Furious Nonwhites Riot at Calais

Thousands of nonwhite invaders have once again gone on the rampage outside the French port of Calais, desperately trying to force their way into Britain prior to the European Union referendum on Thursday.

Chanting slogans such as “F**k UK”—even though they are seeking entry to that country—the nonwhites shut roads, hurled rocks, and placed obstacles in the roads leading to the ferries and the Channel Tunnel.


French police were called out for the third day in a row after nonwhite hordes—all living illegally in the French town’s outskirts after being allowed to invade Europe—targeted cars, buses, and trucks in an attempt to hijack their way into Britain.





The invader violence brought traffic to a complete standstill, allowing several eyewitnesses to photograph the unrest and post it on social media.

The violence also forced the cancellation of a number of cross-Channel trains, the Eurotunnel operators confirmed.

Many motorists warned that the nonwhites were stoning the cars, and that the post had been shut down completely as stationary traffic caused miles of congestion right through the town.

The chaos erupted at around 3 p.m. French time when the hundreds of migrants made an organized raid on the motorway linking the town to the port, which was closed by authorities for more than four hours, sparking traffic mayhem. It finally reopened at around 7 p.m. after being left strewn with debris.

Calais-truck-invasion Calais-road

Calais newspaper La Voix du Nord reported that gangs of nonwhites from the infamous “Jungle” camp attacked the passing traffic in waves, while police put up barriers and fired teargas in an attempt to hold them back.

Several police officers were injured in the fighting, and a number of arrests were made, including two communist thugs from the anarchist group “No Borders.” The communists were arrested for stone-throwing along with their nonwhite allies, police said.

Social media—twitter and Facebook—effectively circumvented the controlled media once again.

Meanwhile, the Local in France has reported that the invaders are also starting to steal small boats along the French coast in order to try and cross the Channel.

Pierre-Joachim Antona, spokesman for the local French maritime authority, said efforts to cross the Channel by boat were “no longer extraordinary or isolated.”

He said that while the coast guard had intercepted several boats, there was evidence that some invaders were succeeding in crossing the water, citing “clues on English and French beaches, like small boats or life vests.”

A police source said that smugglers were demanding “up to €10,000 ($11,300)” for the crossing.

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  1. It’s Frances problem, these are not refugees, they are illegal economic migrants which should have been deported long ago and not allowed to set up shanty-towns such as “The Jungle”. Violence should be met with an equal amount of violence. They have proven themselves to be nothing more than criminals & thugs, and as such, treated in the same way……..

    1. VOTE LEAVE!!!! make sure you get all your friends and family off their arses and vote LEAVE!!!!!! your LAST chance to save England!

      1. Heard on LBC radio yesterday two expats living in Spain are voting to remain as they want to stay in Spain and they feel it might affect them. They also said if they still lived in Britain they would vote leave what a selfish pair of bu-gg-ars.

  2. If that was us in the UK doing that, the police would be out with rubber bullets and tear gas. If I was the police in France, I would have shot the lot of them. Pure unadulterated scum of economic invaders! Seems that it’s only non whites who have rights!

  3. British people vote for BREXIT!!! And than referendum in other EU countries! Millions of nonwhites are on their way to Europe, specially to economically stongest countries to suck their social system! Multiculturalism has failed and EU comission will never admit it.

  4. Throughout the last two/three months it’s been noted that the problems at Calais have been kept off BBC, ITV and SKY news because to do so may inflate the number of people voting to leave the rotten and corrupt EU. These people are not and never will be migrants and what really gets up my nostril is that all the elected politicians voting to leave or remain with the EU have not mentioned Calais. Tomorrow is the last time I exercise my right to vote, thereafter, the younger generations can get on with it. Wish I’d gone to Canada in 1972 when I left the Forces.

    1. Canada is being loaded up with non-whites by the traitors within. It’s been going on since the seventies: if you’re not white, you get in. A white person has very little chance of gaining entry as an immigrant. . .unless he/she is highly qualified in one or other profession. That’s the sad reality in today’s Canada. And then we have the Muslims! They get in as “refugees” and receive new apartments and generous financial benefits just for being “refugees”. They are being poured in without letup, and we see more and more of them every day in our city of Toronto (other Cdn. cities are flooded with them too). Canada’s future could easily become an Islamic one. . .thanks to traitorous political Scum!

    2. My British relatives hate traveling to France these days. They are aliens in their own country.
      Life is good in Canada but we have socialist nutbars here for at least the next four years.

  5. Absolutely no respect for anything or anyone but oh how they holler for respect for “their rights” from us.
    For crying out loud, stop all this pandering to their demands. The UK can`t afford any more scumbags.
    Merkel and her liberal loons are far too cocooned in cosy la-la land to give a damn about the increasing dangers that hauliers are facing.
    Army/police crackshots should be brought in then drivers mow down any still standing.
    Even the thickest of them should soon get the message.

    1. make sure you get ALL your family,friends and associates to get out tomorrow and vote LEAVE!!!! make sure you mark your ballot with ink!!! call everyone tonight! get everyone out tomorrow for LEAVE!!! if not,these scoundrels and Turkish scoundrels and all kinds of scoundrels will pour into England! STOP THIS MADNESS TOMORROW!!!!!!

    2. They have the lefty activists to teach them their so called rights they encourage all this anti social behaviour they also join in with them they love open borders and hate any one that doesnt

      1. This is true. Two Brit men, one a former Cambridge University academic, were arrested in Calais for fomenting the riot and taking part in the violence. They were kicked out of France. Pity they weren’t jailed. They now claim they will go to Greece to cause trouble there.

