Gaza: Jews Murder 120 Palestinians in 60 Days as Controlled Media and West Stay Silent

Jewish soldiers have murdered the 120th Palestinian in Gaza since the start of the protests inside the Gaza Strip—to almost complete silence from the controlled media and the Western establishment—intuitions which would be up in arms if Palestinians had shot down 120 Jews in little over two months.

In the latest murder, Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza announced the death of Mohammed Na’im Hamada (30) of wounds he sustained during the March of Return protests on the Gaza border on 14 May.

Hamada was shot by Israeli snipers during his participation in protests which took place in synchronization with the transfer of the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to the Jerusalem. His condition back then was described as serious, until he was announced dead today.

Once again, the controlled media has largely ignored the murder, in the same way that they have ignored almost all the other 119 murders and the thousands of Palestinians injured by the Jewish forces.

A good example of the sort of crimes the Jews are committing in Gaza came with the sniper murder of Palestinian female medical nurse Razan Ashraf Al Najjar, 21.

Razan Ashraf Al Najjar, above, and below, carried to a medical station after being shot by a Jewish sniper.

Al Najjar was shot in the back while wearing her white medical clothes, attending to a wounded Gaza protestor inside the Gaza Strip.

WAFA, the official Palestinian news agency, said she was shot in the chest and killed by Israeli snipers while she was providing first aid to the wounded at the border fence east of Khan Younes, in southern Gaza Strip.

More than 100 other Palestinian protesters were also injured by Israeli fire, the report added.

Thousands gathered in Gaza on Saturday for her funeral, which was led by medical workers, dressed in white uniforms, holding Palestinian flags and photos of her face. Her father walked holding his daughter’s own medical vest, still stained red with her blood.

The Israeli military said on Saturday that it would “investigate” the murder, but said that its troops worked “in accordance with standard operating procedures.”

On Friday, the right wing Jewish lobby-controlled US govvernemnt vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution that would have condemned Israel’s “excessive, disproportionate and indiscriminate force” against Palestinians.

US Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley called the resolution “one-sided” and reiterated White House claims that the Palestinians were to blame.

The blatant partiality of the situation can be seen if the roles and death tolls had been reversed.

If Palestinians had shot dead over 120 Jews, and injured thousands more in cross border sniper fire, the controlled media and Western governments would be up in arms—and by now, quite conceivably would have bombed Gaza.

But because it is Jews doing the massacring, the West and the controlled media simply cover it up.

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  1. If any European nation did so much as to refuse an invader ‘rescue’ ship the ‘right’ to dock and disgorge its load’ then you can be pretty sure that the furore from the ‘liberal’ press, BBC, the establishment, the deep state, stupid actresses and actors etc etc would be absolutely deafening – and incessant.

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