German Girls Must Cover Arms and Legs to Appease Syrian “Refugees”

So many nonwhite invaders from the Middle East have entered Germany over the past few months that a school headmaster in Bavaria has been forced to ask female pupils to cover up their arms and legs—for their own protection against local Syrian “refugees.”

In a letter sent to parents, Martin Thalhammer, head of the Wilhelm-Diess-Gymnasium in the town of Pocking, Bavaria—which has a normal population of around 15,000—female pupils have been asked to refrain from wearing “revealing clothes” because “refugee accommodation” has been set up next to the school’s gym.


Hundreds of Syrians have been housed in Pocking, part of a plan by the German government to cope with the 202,815 “asylum seekers” who invaded that country in 2014, and the expected 400,000 “asylum” applications anticipated this year.


The Wilhelm-Diess-Gymnasium headmaster’s letter warned the students against wearing immodest clothes, and announced that the school’s gym had been shut down—and the Physical Education (PE) classes normally held there moved to a neighboring primary school.

“The Syrian citizens are mainly Muslims and speak Arabic. The refugees are marked by their own culture. Because our school is directly next to where they are staying, modest clothing should be adhered to. Revealing tops or blouses, shorts or miniskirts could lead to misunderstandings.”

The “misunderstandings” to which the letter refers are, of course, sexual attacks upon the white girls, as has happened everywhere else where Third World males have been allowed free rein in European communities.


For example, in Sweden, the number of nonwhite rapes of white females has risen so dramatically that that nation has now been officially classified as the “Rape Capital of the West” and is now number two on the list of rape countries, surpassed only by Lesotho in Southern Africa.

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The headmaster also informed parents about additional security measures.

“For the refugees, access to the school gardens and buildings is strictly forbidden. The same goes for the school grounds during the day. The number of teachers on duty during breaks has been increased,” he wrote.

Incredibly, Thalhammer then went on to threaten the white children in the letter: the pupils are told to refrain from “direct eyeballing, ogling or taking pictures,” and concluded with “Derogatory or racial remarks cannot be tolerated in any way.”

According to Die Welt newspaper, Thalhammer’s letter was “not favorably received by some parents, but a local politician, who did not want to be named, told that newspaper that the move was “absolutely necessary.”

“When Muslim teenage boys go to open air swimming pools, they are overwhelmed when they see girls in bikinis,” he said.

“These boys, who come from a culture where it is frowned upon for women to show naked skin, follow girls and bother them without realizing. Obviously this is concerning for us,” he said.

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  1. This is invasion pure and simple. All these concessions are like Danegeld (Danish Mafia Money) we English used to pay the Danes in the Dark Ages so they wouldn’t cause problems. However Danegeld only made the Danes come back for more till they seized the whole country. At least Danes are like us not these swarms and their alien customs.

    The root of this are Zionist wars in the Middle East. Syria, Iraq and Libya are now disgorging people that end up in Europe.

    How long will native Germans put up with this nonsense? Beware of the silent majority oppressed in their own land by a vile estabishment that wants to appease invaders.

      1. The German girls live there, were born there and have a right to live as usual in their own country…These middle east men and boy s have taken refuge there in a country that is not their own….When in Rome do as the Romans….These refugee’s are guests in another country…They should be given written in Arabic or whatever they speak the high notes of the culture they have come into. And they should have to abide by the laws of the land…Sorry if they are offended…..Get over it…Not every culture is as narrow or torturous as theirs is. Those muslim men shouldn’t have been at the pool if it offends them to see women in swimsuits. The German citizens shouldn’t have to appease the refugee’s…They didn’t ask them to come to their country…Let the refugee’s go back home and stand up and take their country back.

        1. Carole,

          I have to agree that the refugees and seemingly the governments themselves are acting out on moral exclusion, which “occurs when individuals or groups are perceived as outside the boundary in which moral values, rules, and considerations of fairness apply.” (Opotow, 1990) I haven’t heard anything about the refugees who have raped citizens being tried, fined, or imprisoned by the law and it doesn’t seem as if the Syrian refugees are being told that if they don’t follow “our” ways, then you cannot seek asylum here. It seems that the governments and public officials are accepting that they are ignorant to how things are in their country and now infringing upon the lives of their own citizens as to avoid their original freedoms from being violated because the refugees are unable to comprehend the meanings of “don’t rape, we don’t do that here.”

          In a book I am studying called Ethics in Human Communication, there is a list about the “mind-set that characterizes a person who engages in moral exclusion,” (Johannesen, 2008). Some of which I feel are applying to the “misunderstandings” between Syrian and other European cultures with the high rise in sexual assaults/rapes, are these:

          “3. Denying that others possess humanity, dignity, ability to feel, or the right to compassion
          4. Redefining as an increasingly larger category the category of ‘legitimate victims’
          5. Blaming the victim; placing the blame for any harm on the victim not the doer
          6. Justifying harmful acts by claiming that the morally condemnable acts committed by the adversary are significantly worse
          Misrepresenting cruelty and harm by masking, sanitizing, and conferring respectability on them through use of neutral, positive, technical, or euphemistic terms to describe them
          8. Justifying harmful behavior by claiming it is widely accepted (everyone is doing it) or that it was isolated and uncharacteristic behavior (just this once)”

          All of those examples of the moral exclusion mind-set seem to be followed by not just the Syrians seeking asylum in European countries, but also by the European governments. Cutting physical education classes and telling German girls to refrain from wearing the clothing they normally do as to not get raped, is showing that, not only is no one doing anything about disciplining these wrongful acts and that they are not safe within their own country and home, but that they are accepting it. That is sending an example to all women that it isn’t the men’s fault for raping, but that a woman is “asking for it” if she so chooses to show any amount of skin—and that is catering to a sexist culture and lowering the perceived-worth of women and girls everywhere. For any country that is helping the Syrian refugees, by not appropriately disciplining those that break the law and/or infringe upon citizens’ rights, they are sending the message worldwide that the refugees are in control and that the laws of their land do not apply to outsiders/visitors/foreigners.

          I know that Finland is holding free public classes at reception centers for Syrians on the culture shock and how to behave appropriately within their communities. (Kirby, 2016). It seems that all countries are facing these same issues with the cultural differences of the Syrian refugees. This is a huge issue, and I feel that Finland is on the right track with the free classes, but that isn’t enough. Cultural education should be mandatory and if they violate another human being’s rights, they need to be properly disciplined and it needs to be made public so that all Syrians are more aware that they are no longer in Syria and that they need to adapt to equality and respect of others. So yes, I agree with you in saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

          Kirby, E. J. (2016, January 22). Teaching migrants how to behave – BBC News. Retrieved
          February 08, 2016, from
          Johannesen, R. (2008). Ethics in human communication (6th ed.). Prospect Heights, Ill.: Waveland Press.
          Opotow, Susan. (1990). Moral Exclusion and Injustice: An Introduction. Journal of Social Issues.

        2. Exactly! Go home and take their own country back. When we go to the aquariums there are community fish and non-community fish – we don’t put them together! Would monkeys from the jungle survive in the Arctic? No, my point exactly – we have our own countries and our own cultures and face the fact people we aren’t all capable of sharing one world. ISIS has had this plan in the making. Think about it – what better way to infiltrate the Est – ohhhh a refugee crisis – yes! That would get us in and with social media on our side we will surely gain control. And believe me people, if we ALL don’t stand up and do something and quit being so passive, you WILL practice the Sharian law and you will be bowing down at mosques .. that is if we aren’t already meeting at the pearly gates – ohhhh I forgot, there is no such thing!

