German Govt. Seeks to Flood Towns with Invaders at 10 to 1 Ratio

The federal government of Germany is seeking to genocide the European people out of existence by flooding towns with nonwhite invaders by a ratio of up to ten invaders per one German, it has emerged.

* In the town of Sumte in the municipality of Amt Neuhaus, District of Lüneburg, Lower Saxony, the federal government has announced plans to “settle” no less than 1,000 nonwhite invaders by the end of October. There are only 103 Germans living in the town.

* In the Langenlonsheim municipality in the Bad Kreuznach district in Rhineland-Palatinate, the federal government has announced plans to settle 3,000 nonwhite invaders in the town which has some 4,000 German residents.

The announcement took the towns—which have always overwhelmingly voted for Angela Merkel’s CDU party—by surprise.

At a protest meeting held in Sumte earlier this week, angered residents—joined by hundreds from the surrounding areas as well—shouted and hooted their disapproval as officials tried to explain the plans.

Meeting in Sumte.
Meeting in Sumte.

According to a report in the NDR news service, many of the residents expressed concern for their safety and said that tourism would collapse.

“How will such a small place bear such a disproportionate burden?” an elderly resident was quoted as asking, pointing out that infrastructure in the sparsely populated region of Amt Neuhaus was already weak.

Others expressed concern that the “already poor cell phone reception will collapse,” and that the sewer system in Sumte would not be able to cope with a population increase of that order.

The mayor said he felt overrun: “The message was hardly believable,” he said. “One thousand refugees, which makes ten per inhabitant. The atmosphere in the place is not so positive, we do not know what to expect…”

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In Langenlosheim, Integration Minister Irene Alt (Green Party) was grilled at a residents’ meeting this week about the planned invasion. More than 800 locals tuned up for the meeting—more than the hall’s capacity, and many were forced to listen outside via a speaker system.

Meeting in Langenlosheim.
Meeting in Langenlosheim.

When Alt claimed that the invaders would only be housed in the town as a “temporary” measure, the audience as one mocked here with catcalls and jeers.

Mayor Bernhard Wolf was quoted as saying that even one thousand “refugees” in the town of four thousand people was still too high.

According to the United Nations, there are at least 8,000 nonwhite invaders entering Europe every day, with at least 5,000 coming in through Greece every 24 hours, and that this is only the “the tip of the iceberg.”

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  1. It is more than a possibility that the situation goes further than that of displacing the indigent population. Every member country has been encouraged with EU £ handouts to build x number of new houses to home those who need accommodation (immigrants?) Governments are keen to obtain as much money from the EU as they can – so are building new estates on every bit of land they can find. The immigrants will eventually be housed right across every EU country. There will be no space in any country – to build any industrial units that potential entrepreneurs may need to alleviate the unemployment situation. i.e. other member countries will not be able to create competition in any commodity! In the meantime – Germany has dispersed its immigrants to all the member countries, then it could encourage German companies to become established in those countries, employing the immigrant labour – without Germany itself having to fund immigrant benefits. Germany will take over existing manufacturing units in each country and enjoy the profits. There will obviously be no evidence of this possibility, but basing it on the previous history of Germany and the EU – this could become a reality.
    Whereas each member country has had to obey the legislation of the EU – Germany has flouted it on several occasions! The EU exists as a utility for the power of one country alone!

  2. Again, the dispersal of immigrants all over Europe will end in civil strife. This is the plan to form the EU army asap, to quell us all! We will not be allowed whatsoever to criticise the EU or immigrants! Just the way that Theresa May has ordered the police to report all muslim hate crimes. It doesn’t matter about muslims making anti white/British hate crimes. They are all totally ignored. A black woman in the UK has been arrested for a rant at muslims in a bus in the UK. Just shows that even they have had enough of muslims! It is the indigenous who are suffering and the whole of parliament are total traitors to the UK. It is the same with the EU. They make their own rules up as they go along. Merkel is the devil incarnate! All this is part of the EU Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan – The Genocide Of The People Of Europe. Merkle and Rompuy got awards from them for their work in destroying nations!

    1. Borrow as many pigs as you all can from farmers and take a stroll with them through the city where most of these SOPs are, you will be surprised how fast they disappear, trust me . And that insane Merkel lock her up, she deserves it…

  3. This is so very sad for so many reasons. i hope the German people move through the “schocked” phase very quickly towards the next, that of anger and feelings of vengeance. Only then will the excellent organisational skills of the German people come to the fore and something will be done to remove the parasites from mother Europa.

  4. You have to hand it to the ‘Green Party’ name as being the most flagrant misrepresentation of its own policies, even more than other parties.


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