German Court: Merkel Has Nullified Law

The German District Court in Passau has ruled that Angela Merkel has effectively nullified German law on illegal immigration by opening the country’s borders, and as a result ordered a people smuggler released with the lightest possible sentence.


The remarkable case—which could have repercussions throughout the German legal system, based as it is on the principle of precedent—was reported briefly in the Welt am Sonntag newspaper.

According to that report, a 43-year-old Serbian national had been arrested after being caught smuggling a large number of people into Germany in his vehicle.

He was subsequently charged with aiding and abetting illegal immigration—but was released after the court ruled that the law under which he had been charged had effectively fallen into disuse because it was the German government’s policy to encourage “non-formal immigration.”

Usually, people smugglers are sentenced to imprisonment of several years in Germany, but in this case the accused was warned, given a two-year suspended sentence, and allowed to walk out of the court building a free man.

His defense—with which the court agreed—was that the crime with which he had been charged was actually the official policy of the Federal German government.

According to the Welt am Sonntag, the judge’s verdict read in part that “the definition of the law has been suspended by official German government policy,” namely that the “German government has officially invited asylum seekers to come to Germany.”

Therefore, the court ruled, the accused had not actually done anything that the Chancellor had not specifically ordered to happen.

Because of this legal grey area, the court ruled, it was not going to impose a prison sentence on the accused, and instead resorted to the lightest punishment possible.

“The Chancellor’s ‘welcoming culture,’” the judge concluded, “had made the imposition of the maximum penalty inappropriate.”

The legal precedent that has now been set is likely to affect all future illegal immigration cases in Germany. Just last week, the police undertook a large raid on an internationally active smuggling ring in North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony, and Baden-Württemberg. Almost 600 officers took part in the operation at 24 different locations and arrested seven suspects.

Those arrested were found to have provided fake travel documents and residence permits for Middle Easterners, and organized their entry into Germany with airplane tickets. For this service they had charged €10,000 per person, the police said.

The police are now concerned that gangs such as these will also be able to use the “we are only doing what the government is doing” defense to escape the people smuggling charges, and that the punishments for the forged papers will be slight.

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    1. Yes, did you just realise that. If a rule doesn’t suit them, they ignore it, but it is only Merkel, Juncker and that lot who can do it. Cameron wouldn’t be able to even if he wanted to, which he doesn’t, flabby traitor that he is. The EU is corrupt from top to bottom, let’s hope it comes crashing down, very, very soon.

  1. “A Marxist system is recognized by the fact that it spares the criminals and criminalises political opponents.” ~ Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn, (1918-2008), Russian writer: Quoted in Nation & Europa, April 1999, p. 62.

    1. Spot on Paul.
      The adult version of “Spare the rod and spoil the child.”
      And heaven help us …..just look how the spoilt brats turned out.

    2. Yes, this must be true, so, it proves beyond any doubt the that the EU with its anti-White ‘hate laws’, must indeed be a totalitarian Marxist institution.

    1. Stu, it’s a question I was asking myself as well and I came to the conclusion that Germans were drastically changed as a nation in the last few decades. For one, it’s the second most popular migration destination in the world (after USA) with 20% of all residents who are foreign born. Other important factor is the re-unification which united, arguably, two very different groups of Germans. As a result you end up with a very mixed society which can’t be treated as one entity anymore!

    2. She certainly has, a short rope and a lamp post is what’s needed. How can one person have so much power they can cause absolute catastrophe in several European so-called democratic countries? Of course there is nothing democratic about the EU, it’s a dictatorship in hiding.

    1. Yes, the tipping point. Can’t help but think it is very close at hand, much closer than our so called longed for referendum. How much longer will migrants pour into the EU without some huge reaction somewhere? Can the status quo last until Christmas?, Easter?, Summer? Seems highly unlikely doesn’t it?

  2. So, Merkel and the government must be arrested and charged with aiding and abetting illegal immigration, and subversion of properly enacted laws and the democratic process and principles that undergird those laws. They must be prosecuted and punished for these violations and many others, including betrayal of the public trust and attempted genocide of the German People.

  3. Sounds like a variation of “I was only following orders”.

    Nevertheless, for how long has Germany had government by decree? Isn’t she obliged to win a vote in the German National Parliament?

