Full Uncensored Video of the London Murderer Statement Emerges

woolwich2 (1)The full, uncensored version of the statement made by the Muslim murderer of the British soldier in Woolwich, London, has finally emerged.

The full statement—which can be seen below, reads as follows:

“The only reason we have killed this man today is because Muslims are dying daily by British soldiers. And this British soldier is one.

“It is an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. By Allah, we swear by the almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you until you leave us alone.

“So what if we want to live by the Shari’a in Muslim lands? Why does that mean you must follow us and chase us and call us extremists and kill us? Rather you lot are extreme.

“You are the ones that when you drop a bomb you think it hits one person? Or rather your bomb wipes out a whole family? This is the reality. By Allah if I saw your mother today with a buggy I would help her up the stairs. This is my nature.

“But we are forced by the Qur’an, in Sura At-Tawba, through many ayah in the Qu’ran, we must fight them as they fight us. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

“I apologise that women had to witness this today but in our lands women have to see the same. You people will never be safe. Remove your governments, they don’t care about you.

“You think David Cameron is going to get caught in the street when we start busting our guns? You think politicians are going to die?

“No, it’s going to be the average guy, like you and your children. So get rid of them. Tell them to bring our troops back so can all live in peace. So leave our lands and we can all live in peace. That’s all I have to say. [in Arabic:] Allah’s peace and blessings be upon you.”

In its commentary on the video, the newly-formed British Democratic Party (which hopes to replace Britain’s ailing BNP), said that it “confirmed that British foreign policy of fighting wars in Muslim lands as the cause of Islamist terrorism in Britain.”

There are three important points to understand, the BDP said on its website.

“1. The controlled media has deliberately censored this video so as to remove all references to Koranic justification for the attack—this is part of David Cameron’s lies that they have “betrayed Islam” with this attack. The reality is that such attacks on non-Muslims is not only justified by the Koran, but in fact ordered as part of the mission every Muslim has to spread their religion.

“2. The statement has also been censored by the controlled media because it reveals clearly that the motivation for this particular attack is the ongoing wars by Britain in Muslim lands such as Afghanistan, and previous wars such as that in Iraq. This also exposes the outright lies told by Cameron and his cronies about there being “no link” to British foreign policy and the attack.

“3. The statement also contains a valuable lesson which Muslims—and in fact all Third World immigrants—should take to heart themselves.  Note that the murderer says “So leave our lands and we can all live in peace.”

“He ignores the fact that he is an invader in Britain—and that he and his fellow travelers should also “leave our [European] lands and we can all live in peace.”

“This full, uncensored statement shows that racially heterogeneous societies are inherently unstable, and are doomed to destruction.

“There is only one path to solving this problem: firstly, by ending and reversing the non-white invasion of Europe; and secondly, by wresting back control of our foreign policy so that it once again serves British interests, and not those of Israel.

“These two steps are vital if peace is ever to be restored to our land. The warning, as exemplified by this statement, is loud and clear: those who fail to heed it, will suffer the consequences,” the BDP concluded.

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  1. While I detest what this boy had comitted his words are the same as every radical Islamist who are inflicting pain on our society.

    We should listen and stay the hell out of their countries and also every single radical person on western soil should be given an invite to go and live in the land they treasure so much.

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