German Court Strikes Down Far-Leftist Attempt to Suppress Freedom of Speech

In a rare display of judicial honesty in the democratic police state that is modern Germany, the nation’s administrative court in Kessel has struck down an attempt by the extremist leftist-controlled city council of Bad Hersfelld to suppress a poster put out by the  National Democratic Party of Germany—The People’s Union (German: Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands—Die Volksunion, or NPD).

The poster, part of the NPD’s campaign for the federal election in Germany set for September 22, reads “Geld für Oma, Statt für Sinti & Roma” (“Money for Granny, Not for Sinti and Roma.”)

The poster features a photo of an elderly German lady looking forlorn and helpless. The poster makes the point that the German state allocates funds to gypsies from Eastern Europe at the expense of welfare for elderly German people—a spinoff of the “open borders” policy within the European Union.

The Bad Hersfeld council—controlled by a coalition of the far leftist Social Democratic Party and the Free Democratic Party—decided that this poster was “racist” and ordered council workers to remove it from all the designated poster hanging places in the town.

carpetThe far left are equally upset over other NPD posters being used in the campaign, which include a cartoon of Turks on a flying carpet under the slogan “Have a Nice Flight Home!” and an image of a blond-haired girl under the slogan “Maria instead of Sharia!”

The NPD lunched a legal appeal against this blatant suppression of their campaign, and the senior administrative court ruled in their favor, saying that the posters were protected by Germany’s freedom of speech laws(!).

The court ordered the council to put all the posters back up—which will be a hard pill for the leftists to swallow, as the posters were largely destroyed during their removal, and the reds will have to pay for their reprinting and hanging.

“We won’t tolerate attempts to criminalize our election campaign,” NPD spokesman Frank Franz was quoted as saying in reaction to the court’s decision.

The court’s decision is unusual for modern Germany, which boasts many of the most repressive anti-free speech laws in all Europe, which have been used time and time against nationalists.

Currently, the establishment parties are busy preparing another bid to outlaw the NPD completely. A previous attempt to ban the NPD in 2003 failed when it was shown that the “evidence” consisted of utterances made by paid state agents working for the democratic Gestapo organization known as the Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz, or BfV (The “Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution”) which coordinates all efforts to suppress nationalist parties by any means possible.

Hellersdorf/ Asylantenheim

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  1. Well done NPD, its time someone stood up for the indignous people against the leftie, kow towing loony appeasers. This is my idea of karma, and I hope we will now see more examples of this common sense approach. Europe belongs to the white people after all, enough is enough, too many third world ethnics, particularly the Muslim parasite freeloaders, are now invading our lands in a bid to grab a new life for their ever increasing scavenging families. Free social housing, free welfare benefits and free healthcare, is their main goal and they will not stoo until they have milked Europe and its hatd working people dry. We have fought hard over many years for all that is ours and we are not willing to allow these low life, uneducated, brainwashed leeches to just waltz in and take all that is ours. If you have trashed yoir homelands in the Middle East, Asia and Africa tough, cause you are sure as hell not going to steal ours away from us.

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