  6. And none of this is reported in the lying mainstream press in England, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United States let alone the countries of Europe.

    Thank you, New Observer, for reporting the truth.

  7. What?! The Zoomalis are rioting in Calais? It must be Tuesday (or some other day of the week.) Check out the Sikh in his blue turban. Apparently India has collapsed into a state of civil war as well.

  8. Invader: € 9,500 you said right?
    Smuggler: No that was last week. Prices have gone up, man. It’s all the fault of the fucking elite bankers. There sucking the lifeblood out of all of us. It’s €10,000 now mate.
    Invader: Can you budge a little on that?
    Smuggler: Come on man, I’m barely making a profit as it is! Tell you what, for you I’m gonna throw in a life vest for free.
    Invader: All right then. Will you take a cheque?
    Smuggler: Sorry cash or credit cards only. I’ve had too many unscrupulous people take advantage of my good nature.
    Invader: Visa okay?
    Smuggler: Sure. Cheers mate.

  9. Sounds like some fine upstanding citizens! I can’t imagine why the UK doesn’t send a boat over to pick them up. What country wouldn’t want this group of well educated productive citizens??? OK, sarcasm off…

    1. The French Police or Gendarmes much like the UK Police are too soft on this lot but tough & brutal on their own so maybe the same tactics should be applied. Sometimes ‘you need to fight fire with fire creating a fire break’ so burn everything in sight including this lot, the Lefty Liberals and the Country for that matter especially a Country’s Capital City. Time to repeat what happened in Ukraine/Tunisia/Egypt if we are going to have any chance or future for our next generations.

  10. tomorrow,make sure you get everyone you know to get out and vote LEAVE!! it is Englands last chance to save itself from all these unvetted muslims and migrants pouring into Britain!TAKE BACK BRITAIN!!!!

  11. go house to house!all your neighbors,friends,family,OUT TO VOTE!LEAVE!!!!!!! tell BRUSSELS TO GET LOST! Take Back Britain! the world is watching! do us proud Britain!!!! GET OUT AND TAKE BACK YOUR COUNTRY!!!!!! YOUR FUTURE!!! YOUR LIVES!!!!!!! VOTE LEAVE!!!!!!THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!GOOD LUCK!!!!

  12. You AV my vote on everything you say Kerry all my family and friends r voting out why r they making such a big issue about jo cox ? God rest her soul why is her grieve stricken husband parading her children like they r best in show at crufts how low can u stoop to put innocent children who AV lost their mummy to promote adult decisions you r truly discussing and u should hang ur head in shame where r their grandparents AV they no self respect absolutely disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kinnock!!!! Well loved niece? Why exploit her babies?

  13. Black tribes do this on a daily basis in South Africa. It seems that the sight and smell of burning ignites the very shallow lying beast in them and they show their barbarism by singing and dancing and burning state property paid for by the minority white taxpayer. Next day they blame Apartheid for the lack of public transport which they burnt the previous night. African Democracy coming to Britain.

    1. Well done to all my “Fellow Brexiteers” and a bl***y marvellous result. Down the Pub for a wee Pint Later! Its OUR NEW INDEPENDENCE DAY (Hurrah) and lets not forget that day 23rd June 2016.

      1. So glad to see this happen in GB! In America we need to get rid of the “closet Muslim” we have, as he’s trying his best to collapse our economy and import more members of this “Islamic,murdeous cult”. I can only hope that France, Germany and Holland quickly follow suit. If your near Aldershot, tell my para buddies hello, and drink a pint of bitters for me

        1. Tim, I’m off to the Victory Service Club soon and will toast your health with a fantastic pint of bitter which will cost me the extortionate sum of £3, and rest assured you won’t get the bill. It’ll be a privilege!

  14. England must now clease itself of all it’s EU filth,NO MORE BENEFITS!NO MORE COUNCIL HOUSES! GET OUT OF ENGLAND! GO HOME! CLOSE THE CHUNNEL! if Scotland wants to go then GO! unite northern Ireland with Ireland,gibralter go back to spain! Then Englnd and Wales purges itself of all the riff-raff infecting the country.All migrants and refugees let in under the EU..GET OUT!!!! Show these parasites that they are NOT WELCOME IN ENGLAND! Cameron GET LOST! Boris for Prime Minister or Nigel! Time to SWEP ENGLAND CLEAN! No More Mosques stuffed down your throats either,those days are OVER!!!

  15. Britain needs a wake-up call: on Muslims, remember the EU is not the problem and never was. Britain’s “problem” Muslims who do not integrate and are a security threat are overwhelmingly from Third World countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Somalia. Politically correct Britain is a magnet for Muslims – Somalis in particular hit the jackpot as they are Muslims AND backward black Africans. They can do no wrong and are rarely deported because armies of do-gooders fight their corner. Whereas there is a ban or partial ban on the veil in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy, Britain has never even considered it for fear of offending Muslims. To the point where a Somali man who murdered a policewoman escaped the country dressed as a woman because no-one at Security or Immigration dared ask “her” to lift the veil. Europe is tightening up on Muslims, but not Britain. As countries like Germany and even Sweden become more hostile, where do you think the illegal non-EU Muslims will head for? Do the thousands in Calais care whether Britain is in the EU or not? A country where Muslims and black Africans are beyond criticism, PLUS offering illegal immigrants immediate free housing, medical care and cash payments (not by EU laws) is going to be the destination of choice for more and more undesirables.

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