  4. I’m glad the judge made this decision. These people are above the law anyway, the EU decided that long ago. I hope these people burn & whatever else…because that’s what it’ll take for people to wake up.
    Most of us EU citizens are hoping the problem will go away, but it’s not, it’s here & more problems are coming, even greater ones.
    War is coming, in fact it’s needed, the worst thing that could happen is that the Muslims just “settle” & breed, that would be an even worse outcome than war, because then the natives will be outnumbered & surrounded.

      1. What I mean is that, behind closed doors, they had already decided this & & it would’ve taken time to consider such a decision. Merkel was just the first to come out & say it & probably the agreement was that, further down the line, they’d distribute them around the rest of the EU nations. Fortunately, the EU electorate the national governments depends on every 5 years weren’t happy & so Germany was suddently stuck with all these people.
        Consider this, could Merkel have decided the immigration policy for the whole of the EU on her own? I don’t think so, she couldn’t have come out & said it without consent of the Western European nations.
        There were obviously domestic concerns for her too i.e large numbers of skinheads in Germany, where her & her party thought they could use the migrant numbers against them & eventual use the migrants once they were settled for a lower wage economy, especially as they have a large manufacturing sector.
        Obviously their infantile minds didn’t consider or most likely care about the culture clash on the longer term higher birth rates of Arab Muslims verses lower birth rates of the white native Europeans.

        1. I see, so you think “they” sat down behind closed doors and “they” decided such an outcome for Europe … well, sorry to say that but I rather settle for known facts. So far what’s known would suggests that this stubborn bitch rather sinks the ship then admits her quite obvious fault. She is on her last leg due to strong opposition within her own party!

          1. The known facts are that the JWO/EU Cultural Marxist nation-wreckers
            decided decades ago to implement White genocide/mass immigration
            to turn Europe into a mixed-race Federal superstate – the European
            arm of their One-world govt agenda. Why do you think they covertly
            bit-by-bit strip member-states of their national sovereignty.

  5. Obama has done the same —
    “If we do not fight them there, we will have to fight them OVER HERE.” Do you remember that mantra of W-rong Bush and the NEOCONS(Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld, Kristol, etc.)? Well “they” are using YOUR tax dollars to flood you with the very same Muslim INVADERS Our Troops were MAIMED and DIED fighting “over there”. Your TREASONOUS politicians and preachers are flying in Hundreds of Thousands of these Muslims that REFUSE to assimilate and renounce their barbaric culture. YOU are paying for THEIR invasion both with your tax money and your loss of RIGHTS since once they are safely here they “radicalize” and ATTACK YOU. Talk about a VIRUS ! America is being destroyed by the TRAITORS WITHIN. The NEOCONS and the FEMINIZED CLERGY.
    Kim Davis, a lowly County Clerk, is jailed for refusing to enforce a law that goes against her conscious ……. Barry Obama, the TOP law enforcer in the Nation, the President, is NOT in jail for REFUSING TO ENFORCE the immigration LAW of this Nation that HE says go against his conscious.
    Republican “leaders” are the biggest COWARDS on Earth.
    Struggling hard to be Politically Correct democrats.
    Where are the big brave republican “leaders” NOT DEMANDING that Obama perform HIS duties as the Obama government demands a lowly county clerk do hers?
    Why vote for a republican if all you get is a Democrat IN A SUIT?!
    Republican “BATTLE FLAG” is a WHITE CLOTH.
    TEAR DOWN THAT FENCE! Why is Congress worrying about a fence around the White House …… when the White House has torn down the fence around this Nation?! If WE do not deserve a fence to protect OUR FAMILIES ….. then,NEITHER DOES HE.

  6. Merkel and the other “Elite” are just following the 1920’s Coudenhove-Kalergi plan of racial destabilization (look it up), she won that award in 2012……it’s also against the “The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples act” articles 5 to 7 should be read to her in court.

  7. Merkel and many other EU leaders should be punished for not upholding the rule of law concerning immigration , and this will be the reason why in upcoming elections they will be voted out of office , and the mainstream political parties across the EU sidelined .

  8. Merkel has been Germany’s worst leader , and has shown people being brought up and educated under communism , never change their ideas

    1. That’s not strictly true. Many people brought up and educated under Communism/Marxism do change their mind -if they are allowed to. It is the fanatics who fervently embrace Communism/Marxism who do not change their mind. But there are many patriots who would gladly help these Marxists change their mind.

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