      2. The Scottish people are brainwashed too. We are the only country left with small ethnic minority population.and until the next census is released will not know the extent by which the muslim population has increased within the last 3 years. Rural areas in Scotland have remained unaffected but areas in North, East, and South side of Glasgow have been overwhelmed. The Scottish government are determined to add as many muslims to our population as quickly as possible by any means. The Pakistani population of Glasgow and Dundee have been responsible for large amounts of funding to the SNP party and I believe pressure is coming from those areas. What happened to the original aims of SNP – “Scotland for the Scottish people” Salmond and Sturgeon have their own agenda. Wake up. A few years ago £400,000 awarded for a Muslim festival (at that time 1% of population) but only £134,000 awarded to various Christian events (50%+ of population)

        1. We are being invaded by stealth. The time will come when the balance will tilt in favour of the so called Asylum Seekers and that’s when we could be in real bother. They won’t have to invade in the conventional sense as they’ll already be here. A whole nation of ‘Sleepers’.

    1. It is only a matter of time when these Muslim refugees will start enforcing their own religious beliefs, sharia laws, etc. Just look at France; there are places where even the police wouldn’t go. Germany is going to pay for this. How come the super-rich Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar are not taking them in? After all, the refugees are part of their religion and culture. Why is it Muslims want to go to non-muslim countries?

      1. You know why they do not go to these countries? Because for a muslim person asking for help to another muslim it is a shame and dishonour.. BUt asking for help to european person is like .. in they culture white people are like slaves for muslim. White people are under them.. and white people should give everything what a muslim wants.. Becasue non-muslim person is a shit for them. ALso when they come to non’muslim part of globe, and they foot meet the ground- ground is already becoming muslim terytory.. so if you ask me . PUT THEM BACK TO THEIR COUNTRY , take planes and fly them back !

        1. Dude, it is not only white people, to those muslims, anyone who is not muslims is their slave because the world is belong to islam according to their belief.

          The world war 3 will be the remains of the world vs islam.

      2. They want to come here because they know we are an easy ‘take-over’, which is their plan. Their mission will be to take over Rome, the Pope, etc, which they believe is not at all what they consider Christianity. Once they have Rome, then the rest of the world is easy peezy. They believe Jesus was a messenger for their God Allah, and their God and religion are the right way and the only way and we will all be of the Sharian law. This war has been going on since the beginning of time. It is instilled and bred into the children. They are raised to have the mind of a revolutionist. We could have left them alone to kill each other, but then came the almighty bucks. Oil. Well people, how do you think they felt when the US and other countries went in and tried to tell them how to live, taking over towns, cities and well, you know .. resources and whatever else the government decided they wanted at that time. How long do you think the US could push them around before they retaliated? God knows they sure as hell weren’t expecting this. It took them 10 years to find Binladen – do you not think that scenario in itself boosted their confidence? My, my, my they shout – it will take them forever to realize we have infiltrated the whole world!

    2. Europeans will end up like Indians. We Indians cant live our lives in India because of the increasing Muslim population who are disrupting our lives with terrorism, human trafficking, rapes, murders and other forms of crime. 80% of people in Indian jails are Muslims and the cause behind India’s terrible crime situation. India’s next door neighbor is the safe heaven for terrorists and another neighbor Bangladesh is the rape heaven and jihaadi killings.

        1. “And I happen to be Christian.” You must also be an American transplant, to think that your religious affiliation has any bearing on this situation or gives any credence to your opinion. While the Muslim religion may not be doing anything as a whole, the people from these predominately Muslim areas are destroying every country and culture they come in to contact with. Because they believe their superiority is granted by God, simply because they are Muslim.

          1. i live in Canada where a large majority of the population, at least right now, are Christians. We celebrate Christmas and we also have Christmas trees in our homes, our parliament buildings, shopping malls, everywhere. We decorate our houses, cities and towns with colourful lights, garland wreaths, etc. It seems to be offensive to many of our new immigrants and have been asked to refrain from saying “Merry Christmas” and to call our decorated trees “holiday trees” rather than Christmas trees. Many Canadians are not happy with this and I for one, will not change how I celebrate or decorate during any holiday, religious or not. They want to dictate and force upon us their beliefs. It is now a rule that a woman must remove her burqa to uncover her face while becoming a Canadian citizen and applying for a drivers license or a health card where a picture is needed. There is a big outcry because they do not want to do this, but they must! I have always believed in the old phrase “when in Rome, do as the Romans”. This should apply to all immigrants, of all religions, who plan on living in a new country.

        2. You accuse Neha of lying, but you may not be sharing the same experiences.
          Its the same as over here in the UK where people who have never lived in a Muslim dominated area, support them 100% in the belief that they are as pleasant to be around as the Sikh and Hindu population, when its true to say as soon as Muslims realise they are the majority, their attitudes change… My wife was told that “White women should learn their place”, and had Muslim men get physical with her because they felt she should step aside, not to mention her getting mugged in broad daylight by a Somali muslim refugee, who could not have even been in the country for long when it happened.
          I had two Muslims try to get physical with me because I refused to break health and safety rules on a job I was doing on behalf of the company I worked for at their premises, all because they were too lazy to remove a load of boxes so I could get my ladders through, and thought I should climb on them instead of using my ladders….. the difference between myself and my wife experiences with them is I am a lot larger than she is and a former kickboxer, and they soon realised getting physical with me was a huge mistake..

          There is no reason for it, Islam works in Islamic nations, but in its purest form is is not compatible with the western world as its a very pushy and aggressive ideology…. I’ve been watching responses from Muslims on different articles, on ones about refugees they feel we need to be more human and accept them with open arms as Islam is about peace and love ((despite the fact they are actually rioting, destroying property and causing untold problems on their way to wait for it ……Safety)), on articles about Sharia law and the beating of women, then its all different, the very same posters then think we should all fall under the sharia, and beating women is acceptable as its the will of Allah to punish them for their misdeeds… not to mention they seem to also think western women are worthless when compared to a muslim woman, because they are slaves to their base desires…. its all very warped and it seems to vary due to cultural differences also.

          This article is an eye opener, it talks about how an ex extremist and another fella came together to talk about islam and what it really stands for.

          1. The Jews see us, the Europeans, in the same way as the muslims you write about. For them our women are also filthy and we also should be their servants.

      1. Neha, what you said is 100% true. The xtian commentator Jo may not agree as they are all people of the book and their common enemy is Hindus. 90% of the crime is committed by them.

    3. The root of this are Zionist wars in the Middle East???? Zionist ???
      How Israel relate to the poverty and war in Africa or the war in Syria and Iraq that are coused by civilian war and ISIS???

      1. DO a bit of research…..
        *Jewish support for multiculturalism
        *Jewish Conspiracy Behind The 1965 Open Immigration Law
        *jews pushing multiculturalism and political correctness on European nations and in America
        *The Jewish origins of multiculturalism in Sweden
        Barbara Spectre:
        “”I think that there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural and I think that we are going to be a part of the throes of that transformation which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that; it’s a huge transformation to make they are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role, but without that leading role and without that transformation Europe will not survive…..”

