German Coalition Spat over Fake Refugees Might Cause Merkel’s Final Collapse

The Angela Merkel government stands on the brink of a final collapse after a decades-long alliance between the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU) and Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) teeters on collapse over how to handle the fake refugee invasion in the face of a rising challenge from the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party.

CSU leader Horst Seehofer, who is also Germany’s interior minister, has announced his intention to introduce police controls on Germany’s southern border, prevent anybody without documents from entering the country, and the right to turn away any “refugees” away if they have already applied for “asylum” in another EU country or had their applications rejected in Germany.

Seehofer is only making these moves now because he fears an electoral challenge from the AfD in the upcoming October 2018 state elections.

According to the latest polls, the AfD is set to become the second largest party in that state—taking votes from CSU and making that party lose its absolute majority in the state parliament for the first time since 1949.

Seehofer correctly blames his party’s woes on Merkel’s open doors invivtaton to the Third World to invade Germany in 2015, which has led directly to the rise in support for the AfD.

Merkel on the other hand has rejected Seehofer’s proposals because they will “speed up the end of the passport-free Schengen system” and will increase pressures on countries such as Italy and Greece who are stuck with the invaders as a first point of their landing.

If Seehofer goes ahead and implements his plans, Merkel will have little choice but to fire him as interior minister for going against central government policy.

Seehofer has however the overwhelming support of his party, and his firing will inevitably lead to the collapse of the government, and the end of Merkel’s chancellorship.

The crisis will come to a head on Monday June 18, when the executives of the two parties will meet to finalize their positions on the issue.

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    1. ‘Communism’ is what has taken them so long. It has infiltrated every level of education And govt in every nation on earth, especially the western ones. Now, young Australians ‘know’ from their education ( by commie teachers ) that Australia does not belong to them. ‘it must be shared, with no borders in place’ , to slow the current mass immigration .
      The same blah blah has occurred every where, read ” The Naked Communist” by Cleon Skousen USA FBI, to clear up any doubts you may have. The purpose of Marx’s Global communist Domination is to execute the West. Job almost done Just look at Venezuela. Its agonising to watch, Observers who watch the infiltration of global communism, often quote , the joke said in the West… ‘ First Communist Revolution then canibalism.’ Fitting, actually, cos all the Venezuelan zoo animals have been eaten , the ppl are starving so … next, …. guess what ?

      1. It is not Communism but international Liberalism that has taken them so long. Merkel and all the rest of the European liberal elite basically want to move towards a border-less world where capital and labour can easily move around the globe in response to the vagaries of international capitalism. This is a million miles from Communism as practiced by the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union had rigorously guarded borders with little immigration except for students from allied countries like Angola and Cuba, and within the Soviet Union migration was tightly controlled using an internal passport system inherited from the Tzars.

  1. In 2017 the situation with asylum in Germany was 222,000 applicants with 36% having their application approved. God knows what happens to the other 64%. Maybe they are sent back to the EU member state where they first entered Europe or else they are shunted around other EU states willing to share the burden the accommodating fake refugees. It seems unlikely that they are sent back to their home countries considering how spineless European politicians are on the subject of immigration.
    Like the rest of the establishment the ‘conservative’ Horst Seehofer is unperturbed by the prospect of his country being over-run by hordes of Third World immigrants, and only the prospect of losing votes to a nationalist party (the AfD in this case) has prompted him to apply the Dublin Regulations to border control in Germany. Thankfully the departure of the CSU from the government coalition will be the final nail in the coffin of evil witch Angela Merkel and will serve her right for being a willing stooge of Soros and the UN.

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