Gambian “Asylum Seeker” Arrested in Italy for Planning ISIS Terror Attack

An African from The Gambia, pretending to be a “refugee” in Italy after invading Europe by boat across the Mediterranean in 2017, has been arrested by Italian security forces for planning an ISIS terror attack with a vehicle.

The nonwhite, named as Alagie Touray, 21, was arrested outside the Licola mosque in southern Italy,  authorities told the Il Fatto Quotidiano newspaper.

Touray was picked up at the request of the Naples public prosecutor after a joint investigation by the Carabinieri and State Police who had received a tip from Spanish intelligence.

During questioning, authorities said, the Gambian admitted to having received a request via the messaging app Telegram where he was told to “crash a vehicle into a crowd,” Naples prosecutor Giovanni Melillo said.

The examination of his Telegram uncovered other alarming messages, including those where he asked people “to pray for him” and that “he was on a mission,” authorities said.

Touray also recorded a pledge of allegiance to the leader of the Islamic State (ISIS), police said, provided a transcript and image from the message where Touray said, “I swear allegiance to the Caliph of Muslims Abu Bakr Al Quaraishi Al Baghdadi, and to listen to him and obey him in difficult and easy times, on this 2nd day of Rajab and Allah is witness to what I say.”

The Gambian invaded Sicily by boat with 800 other Africans in March 2017 before requesting political asylum in Italy. He had already received a temporary residence permit.

Lega party leader Matteo Salvini—who is still in negotiations to form a new government in Italy after recent elections made his party one of the biggest—said on Twitter that “this is how this immigrant wanted to pay us back for asking for political asylum, poor fellow. Stop the invasion before it is too late.”

* At least 32 nonwhite invaders have been expelled from Italy so far this year by counter terrorism police, the Il Fatto Quotidiano newspaper has reported.

This is yet another counter-terrorism operation after those of recent weeks, including the expulsions of recent days in the jihadist galaxy, 32 from the beginning of 2018.

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