        Israel and the U.S. CREATED Hamas, Hezbollah and Al Qaeda
        Creating the Enemies We Now Fight Against………

        SEEK TRUTH.
        World War II was incredibly complex. However, in the final analysis, WWII was essentially a war between two competing ideologies: Nationalism -vs- Jewish Internationalism/globalism….

        1. Easily,friend!ISIS and other organizations are sponsored by Israel.The aim is to make anarchy and after to rule the whole World!Like Lenin made…First to destroy,after build an own system where EVERYBODY is just a slave of Jewish (financial) system…

    4. Did they hear about the Right to Leave? Nobody invited these persons here, this is our land, they must obey to our laws and rules!

      1. Simon, you hit the nail squarely on the head! But because it makes complete sense, don’t expect them to do as you suggested… I don’t know what it is but they don’t seem to think like normal people!

    5. I am a Christian and was born and raised in the United States of America. I am sad to say the same corruption by Muslims, Mexicans and South Americans is happening in my own country. If countries in the east and my country continue to change their rights and beliefs the Christians of the world will fall to the criminals from outside of our countries. This will lead to the total destruction of Christians world wide like never seen in the history of the world….!!!!

      1. Your right on Bob! I am a Roman Catholic living in Canada, & i can’t believe that the politicians are so stupid & gullible to think that all the muslim people are honest, & law abiding people! In fact, they are a violent religion! One muslim leader even said that they are a violent religion, not a peace loving one! Politicians better wake up & realize that the muslims want to control every country in the world!! It WILL happen too, because they don’t have a backbone to stand up to them & deport themg!!!! If they don’t, we all will be living under muslim laws & rules pretty soon!!!!!

      2. Hi Bob, please do not compare Muslims to South Americans. I happen to be South American, I am white as the snow, I was raised in a Christian family and my grandparents were from Poland. Many Europeans came to my country in the early 1900s escaping from war; but the difference between them and what is happening now with Muslims in Europe is that there was no cultural clash. Europeans arrived at a Christian country, that shared the same values as them, they were needed to join the workforce and that resulted in a multicultural environment where there was no violence and no culture trying to impose their values on the other.

        The Muslims in Europe are a completely different story, mainly because Islam is more than just a religion, it is a belief and political system hostile to people who are not part of it.

        Most of us South Americans are educated people, we are not criminals. I understand that you have problems with immigration in the USA too (we have the same problems in my country), but I please ask you not to believe in stereotypes and please do not think that we are the same as Muslims.

        1. Sorry if I offended you, no intent meant. We are told here in America now many of the Latinos coming into America are from Mexico, Central America and South America. As far as muslims they are also a very serious problem here in America and I would think the difference is obvious.

    6. 199 thoughts on “German Girls Must Cover Arms and Legs to Appease Syrian “Refugees””
      the simple answer is **** off.

    7. It is up to these, mainly unwanted economic parasites, to adapt to western culture and not the other way around, if they cannot control there urges then the perverts should be deported back to the s— holes they came from

    8. Are they so obsessed by sex because of their low IQs.
      Whatever, females must arm themselves and fight back. They take precedence over illegal refugees.

    9. Keep on dressing as normal. It’s your country, not theirs!!! They have to learn respect for us, not the other way round. Wonder if they can manage that with their low IQs.

    10. I don’t know why German government agreed on such a deal knowing that those people coming from a
      Different culture and for example, now poor girls paying the price of what’s going on with them mentally and going thru hard time after rape, where was the government that time??? Why did they creat a colony for refugees while processing their papers not to let them go anywhere???? why native Germans paying price of it right now???? I’m so but Europe looks like a Muslim European Union to me right now, but instead those refugees must respect German culture and Germans not to be like woman hungry or acting like it’s their land!!! It makes me upset thinking all the time that somebody probably rapped or hurt!!!! German goverment should send all refugees back to Syria!!! And soon white people population will go down and each year us white ppl will be less!!! It looks like it right now with all crazy thing happening in the world!!!!
      It makes me sad what’s going on with Europe right now, I have been in Russia watching news and it should never been happened like America they don’t show much about refugees and so on on tv; it’s sad too!!!

      1. This is bullshit… !!! if they so want to save their f** culture..
        then instead of going to europe go to Gulf .. where all muslims live

    1. LOL welcome to the Club Germany. In 1971, Bangladeshi Muslims got into my country as refugees, today they fund anti-Hindu, Anti-India operations and terrorist networks. They hate our culture and our previous govt didnt do anything about it. And when the new govt took action, they were termed as Hindu-Hardliners for nothing.

      1. Same happens in Sri Lanka. Hundreds and thousands of Pakistanis has come to Sri Lanka as refugees and also many invaders from Middle east, now they are trying to brainwash all the muslims who used to live with us in harmony and try to make conflicts between Buddhists and Muslims.

        1. That is the true face of islam.

          The muslims you live in harmony is an ignorant one who are not reading their holy book with understanding.

          We called that the secular muslims.

          Do you ever wonder why secular islam is silent when some they called ‘extremist’ is bombing others? because either way, they won.

      1. The German governement as the puppy of the USA destroyed the places in the middle east where these people come from. The NATO countries must pay their share. Angela will pay dearly

    2. That is exactly what i think. Muslims always impose their ways of living and culture in countries where they are guests and why the native people of a country have to live according to their culture. In that case they need to go back where they came from. They should be happy they found a place to protect themselves and they better accept the conditions of the country who opened the door for them, Germans do not need to put up with this!!!!

    3. Same as, europe needs to draw the line, if you dont like, or are offended by our cultures sod off back to your own, you are only visitors not nationals of these countries.

    4. The trouble is , they wont go out.. and say 10 years down the line they will be a considerable part of german population and Germany will have to respect their rights too. Being an Indian i feel so bad for Europe now. EUrope is gonna lose its charm in the next 25 years. I really do not understand why will a country like Germany intake such humongous number of migrants.

  2. Ok, how about these syrain immigrants go ba ck to their homes in Turkey where that have enjoyed refugee status for the last 3 years. How about tehy remove any burka as I and others find them offensive. How dare you beg for refugee status and cry becuase you dont liek our values, go back home to Turkey, at least its a muslim country

    1. Well, with all due respect, as a Dutch-Turkish, I can say that Turkey is definitely not a home for Syrian refugees. It is not their home. Turkish is not Arabic. Yes, Turkey is a Muslim country but that doesn’t necessarily mean the culture is the same.

      1. What?, 99% Muslim Turkey is not a home for these Syrian Muslims but Non-Muslim Germany is ? – you must be deranged.

      2. Are you actually trying to sound stupid? Never go full retard, moving huge masses of people is a recipe for disaster, our politicians know this, that’s how you know this is all planned, smart or realistic people know this is going to end badly

      3. When will Western politicians grow a pair. We are allowing Islamists to ruin the Western countries and the only way to stop it is by discontinuing all Immigration from Islamic countries And we must Stop Changing our culture for Islamists.

  3. what???????,…..becouse they are culturely moslem, GERMANS have to succumb to islamic demands? nooooooooooooooooooooo. They have to assimilate to German culture than the opposite.
    Hey Eurpeans are you gonna abandon your free way of life over some religious fantasy?u didnt start this war.

