      Of more concern is the obvious volte fass of the likes of Boris Johnson et al. Suddenly, ‘we want immigration to contine’ is the by-phrase. Politicians esteem? It will shot to absolute ribbons if the vote ‘Leaver’s’ are let down. Then there really will be trouble.

      1. The demands to ignore the result of the referendum comes from the hypocrites side of politics which is the mass majority of all those engaged in it. As approx 75% do not vote for the party that has won the general elections over the last 40 years to my knowledge, why haven’t they screamed for a re-run of the general election. It just proves how debased politics is in the 21st century. Of course, the Scot and Irish MEP’s want to stay in the EU – after all none of them would get a job with the pay, pension and perks they get. OUT IS OUT; LIVE WITH IT!

  8. National Front, FPO, Swedish Democrats, PVV, Lega Nord, AfD and others must really cooperate to create solid resistance. All Junckers, Schulzes, Merkels etc know very well that their days are numbered. The way they treated Austrians voting for Hofer, the way they disrespect Brits for Brexit … tick, tack, tick, tack …

    1. It’s since a while hard to call Sweden Democrats a nationalist party. Their eagerness to wash out the inherited “fascist” label went so far that they now can pride themselves on having earned the highly dignifying label of being openly pro-Israel.

  9. and what about wexit?? Exit of the Western Cape[ only white ruled province in whole of Africa] from South Africa?
    All the exit countries in Eurpoe will form a new EU.

  10. I wouldn’t worry, the EU is a club you can’t leave…Brexit is a joke, although we won the vote, they have no intention of ever triggering Article 50.
    We’ve been screwed by our politicians yet again folks.!

    1. Article 50 will no doubt be triggered only when all the animals have boarded the ark. No doubt the government will cut back on immigration (from eastern Europe) while increasing migration from Africa and the Middle East. Can we seriously foresee mass deportation, the tearing up of the human rights act, and the scrapping of hate laws?? The people have voted, and we have a right to be heard!

  11. To everyone who voted Brexit thanks to Boris Johnson…this from another site -“Getting our country back and taking back control have been the core slogans of Brexit. During his years as London mayor Johnson was very relaxed about allowing tens of thousands of properties and building sites to be bought by Russian, Chinese and middle eastern millionaires, mainly via offshore tax havens which allowed the buyers to remain anonymous and the source of their wealth unknown. He approved, even encouraged this, welcoming the flood of wealthy foreigners as a sign of London’s global, metropolitan status. Can we assume that “getting our country back” means an end to this ‘colonisation’ and a return to building British homes for British people? Don’t hold your breath”.

    1. Agreed wholeheartedly WillG.
      Let’s hope there’s a General Election later this year. By then, all those (includling me) who voted ‘Leave’ will see the, ‘Writing on the Wall’ in terms of the likes of Boris’ and others now shifting views in relation to immigration etc. With all the coverage leading up to the Referendum, it can never be said that the voters for ‘Leave’ as well as, ‘Remain’ do not understand what the EU is all about. They’ve had a period of intense lecturing in that subject whether it was true or false information. A general election will effectively be a Referendum MK2.

  12. Thank you France how short ur memory is it is not ur people we do not agree with. It is ur leaders we freed ur country and yet u still bow down to dictatorship when will u ever learn can’t u see what is enfolding before ur own eyes!!!!!! My Heart breaks for the true patriot people of France I wish u well. And hope justice will prevail one. Day

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