Front National Seeks Russian Money

France’s Front National, denied loans by all French banks, has reached out to Russian banks to borrow the €25 million ($27.7 million) it needs to pay for the 2017 election campaign, its treasurer has said.

Speaking after party leader Marine le Pen had officially declared her candidacy for the 2017 presidential election, Wallerand de Saint Just confirmed that the FN had been unable to get any loans from banks in its home country.


“I will look for funds where I know I might get them,” Saint Just said in a telephone interview. “I found some financing there in 2014, so yes I am going to try again.”

The FN borrowed nearly €10 million from the First Czech Russian Bank in 2014 to finance its campaigns, Saint Just said.

In December 2014, Marine Le Pen justified tapping funds from a Russian bank, saying she was “constrained” by the fact that she failed to find a lender in any other country. In May, she visited Moscow and met with the Duma Speaker Sergei Naryshkin.

Marine Le Pen made her candidacy for the 2017 French presidential election official on TF1 television on Feb. 8.

“I am the candidate of the truth; I do not come to explain that we can change everything without changing anything,” she said in the televised announcement.

“I think the French political life needs truth, courage, people who believe in what they stand for. I do not see a lot of politicians who are in this situation.

france-apaisee“The state must be respected outside, and be peaceful inside. There is a lot of work to be done, because the government has let the situation deteriorate and has let conflicts multiply within our country.”

Her tone, as noted by the controlled media, was considerably less confrontational than before, and a new poster campaign slogan La France apaisée (“France pacified”) has been widely interpreted as an attempt at reconciliation with the conservative bloc of voters whom she must win over if she is to succeed in the 2017 elections.

She went on to say that if elected president, she would “enter into negotiations with the European Union” about the euro and Schengen, and hold a referendum for or against continued EU membership.

This negotiation would, she said, focus on “four essential topics: economic sovereignty, banking sovereignty, territorial sovereignty, that is the Schengen agreement, and legislative sovereignty,” in other words, the ability of France to control its own economy and borders.

Le Pen explained that France needed banking sovereignty to prevent the EU from meddling in economic decisions in France’s interests, and that she “wants out of Schengen to stop this monstrous migration crisis we are experiencing.”

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  1. Norway has the largest ‘sovereign wealth fund’ (I believe) of any reasonably well-run country. (I exclude oil rich countries in the middle east). I do wish they would fund white organisations. Jews already hate Norway for various reasons anyway.

  2. This story got me really sad. It’s just so discouraging. Even the banks are in opposition to the National Front. I have the greatest admiration for Marine La Pen. Her courage is “sans peer et sans reproache”.

    1. If everyone across Europe who agrees with the FN were to donate five/ten euros each – as I will quite happily do and I’m not French – it should be quite easy for them to raise the required amount without too much difficulty. I would urge anyone who’s able to forward a small donation to the FN to do so at soonest, as a token of solidarity. You could also urge all like-minded friends, family and colleagues to do the same and forward it to the FN Head Office, which I’m about to look up now.

      The attitude of the French banks is discriminatory and blatantly undemocratic and must not be allowed to arrest or impede the FN’s ability to represent their supporters at the next election.

      I already contribute to UKIP and wholeheartedly believe that if Britain were to vote ‘OUT’ on 23rd June, other European countries would soon follow our lead and demand their own referenda. This would then result in the downward spiral of the EU as an unelected, dictatorial entity and the inevitable return to freedom and national sovereignty for all the countries of this continent. It’s not only the British who’ve had enough of the EU’s totalitarianism. Let’s show the buggers just what we Europeans can achieve when we really want to and stick two fingers up to the banks at the same time.

    1. Let’s hope it’s President Trump next January.
      The last thing we need are the criminal Clintons back in the White House.

      1. While some folk look to the east for possible assistance, we should not overlook the prospect of a trump led US assisting /funding. It would bring a huge change to american politics and way of life, hopefully influencing our own politicians here.

  3. EU politicians lecture Turd world counties about the need for `democracy`.
    In secret they collude with bankers and Zionists in influencing western politics.
    In fact, they could probably teach corrupt foreign dictatorships some new tricks.
    Good luck Marine ! You`ll need it with such disgustingly dishonest opposition tactics.


  4. She should emigrate. Europe is hopeless. Debt level is so high that it will take a few generations to pay off. Changing regime will not change the game.

  5. Not surprised really, and only here would I have found out. Press being muzzled in Sweden, Germany and Austria dictating that the health of the invaders is more of a priority than the taxpayers that will pay for it, and there is still people who talk about democracy within Europe, what an absolute joke!

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