    1. So the school should do nothing and allow the girls to be put at risk and potentially raped? I bet the parents will be so glad to go into a meeting with the headmaster to be told “We’re very sorry your 13 year old daughter was raped by one of the male refugees who lives near the school, but don’t worry, he’s been deported and won’t be raping anyone elses daughter until he is welcomed back into Germany in 6 months time”

        1. Congratulation, this is the most intelligent comment.
          The rape is not a sexual crime itself, but a demonstration and abuse of power.

    1. Brussels is already destroyed i used to live there for 6 months and already saw countless crimes by muslim people. Guess how many it would be every day.

    2. Actually, you can blame this migration problem on Charles deGual and the French who started it in the 1970’s. There is an excellently documented book entitled, “Eurabia” that outlines exactly how Europe ended up in the state that it is now in. Sorry to say but Angela Merkel is only the recipient of foolish policies that were handed down by the EU for decades.

  4. Capitulation. Europeans have non-sustainable birth rates. All that Europeans are asking is that they be allowed to enjoy their trendy clubs, BMWs, and vacations for awhile longer until they check out and hand over their keys.

  5. So what is it going to take for the aboriginal peoples of Europe to realize they are being invaded? They need to tell these “refugees” to either accept the cultural of their new countries or leave or face forced deportation.

    1. We Hindus from India understand your plight, but you wont get much sympathy from us or the rest of Asia, because we are all still dealing with problems created during colonial rule….while those issues are something we have to resolve on our own, if you people stop the Christian missionary bigots who keep flocking to India and destroying our native Dharmic culture, we might ally with you in fighting this common scourge emerging from Middle East..think over it

      1. Your government is more corrupt then ours and you have one of the highest amount of billionaires in one country.

        People starve in your country whilst cows, yes cows (food on legs) are allowed to graze freely at market stalls, get given government retirement homes (I’m not making this up) and better healthcare than the NHS…. Think it over

        1. but the problem is why would then not want to come, they get paid for sitting on their ass and studying their hate ideology and chasing our women, besides, they get paid to have babies, and subsidised housing and free food and free clothes, meanwhile they can go around telling all and sundry how great their relegion is and we are so willing to give them all these, our own people, who would not want such a free easy life, its heaven on earth, besides our police will protect them and our politicians will bend over backwards to appease them, for their votes, its going downhill for us, and utopia for them

          1. well consider the votes politicians love use out siders to vote illegally for them , also the pope using his influence to control the countries

          2. Islam is a supremacist ideology and not at all peaceful. All these single men who do not have a job
            should leave and fight isis instead of relying on handouts from the govt. Germany and other countries have become Dhimmi states. Squeezed dry. Paying for food and housing can take .years.Liberalism and political correctness will take its toll.

      2. How about you perfect the decades old concept of indoor plumbing and the centuries old practice of sewage management before you opine about the evil’s of western civilization.

        1. Oh great so you watch a movie and suddenly assume over a billion Indians live without indoor plumbing. Rural areas of US and UK too have such issues, including poverty and homeless people which is worse as they have the resources (looted by the indigenous people and by colonising and forcefully imposing their ways on others) to take care of them.
          Please do come to India, if only to realise how ignorant you sound in your comment, making such a broad generalisation. Thats like me saying all american kids shoot the people around them because they are all mentally unstable.

          1. Please inform us where in the UK there is no indoor plumbing? There is of course poverty, although judged at a different level to poverty in India and in line with UK definitions of poverty.
            Let’s face it, there is very little around you in India that wasn’t as of a result of the British bringing it to you – roads, trains, system of government, education. The list is endless and its probably because the British invented 54% of all the worlds inventions.
            India has extreme problems with poverty and its discriminatory caste system isn’t helping. I cannot understand how India can invest in a nuclear arms programme and a space programme, but allow a vast proportion of its population to live in squalor and poverty. It’s is also the global leader for modern slavery.
            Again, we see an ex colony blaming its former rulers for the situation that is created by their own.
            When the British left there was a blood bath between Hindu and Muslims. It was a shameful display of home rule and of course now you like to blame it on the Brits.
            In 1947 it was the first time ever that Indians had the opportunity to rule themselves. Prior to the Brits, who had to fight the French first for India, there was the Mughal rulers. The Mughals were quite barbaric too. I should think it was with a sigh of relief when the Brits took over!
            Your comments on looting resources; it can be said that prior to the Brits being around the world indigenous people didn’t even know they had valuable resources that were in demand. If they did, they sure as hell weren’t using them, but have since independence. Thank you, Britain!


          Regardless of whether or not you approve of the sources, there is enough evidence for this. And you sound like the typical gullible right wing idiot because britain corrupted ways of life of the indigenous people not just in India but in other places as well. I can only say it seems the tide is turning and thats gratifying. Britain obviously will glorify imperialism, enslavement and the brutalities committed as being ‘good’ for those people, because they are convinced their standards of progress, and lifestyles are ‘superior’. It wont be until they face a similarly deluded group asserting their ‘pseudo-superiority’ by a different scale/standard that they will recognise the horrors they commited. No sugar coating can ever make up for those violations of human rights. You may just get a taste of your own medicine with the growing muslim numbers in UK , so many involved with ISIS and corresponding ‘corruption’ in culture and politics . May your karma treat you exactly as you deserve.

            Nox, I have obviously touched a nerve with my previous posts. I take it you are still quite young of age.
            Firstly, your attachment on plumbing was referring to the USA, so I take it your geography isn’t too good.
            UK crime statistics are recorded accurately unlike India. I don’t think your crime statistics actually reveal the true extent of crime, but the attachment above will give you hours of fun in research.
            Now, I’m not glorifying Imperialism, but I’m not apologising either. The days of European empires came and went. The world advanced onwards . I do think India could have done a lot worse under another power and whether you like it or not it was inevitable that a foreign power back in the 1700’s was going to be there. The Mughal rulers, if you remember, didn’t seem to object very much and joined with the British.
            Yes there is some unpalatable episodes in the last 500yrs of British history, in keeping with its time, but unsavoury today. The world has changed and education has been made available to all and hence enlightenment.
            India, if you remember, could possibly have become a Russian conquest. If you remember the route they wanted to take was via Afghanistan and hence Britain’s involvement there in the 1800’s. So, one way or another India was going to be someone’s conquest. You were lucky and got Britain.
            Now, corrupted indigenous life, well where would India and Indians be now without the involvement of Britain. It’s not all negative is it?

        3. Look how stupid you are. India is plagued by the same problems as us (Islamic animals) but instead of joining forces to stop our commom enemy, instead you bash a non-enemy. I see why the muslims think we are idiot pushovers like our idiot politicians.

      3. Shame on you Vikram. This is why so many of your Indian citizens flock to our countries in search of a better life.There are at least 4000 such Hindus and Punjabis living in Europe. Indians may be intelligent but if it was not for the Christian missionaries you guys would have been been educated and that too in English. India is still 80% majority and if you Hindu biggots abolished your caste system you would neither see people converting to Christianity or Islam. Please clear up your own backyard before you set out to clean others.

