Genuine Iraqi Refugees Moved—to Iraq

The utterly fake nature of the Iraqi asylum seeker swindle being perpetrated on Europe has been highlighted with the news that more than 1,100 genuine Iraqi refugees have been moved back to that country after living two years in Syria.

The fact that refugees can be safely accommodated in Syria and Iraq exposes the lie that there are any real “refugees” in Europe.


According to reports, the 1,100 Iraqis had sought refuge in Syria more than two years ago, and had been staying at the al-Hol camp in that country.

In terms of an arrangement made between Iraqi migration authorities and Peshmerga forces, the refugees were escorted through the Faysh Khabur border pass that connects Syria and Iraq, on Tuesday this week. They will take up residence in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

The reports said that a member of the Nineveh provincial council, Abnaan al-Jarba, told the EFE news service that the refugees had received food and sanitary supplies, as well as medical help where needed.

This was the second group of refugees to make the journey, he added, and all belonged to families that left Mosul, as well as the western Anbar and northern Saladin provinces.

According to the council member, 700 refugees were moved from al-Hol two weeks ago, and a last round of families is expected to leave soon.

The United Nations and several NGOs also cooperated in the move, underlining the fact that it is perfectly possible to accommodate genuine refugees in both those countries, even though there is armed conflict in parts of those states.

The news also shows that all the Iraqis and Syrians claiming to be refugees in Europe and America are perpetrating a massive hoax, because all of them could still live in peace and safety in their own countries.

There are, therefore, no genuine refugees at all in Europe—as even the United Nations, by its involvement in this week’s moving of Iraqis from Syria back to their own country, has shown that there is no need for any person to cross any number of safe countries to move to Europe to claim “asylum.”

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  1. God…millions of people need to know about stories like this, but how in the world are they to be reached? So many people never take the time to educate themselves about the real issues but instead just keep letting the TV tell them what to think. I have highly educated friends who when I share some of this stuff with them, their reply is always, “Tell me more. Tell me.” I get irritated because it’s not my job to educate anyone about the realities of the world and yet, these “smart” people just expect me to tell them everything about immigration, the economy tanking, our loss of freedoms and so on, so they don’t have to do any of the real work of waking themselves up. Even as amazing of a tool as the internet is, sometimes I feel like we’re still preaching to our own choir.

  2. Migration is now an industry, a bandwagon for the bigwigs, a jolly for the migrants and a massive burden for the rest of us.

  3. Their economic migrants invading Europe, people know this, its just the blinkered politicians that can’t. Of course they all get into Europe and are given housing, benefits and medical because these weak politicians don’t want to be branded as racist, the west has been bluffed by these people, the UN and politicians. We didn’t get the weak and vulnerable we got the ones who could afford a people trafficker, its all planned the men come first get residency then demand family reunion so the rest of their extended families can come to the land of milk and benefits. We have been mugged by these illegals and our children will suffer.

  4. They are all economic migrants. They can move to so many muslims countries such as qatar or dubai. There are so many empty apartments in dubai to house them. Moreover, they speak the same language and under the same cairo human rights treaty, can easily seek work. This whole mess is oriented by the EU politicians who answered to the boss in washington not the people in europe.

    1. I don’t understand how people cannot see the obvious with these invaders and the nonsense the politicians are spewing out of their mad, frothing mouth. I pity the youth who’ve been gifted with the fabulous resource of the internet who don’t use it to become informed and instead use it for fun, games and selfies. I pray that America wakes up and shakes off the damage the Washington Libtards, and SJW have forced on us for the past 30 years. These despicable “human beings” are ruining countries right and left all over the world. They are the terrorists in their own right. I am incensed and utterly disappointed in so many citizens right now for not using their common sense and letting these people ruin what is left of civilization.

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