French Intel: “500 ISIS Fighters in France”

There are at least 500 ISIS fighters who have served in Syria and Iraq in France, and it is likely they will start using car bomb attacks, the head of France’s intelligence services has said.

Speaking before a French Parliamentary commission looking into anti-terrorism measures, Patrick Calvar also warned that further attacks were “inevitable.”


Calvar, who is head of the Direction générale de la sécurité intérieure (General Directorate for Internal Security, or DGSI), said that the “settled” nature of the nonwhites in France was going to aid their future terrorist activities.

After saying that ISIS would switch its modus operandi in France from Bataclan theater type attacks to the use of “car bombs and explosive devices,” he said they “need the logistics [to prepare the attacks], that is to say, [they need to] settle on our territory, and acquire all components.”

“We know very well that they will proceed in this way,” he continued. “They have seen the effects caused by a massive operation,” he said, adding that the use of car bombs can allow them to “avoid sacrificing their fighters while creating maximum damage.”

The fight against Islamic terrorism now takes up more than two-thirds of the DGSI’s capacity, Calvar also said.

“In this regard, the greatest threat is represented by people who fought in, and were trained in Syria and Iraq,” he said, using as an example those refugee-terrorists who “attacked the Bataclan” theater in November 2015.

“It is these people who will lead the terrorist actions, and they number between 400 and 500,” he said.

Calvar also briefly mentioned the possibility of a “confrontation” between what he called the “ultra-right and the Muslim world,” claims which he had made to an earlier hearing as well.

Calvar said he was “concerned about the radicalization of society and the basic movement that drives it. That’s what worries me when I talk to all the European colleagues: we will have to provide resources, at one time or another, to deal with other extremist groups because the confrontation is inevitable.

“You will have a confrontation between the ultra-right and the Muslim world—not the Islamists, but the Muslim world.”

His remarks were similar to those he made on May 10 before the Committee on National Defense of the National Assembly, when he warned that there was a risk of “civil war” in France.

“Europe is in danger: rising extremism everywhere and so are we, domestically, trying to move resources to investigate the ultra-right that seeks confrontation,” he had said then.

Calvar said that “even one or two [Muslim] attacks” would cause such a reaction,” adding that “it is up to us to anticipate and block all those groups who would, at one time or another, trigger such common clashes.”

These remarks—usual fare for the far left who are always trying to overstate the alleged danger posed by what they call the “far right”—have been seized upon by the controlled media in order to generate scare-stories about “far right militants.”

Of course, all the facts show that the largest threat comes from the far left and the refugee-terrorists, not the “far right.”

This is a common scare tactic designed to try and hide the true origin of social disharmony: namely, the promotion of mass Third World immigration and the racially-divided societies which follow.

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  1. Excellent further proof that they don’t belong in the west this will speed up the backlash and they’re too stupid to see that. THey refuse to shake foreign women’s hands and yet raping them doesnt seem to be a problem

  2. And who started all this migration: Merkel.

    By inviting the migrants to Europe Merkel set a precedent……and they now feel it is their right to come whether they are legal or not.

    1. I was going to say yip let’s invade the middle east and start bombing them etc see how they’d like it, but just remembered Bush and Blair have already done that …

    2. Merkel didn’t start anything, she just stepped up the 60 year old immigration process to another level. Her masters are the same ones as for the British, French and US Governments. Or weren’t there any migrants of Middle eastern, Asian and African descent in Western Europe before?

  3. Of course, the EU is encouraging the settlement of huge numbers of further non white invaders into Europe, and will continue to do so in the future. EU states that resist will be severely punished.

    To repeat myself, brexit was the right thing to do.

  4. The DGSI report means translated: Expect more terrorist attacks from paid merchants on behalf of the kabbalists and their Mossad.
    If ISIS were truly to be an opponent of the western world then they would basically target directly the western politicians in their mansions or kill them at public speeches.
    The only target in this war is the European population

    1. True. Notice how he said he was afraid of a European Nationalist backlash. The idiot isn’t bothered by the disease but by the cure.

  5. What the head of French Intel is saying is that his services have already started moving resources away from the fight against Muslim terrorism so as to start spying on the movement against race-replacement. If not for that decision, maybe the islamic truck attack in Nice could have been avoided?

    He speaks in the words of the Jewish anti-White lobby. For example, he says that “extremisms are rising everywhere”, he warns against “the temptation of populisms”. It’s the Jews who keep complaining about populism. And it is only the Jews and their stooges who use “extremism” and “populism” in the plural form.

    Another excerpt from his speech in the French parliament:

    “La tentation des populismes, la fermeture des frontières, l’incapacité de l’Europe à donner une réponse commune, l’incapacité à adopter une législation applicable en tous lieux, nous posent d’énormes problèmes. Et je note, de plus en plus, une tendance au repli sur soi.”

    “The temptation of populisms, the closing of the borders, Europe’s inability to give a common answer, the inability to adopt laws that can be applied everywhere, are causing us big problems. And I note, more and more, a tendency for people to turn in on themselves.”

    I would expect the head of an intelligence service to simply do his job and try to catch the terrorists and the bad guys. But this man thinks he is on a mission to keep the borders open and to facilitate the destruction of the White race!

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