      4. ghadey vikram why are you changing the issue. I can guess you are definitely not Indian.. Just changing the issue. Currently, India is not facing problem due to Christian missionary but because of people who get sad when Osama was killed. Who comes in more than 50000 when a terrorist was given death sentence in India. We are sufferring from same problem Germany/Europe is facing.. We get millions of illegal Bangladeshi (who are muslim). Now, they have started making their own rules asking for Sharia in India.. They govern vote banks and now Bengal has become anti-hindu or anti-logic. Germany seculars are doing same mistake Indian seculars did and we are paying the cost.. So, they will.. Please learn from our mistake. Don’t let them come there otherwise one day you guys will have no freedom of speech and your generation will be wipe out.. Choice is yours.. You have full right to ask your govt. why it is using your tax money for people who don’ respect your laws. and your culture… Better then that I advise you to bring more skilled labour.. Atleast they will help in making Germany/Europe better… India has become messed, don’t make your Germany a mess. Wake up…

  6. no way ever in a million years would I make my children cover up their arms and legs, if I were the parents of these German children , I would take them out of the school until this crazy head teacher was sacked , I would send my child into school in what clothes I wanted them to wear , just to make a statement, this will never happen to British schools in my area , we wouldn’t stand for it plain and simple!……if the refugees don’t like it what are they doing living there, they should be grateful they are allowed in anyway, talk about cheek!

    1. LOL are you kidding? There was a child rape ring uncovered recently in Britain run by Muslims or “asian males” as your media likes to call them and nobody did anything.

        1. India was exploited and used as a ‘cash cow’. Every country colonised by the british was done so under the wrong assumption that they are making it better. You may assuage the guilt of slaughtering and enslaving humans by dehumanising them and believing you uplifted them, but the truth remains Britishers were nothing but looters and theives. Perhaps muslims too believe they will make Europe better by sneakily or aggressively invading. So many britishers converting to Islam. Soon we will probably get to see how that works out for the majority. Every self-righteous bigot thinks they have the priveledge to ‘rule’ by imposing their ways over others and calling it ‘progress’. All I can say is karma will play its role and we would all like to hear the tune you sing then.

          1. Why would it be my karma? You could say that british working classes were also exploited to create the british empire. In the industrial north at the heart of the industrial revolution the working man/womans life expectancy was short and brutal. The ruling classes exploited the poor in our country too

  7. It is very disheartening to see the German sheep welcoming their butchers; the European, in general, think that they have achieved godly status in their journey of the progress of civilization, but what they forgot is the other world still isn’t there. Indeed, good intentions and well wishes won’t be enough, I’m afraid, for the German girls to avoid been getting raped, gangraped, when the potential preparators already know, for the maximum they would be going to be jailed someplace with better facilities than their hometowns.

    With this, the Europe is going to be remembered as, a pack of once glorious nations, whose liberal/left politicians imported votes to prolong their reign, as they fed their country to wolves.

  8. Wtf!!!! Y is that girls should cover themselves??? If syrians cannot control themselves…here the problem is not with clothes but the problem with syrian mentality. .!!!!

  9. disgusting!…given a safe haven and the arrogance they feel no need to conform to that country’s way of life !…send them back to fend for themselves.

    1. this has been going on for a long time already. Almost 20 years ago when I visited home they already were worried in a neighboring city whether they would be able to open a Grammar school for the next school-year since they were accommodating refugees in there. My family was especially pissed off since the refugees were not allowed to work for 2 years during the process of their residency-application but got housing, food and money and they were worried that if I would come back home money-less (due to a natural disaster like hurricane….) they would be forced to accommodate me, feed me and help me back on my feet. During my visit there was also a newspaper article from another city that refugees were on strike, destroying their housing because they didn’t like the food they were served. In the shopping area you had old ladies sitting on the ground with their grand-children begging, not the Germany I had been used to.

  10. So its the religion of peace and tolerance, but the country that so generously took them in yard alter their lifestyle to adhere to antiquainted values of the “refugees”? Sounds like those muslims are really tolerant.

  11. History will remember how Islam conquered Europe, not through war but through refugees. But by then the key decision makers will all be gone. And their generation will face the wrath of their plain stupid decisions…

    1. History is written by the victors. It will not state anything about Europes former glory. The comment about left/liberals feeding their country to the wolves in exchange for votes to hold onto temporary power was extremely accurate. ALL over the world there is a strange ” my enemies enemy is my friend ” thing going on don’t you think ? How do Secular activists , find themselves aligned with these ISIS type organizations that absolutely hate the “West” as we knew it. Their commonality seems to be destroying Judeo-Christian based political stability. Only difference is one is completely dominated by the secular the other completely by their religious ideology. If the Good , decent , people in these countries do not get politically active , stand up for the way of life we have now , and take a stand for what we have been given as a legacy by our forefathers. There will soon only be the two choices above. I still believe most people don’t want either. Time will tell , and the moment for action is now if WE want to write the history.

  12. Welcome to the New World Order and the amalgamated EU. No more France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, etc.; just one vast mongrel non-identity dedicated to assimilating, as long as the assimilation is according to Islam and Sharia.

    Tell them to go home if they prefer their own culture and are inclined toward raising hell with their hosts who don’t hold hold the same twisted views.

    I’d like to see them try their crap in Texas cowboy country. Most of our women have carry permits and would ventilate any Muzz trying anything funny. Europe has lost both its backbone and common sense.

    1. youre correct sir time will come this refugees will act like masters and bite the hands of those people or host country that gives them the chance to live peacefully, thats the 1000 year horizon their plan is now comin into reality the islamization of europe and the west, this is the results of too much democracy,leniency and too accomodating without considering that their norms and values is totally different from yours, because what is allowed and legal in western culture is a taboo in muslim culture eample what will happen to your women walkin alone at night near the refugee come who wore shorts and tshirts? most likey she will be molested or raped what happen next when they gain foothold and citizenship in your country ? next that will happen they will demand for a sharia court and rights to practice their religion and forcefully impose to others their way of life wiyhout respectin the rights and culture of the host country that adopted them.PREPARE FOR THE WORST AND BLAME IT ON YOUR GOVT. AND POLITICIANS.

  13. Great Germany!!!! You have bought your downfall. Congrats!!!
    I am from india. I know how these people operate. Your culture will die in 25 years and you will be their slaves soon.

  14. The US created this problem, If Europe had any self respect, they would ask the US to take all Moslem asylum seekers and refugees

      1. I agree, why aren’t their muslim cousins stepping up to take them in? I can see women and children being allowed in but why aren’t these young men fighting for their freedom instead of running away?

  15. I think that Europe is on the brink of a serious problem with these Muslims, when they get their way so early in play, the will demand more and more until there is nothing left to give them and then they will start killing Christians and that will become a fact of life and who do we blame, doddery politicians who have gone past their sell by dates.
    I am not against the Muslim people in a Muslim country where their needs are already being catered for by the population already there and they wont have to adjust, they are the same religion and culture, so why are the richer Muslim countries not stepping up to take in these Muslim ones and Europe can take the Christian ones and then there wont be as much potential for disaster in a year or two.
    It’s strange that 90% of the refugees per say are all young men, this is going to be a recipe for disaster in the near future, it will cost Germany much more than money for this error of judgement.

    1. Unfortunately true. The current generation of decision makers and policy makers have no true interest in the big picture for the subsequent generations. Since Muslim culture is so resistant to changes and accomodation they end up becoming an issue and testing the tolerance of those around them. There is going to be some sort of ‘reaction’ , we just dont know how this will play out 10-20 years down the line.

