German “Democracy”: AfD Leader Charged for Anti-Nazi Remarks in Name of “Tolerance”

The distorted nature of modern German “democracy” has been illustrated once again with the news that Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) leader Alexander Gauland has been charged with “inciting hatred” because he referred to the Nazi era in Germany as “bird shit,” with his crime not being “pro-Nazi” but rather for “trivializing” that time period.

Gauland, the co-chairman of the AfD party, provoked outrage from the German establishment last weekend by claiming the Nazi-era merely amounted to “bird shit” within the context of Germany’s otherwise “long and successful history.”

Gauland could now find himself in legal trouble over those remarks, after the chairman of the “Council for Foreigners” in Hesse filed a complaint with the public prosecutor’s office in the city of Wiesbaden. The AfD chief stands accused of inciting hatred, media reports said.

Council chairman Enis Gülegen—a Turk, born in Turkey and living in Germany—described Gauland’s remarks as “scandalous” and an “intolerable mockery of the victims of the Holocaust.”

Gülegen went on to accuse Gauland of seeking to “deliberately downplay” the crimes committed during the Nazi era.

The “conscious and constant provocation by leading AfD representatives” must be stopped, Gülegen said. “If there is no other way, then it must be done through legal action.”

Enis Gülegen, chairman of the “Council for Foreigners” in Hesse.

That Gauland’s comments—which could not be taken as “pro-Nazi” by anyone with even a modicum of intelligence—could result in criminal charges being laid by a Turk living in Germany serves as one of the most extreme examples yet of how those pretending to be “democrats” in Germany today are in fact the very worst of the old East German Stasi-communist regime.

Perhaps one of the most striking examples of this Stasi connection comes in the form of the Jewess Anetta Kahane, who between 1974 and 1982, worked for the East German Ministry for State Security (Stasi) in East Germany under the code name “Victoria”.

Stasi files connected to her work include more than 800 pages of reports. Among others, Kahane surveilled artists, students from West Berlin universities and West German television reporters.

Today, Kahane heads up the Amadeu Antonio Foundation and “Netz Gegen Nazis” which has officially been employed by the Merkel government to police Facebook to identify and punish any Germans who dare oppose the mass Third World invasion of their country.

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  1. The German language & it’s people are among the oldest in the European territory, 13 years of the Nazis, other than the long-term affects of the past 70 years is tiny compared to the many hundreds of years prior to it.

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