  16. Here we go, Islamic refugees taking over already in Germany. It’s the immigrants who are supposed to behave themselves and change and adapt to western culture and not for us to change to their culture. The refugees will be fine once settled in and have brought in a few new religious practices, laws and changed some. Europeans will get used to the new kids on the block 😉 just don’t argue with the changes.. I live in Cloud Cuckoo as you may have guessed. 🙁

    Since we have had these refugees dumped in our midst we should at least get them to agree how they will behave in a civilized western society in case they say nobody told us these rules.

    Please sign that you agree…. Crossing of fingers is not allowed.
    How to behave in a civilized society
    1 no chopping limbs off and especially heads.
    2 A Knife and fork, not Fu*k is for eating with not time for sex with who you fancy tonight.
    3 No stoning people to death
    4 No discrimination of women
    5 No criticizing of us, it’s our hands that are feeding, sheltering and clothing you all
    6 Gay people should not be thrown off tall buildings, respect their human rights
    7 Please learn our language and get a job to pay for yourselves.
    8 Children are not allowed to marry until 16yrs, neither shall you rape kids or anyone
    9 Praising terrorist attacks if they happen will result in prison or deportation to America
    10 Promise to be good citizens, obey our laws.
    Amen. Alluh Akbar etc. etc.

  17. It is foolish to compare these invading migrants with WWII refugees. They were all Europeans. But these migrants are Muslims. Muslims have an agenda – to Islamize occupied countries. The ancestors of present day Turkey were Christians.
    The death of a toddler has given a wrong feeling without realizing the fact that hundreds of toddlers are being killed by ISIS, Boko Haram and in war zones, including Ukraine. These toddlers could have been kept at home, like so many millions who remain in their own countries. Even in Mosul’ people live there even after it came under ISIS a year ago. Why migrants are not going to Russia and China? Moscow and Beijing know the dangers of allowing immigrants into their countries. Video images show that all the migrants are quite healthy and strong. It is quite evident there is no starvation in their countries. But they are lured into Europe by Merkel and other EU leaders who announce their plans to accommodate them. It is because of this allurement, migrants swarm into Europe,, unlike others who remain in their own countries, and in this process dead children are washed on the shore. Merkel is to be blamed for this tragedy. Why wealthy Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE are not welcoming the migrants? If Ban ki-Moon pretends to show interest in the migrants, he can send the migrants to his own country, South Korea. Merkel and some EU leaders are traitors. They are ruining their own countries. These migrants will soon destabilize European economy and cosmopolitan culture. They are not migrants but disguised invaders. What will be the demographic landscape of Europe after 15 years? With planned parenthood, gay, lesbian marriages, abortion, soaring divorce rate, singles, European population has been steadily declining. But for Muslims, production of children is a ritual – a jihad. Population explosion of Muslims will make Europeans minority in their own countries. It is a matter of time for migrants to become owners of Europe

  18. I think people are missing the point. I think this headteacher has realised that there is a horde of potential rapists right next to their school and are trying to protect their students the only way they can. However, I would suggest that if they are aware of the “misunderstandings” that can occur, why are they not getting police to survey them? Instead of subduing their citezens, watch the refugees like a hawk. Show them that they are welcome to help them, but they are not allowed to run riot and act as they please. This is not their home, it’s not their culture. If they want refuge, they appreciate the difference.

    N.B. anyone who calls rape a “misunderstanding” is practically dumbing down how vile it is and making it easier to get away with. Rape is NOT a misunderstanding.

    1. I agree, but I think the headmaster is clever enough to recognise the danger and yet smart enough to euphemise the situation, without directly ‘accusing’ or inciting anyone. But the point is correct, this ‘threat’ needs to be addressed at a larger scale. Refugees will need to recognise they have to play by the rules or be kicked out. Culture is what is most going to be affected, more than anything. People will soon learn to factor threats, which they didnt, earlier, and will change their behaviour and expressions. I hope that is not the case. But these are 2 opposing cultures.


    1. Shout away David, I agree. It will be no better for them so long as they cling to their Barbaric ways. Rape is barbaric. The problem is not the clothing, the problem is the sense of entitlement to take that which another possesses and claim that it is part of a religious belief. It is nothing but an excuse to do what they do. Women are objectified worldwide, but few are as diminished as human beings as those who are subjected to Sharia Law. When Sharia Law becomes my reality I will wholesale slaughter those who try to force me and mine to that. We claim we give women a voice, rights and control of their own bodies and minds but allow those who practice Sharia to be a part of an enormous group forcing us to make changes for them as opposed to “this life sucks, lets go find a better way of life” They do not want to be rescued, if you reach out and take their hand they will drag you down with them. They don’t want out, they want you to join them in their barbaric misery!

      1. Sharia law is brutal, cruel, premeditated murder that is designed to keep women from ever being the sovereign equal to men. Instead of embracing the gifts, the balance, the healing and the help that the feminine would bring to the table, you degrade women, force them to hide their beauty and grace, and then blame them for the truly heinous acts of men. You will stand in a righteous and Divine judgment that you cannot even imagine one day, you men who practice Sharia law. You will bow your head in shame.

  20. When will Western politicians grow a pair. We are allowing Islamists to ruin the Western countries and the only way to stop it is by discontinuing all Immigration from Islamic countries And we must Stop Changing our culture for Islamists.

  21. This is not (exactly) an Islamic invasion, rather, it is a Modern, Humanist invasion.

    It’s been the case for decades; it is just increasing in its scale.

    The goal is to enforce humanist ideologies (a derivative of Judeo-Christian sect) within a racially-mixed population (Negroids, Asiatics, Orientals, Europeans). Citizens will be lowered to an economic utility, and identity shall be connected to sub-cultures within the Modern climax, rather than race, sex, ethnicity etc. – ideologies connected and revolving to nature (including human nature) for example.

    Yes, there are connotations to this, because race and behavior are intrinsically connected, however, Modern Law will still prevail, and strengthen in its rigidity.

    Seeing as half of the European males and females out there are hardcore hedonists and humanists, who the fuck are you protecting?

  22. No, don’t send them to the US. We have enough problems already with our government (read president) mollycoddling them and giving in to their wants and needs. They have figured out how to use our laws against us to gain what freedoms they want from us…such as establishing sharia in many of our communities with our cities doing nothing to stop it, taking holidays out of our schools or renaming them because they don’t like them, forcing stores through lobbying to provide “halal” food, etc. Our own citizens do not have the rights that these “immigrants” from Islamic countries have, or any other immigrant in our country. Many of us are sick of it but our senators, representatives, etc. do not listen to us.

  23. That was a vulgar ending. My apologies.. Ignorance is frustrating.

    In a way, when German females sleep with Syrian males, that is emasculating.

    Good luck. Germany is full of beauty.

    1. Islam has built in programs to proliferate indiscriminately and they do have ultimate ambitions of ‘global domination’. EVen though they are pipe dreams, currently. They may just be true in the next decade or so. The Islamic culture is very resistant to any change or accomodation for others, because they are convinced of being the most ‘pious’, however they work that out. This is happening in Britain and many other countries.

  24. Ok so what is wrong with stating that all healthy males will be sent back to train and help defend their homes and homeland from those bent on destruction. ALL of those deemed refugees shall remain only until their land is free and safe to return to and then they have 6 months to arrange their return home. Any of these people who object to the German, French, Dutch and British ways of living in those countries, need LEAVE now. It is not up to the natives of these countries to change any of their customs or ways of behavior: it is up to the newcomer to accept and adapt to the customs of that countries citizens.

  25. While these “refugees” are a guest in any other country, they should be thankful for the help they are receiving. These “guests” should be kept on a VERY short leash and anyone of them that breaks our laws should be deported right back to their homeland…immediately and without further consideration. That will send a very clear message that their bullshit will NOT be tolerated!!

  26. This is BS!! Why don’t they run to the EU for refuge where they can keep islamic respect alive? Wheres the respect and tolerance for others? Are they trying to convert the countries gving them safety by forcing Sharia laws? I cannot respect that because Europe is Europe.It’s a progressive society with modern 21st century thinking where women have rights.It’s in no way an oppressive continent but will turn into one if this continues.It’s not some stuck civilization trying to indoctrinate others.It’s absurd. What next..German girls must cover their hair/faces? Where does it stop?? They should run to muslim countries and leave the modern Europeans in peace.Why are these schools even accepting this nonsense? What about the rights of the original citizens?And we wonder why the European countries are not willing to accept them.They are not willing to adapt and accept/respect other peoples rights and religions but are happy and eager to force theirs on everyone else.Germans stop allowing this madness!! It’s not racism.It’s your culture and freedom at risk. It’s your rights as well.Send them back to Syria!


  27. It is a disgrace that we allow muslims to dictate to us how we should behave. It is a matter of respect for another country’s culture to accept that country’s way of life. They have no right to undermine the rights of the citizens of any country and impose their own backward laws, traditions, dress code or way of life and any civilised country which does cow tow to muslims should hang their heads in shame.

  28. Unbelievable, how come Germany government change their culture to welcome Muslims Refugees. Same as Hong Kong. As time goes by, i believe that Germany people must against these Muslims Refugees. Culture, living, language, religions is totally different. Revolution will happened in Germany inside.

    1. Lol. Germany was relatively peaceful until now. Welcome to the club. After settling down will ask for permission to build some mosques. One common thing about all Muslims is they will never have allegiance to any country apart from Islam whatever support the country may provide. In over one to two year time, you will learn a lot about their functioning.

      In one word you are SCREWED

  29. A mix of reeducation and other measures killed the soul of my countrymen. The German political Elite follows the orders of the US administration, which is being strongly influenced by Zionists. The path to a NWO means destruction of all Whites. Will Americans wake up or are they just as lethargic as the my countrymen.

  30. unless they are all deported Europe will be breeding countless generations of Islamists, they will take over the MEP seats and national parlements.

  31. क्या इसका मतलब यह है कि मुसलमानों को पनाह देना मतलब आस्तीन में सांप पालना !
    (does this mean giving refuge to muslims is like digging your own grave)

  32. I’m going to say this. The west is troubled. White woman and men now live In fear like Paris, london, Sweden and many other countries that are dominated by non educated migrants and there violent and dogmatic ways. There is no answer as they seek refuge but then are to quick to forget where they came from and why they fled.

    It truly is a double edged sword.

    You can scold me for my honesty but there ways have penetrated most of the EU now and it is getting worse. To me this is a sad and disturbing fact. I know many younger, non secular families that have moved out of fear from London and Paris. People are being attacked and raped for not adhering to there ways, it is such a sad dilemma. yes it is primarily the hostile nature of extremists, from what I’ve seen, primarily Muslim. I am sure there are many who are as passive as I but it is always the loudest bark that is heard.
    I don’t want to start a battle field about this post there is enough of that going on. I am just voicing my opinion and speaking as truthfully as I can.

  33. wow talk about a country that bends within minutes to somebody’s beliefs……i would dare for somebody to tell me to cover up in my own country……s**t would go down real quick

  34. Thats bull. Its German land and German law. If the refugees don’t like the laws they can always go back to where they came from.

  35. Shoot every damn rapist……it would drastically reduce the number of re-offenders and keep the rapists from terrorizing people. Modest clothes are not going to keep a rapist at bay. If they cannot learn to control themselves then stop them from damaging others lives. NOTE, I indicate ALL rapists regardless of color, creed, or religious belief. Nothing quite like a stack of dead rapists to curb the problem.
    We have given up our traditions, our way of life for others, what are they giving up in return? A patch of sand? We now have to go to a “Festival” to celebrate our Heritage instead of enjoying our Heritage every day of our lives? Who made these rules? A school is more likely to have a Hindu celebration in Canada than a Christmas concert? If they can wear a mask over their faces like a bank robber than I declare I should be allowed to wear revealing clothing. If it is illegal for me to walk into a bank with my face covered then it should be illegal for EVERYONE. We give up far too much to coddle the immigrants. They need to consider to each his own. Learn the rules of the land you chose to flee to. Accept that we are all different, and that who we are can be accepted and left to be, not governed out of us. We did not do the things that brought them to our country, but they do not hesitate to demand our changes. What are we going to have of ourselves in 30 years? I know in the last 30 years my heritage has been all but snuffed out. My traditions have been changed to what some other person who came from some other country might not take offence to. I will never say anything less than MERRY CHRISTMAS, and I will fight to show my grandchildren that who they are and what our traditions are matter.

    1. Well, I cannot say anything else, but that I agree with you. But u know, reality is different: they will not kill a rapist bc it’s against the law. They will not teach them to restrain from the instinctual animal primitive attack on a woman bc this will mean ” to impose your civilised culture on the barbaric one” and they will not accept it. And anyway it’s difficult and takes a lot of time. So they do the easiest and most stupid thing by forcing the girls to cover up. It’s even silly to call this ” modest clothing”. It’s not about modesty, it’s about hiding a female body so the animal instinct from the young male will not wake up when he sees you. But it will happen anyway, as they are over 90% young strong males and have no poor women of their own to control. …

  36. Well, this is one of the benefits of arab migration to Europe. Their behavior is like animals for the European world, but for them, it is something normal, it is a victory against those, they think, caused their migration. My question is, why the Europeans, are so happy to compassion this kind of so-called refugees, if they realy, have nothing to do with this status?

  37. I will wear what i damn well please too regardless if this offends them. Its my human right. Im tired of everyone feeling sorry for them and preaching that they have human rights, well so do we

    1. If they believe these people to be capable of raping or assaulting anyone then what the hell are they doing letting them in the EU. It almost killed me to write EU as im dead set against it altogether.

  38. Read this News article from Canada:

    Muslim parents have demanded the abolition of pork in all the school
    canteens of a Montreal suburb. It seems it is offensive to the Muslim
    families and shows much disrespect.
    The mayor of the Montreal suburb of Dorval, has refused, and the town
    clerk sent a note to all parents in the municipality to explain why.
    The following is what the note stated:
    “Muslims must understand that they have to adapt to Canada and
    Quebec, its customs, its traditions, its way of life, because that is
    where they chose to immigrate. They must understand that they have to
    integrate and learn to live in Quebec. They must understand that it is
    for them to change their lifestyle, not the Canadians who so
    generously welcomed them.”
    “They must understand that Canadians are neither racist nor
    xenophobic, they accepted many immigrants before Muslims (Whereas the
    reverse is not true, in that ALL Muslim states do not accept
    non-Muslim immigrants.).
    “They must also understand that, no more than other nations, Canadians
    are not willing to give up their identity nor their culture. And if
    Canada is a land of welcome, it is not just the Mayor of Dorval who
    welcomes foreigners, but the Canadian-Quebecois people as a whole. “
    “Finally, they must understand that in Canada (Quebec) with its
    Judeo-Christian roots, Christmas trees, churches and religious
    festivals, religion must remain in the private domain. Therefore, the
    municipality of Dorval was right to refuse any concessions to Islam
    and Sharia.”
    “For Muslims who disagree with secularism and do not feel comfortable
    in Canada, there are 57 beautiful Muslim countries in the world, most
    of them under-populated and ready to receive them with open halal arms
    in accordance with Shariah law. If you left your country for Canada,
    and not for other Muslim countries, it is because you have considered
    that life is better in Canada than elsewhere. So, ask yourself the
    question, just once, “Why is it better here in Canada than where you
    come from?”
    “A canteen with pork is part of the answer.”
    If you feel the same about this subject, please share,

  39. When I go to a different cultured country I don’t expect them to accommodate my beliefs and previous life style. I have to accommodate with what they have. WTF people? It is racist that we don’t want to make their way, but it is normal for us them not to make our way, no racism there. WTF? Our politicians know exactly what they are doing, I am sure of this…

    1. Yes, maybe the politicians are fully aware of what they are doing. It’s called the Coudenhove Kerlegi plan. Look it up.

      1. At last, someone else who knows about it! I think Angela Merkel (having won the award previously) is on shedule to win it again with her 800,000 refugees a year proposal

  40. WHY would you change! It’s Your country!!!! Carry on the way you have!
    Anyone entering should have respect for Your culture!
    Slippery slope! They’ll be running your country before you know it!!!!

  41. Germans should know that each country in the middle east has a different way a bit in Islam, yes they’re Muslims but im Syria it wasn’t frowned upon to show some skin, it’s not Saudi Arabia

  42. Because everyone who stands up against this sickening changes is called a Nazi.This leads to people calling off friendships and even makes employers to fire people.
    freedom of speech is a myth.

  43. its plain and simple your own government and politicians put its own people at risk thats why you should prepare for the worst time will come this refugees will gain foothold in your own country and they will demand to the overnment about their rights to practice their religion,customs and way of life up to the point dictating the government of that host country, instead they should follow the customa and way of life of that host country what will happen is the other way around they should influence and forcefully impose what they want. that would be the result of too lenient stand against migration from other country whose religious and cultural practice is different

  44. Wake up Europeans,don’t let these so called refugees rule ur country….they are so annoying send them back! Europe don’t need them they are just terrorising the country and most of them are setting pretty waiting for benifits

  45. Here’s a thought….. I work overseas a LOT and when I come to your country I adjust to meet your local customs and standards.
    Well guess what! YOU are in MY country now, so it’s YOUR turn to adjust or go the hell home!

  46. Screw that! If they come to this country they should abide by the country’s customs and not have it be the other way around. I’ll be sure to greet them while in a bikini and show them my feet! They don’t like it….they can always go back to Syria. There’s no reason to change just because they came here

  47. yup… change your culture… your way of life… your country for them… (all pun and sarcasm intended) … then please check the story about those people shouting at allahuakbar on trains, stealing an old lady’s car, and throwing of feces to buses… then ask your leaders again…

  48. Kindness and hospitality are commendable but I hope your nation practices caution…if the refugees are unable to respect your freedom of choice including how much clothing to wear or not (but just as long as it’s legal), then they have no right to be in your country

  49. are you guys drunk ? put them back on the boat send them home and let them figure it out. either they’re going to change and become one of Us and live are away or go home and live your way. either which way our society should not have to change to accommodate them they’re coming to our countries they need to change their beliefs if they want to live in our countries they should live by our beliefs not their own their beliefs did not work for them in their country so why should we be changing hours to their’s are countries are just going to end up polluted and corrupt like there’s

  50. Think this is going to be a problem? Here we go, more accommodations for the interlopers.
    Angela will rue the day she opened the borders and let God knows who in.
    Unless we are going to vet them really carefully, we too will rue the day we let them in. We haven’t even solved our current immigration problems, without adding more.

  51. First lets get one thing straight everything all the people above mentioned is a big lie that is brained washed into all the westerners. I am a muslim and my religion tells us not to harass women, rape them, or harm anyone. so what people doing there is just rape not related to religion or culture no different than one other religion, or race, or culture person committing these horrible crime. we do not think anyone is beneath us or lesser to us we were taught by our religion all humans, and religions and in fact all life are sacred, and valuable. we do not ow the right to change anyone. we just live in peace, and harmony and practice our culture in a manner that doesnt conflict with our kin brothers and sisters. my Wife is from europe we been together for 6 years she dress, and practice her religion freely and wears bikini, and everything. Our religion ISLAM means Peace read the true words of god in the Quran its the same god that Christains, and Jewish believe in. so what makes you think our religion will be so horrible. every crime committed in the name of god is bullshit and will answer to god for using his name to do vile things. these people running simply because they seek refugee from these people that call them self muslims and try to wipe out the true muslims so only there brand of what islam is left, and the rich arabic country is the number one source of perverting what islam is they come to our countries SYRIA fuck our women, and treat us as lesser and go back to their country learn the true story before condemning your fellow human.

  52. > Why did the migrants choose west over Islamic Sharia law following countries in the middle east.
    > Does this mean they do not wanna be with muslim countries cos they do not like it there? or they dont believe in the so called fanatical absurdity
    > Feels bad for EUrope- 10-15 years down the line the rich European culture will be wiped out and mosques every corner and people in burqa and wierd scents roaming around in Berlin to vienna.
    > Just to get to more people under the age of 30 and make the country progressive Germans could have invited skilled labor and not migrants who would be a potential ISIS agent or terrorist in the years to come. These youth could be brain washed and used against the west.
    > Already this articles sends out a strong message. its gonna effect the free movement of Germans and dressing.
    God save Europe. I am from India and we have some of the best muslims in the world. Buy Syrians and Iraqis and the Algeria will be threat to the country.
    > Please save Syrian Christians and Jews who are minorities.

  53. What really bother me is the censorship of all discussions which are not correct with European countries’ governments policy or rather say politicians business. I live in Poland and most of people here don’t want such a ‘refugees’ (I mean health, well-built, aggressive men) in our country or even in Europe. It’s really hard to call them refugees – where are the children, women, old people, disables etc.? Most of people here agree that we should support those people to solve the problem in their own country if they need it and want to accept but we shouldn’t open our doors for them. The problem is the media in my country start to censor our opinions, even if they are not racist just only say about our concerns for the future existence of our culture and safety of our children. The police even start to arrest those who say loudly what they mean. It’s a danger for our, European’s right of freedom of speech. The government to give some people who want ‘refugees’ here consent to organise the demonstration and at the same time they undo the consent for the antidemonstration.
    What really bother me politicians don’t listen to those who pay their salaries. Of course they always do that 😉 but now the thing is about the future of our European’s culture.

  54. Rape is not a misunderstanding. Those men are human. They can read people as well as anyone. They aren’t just following the girls and “bothering them without realizing”. That is a ludicrous statement. The weight of responsibility is on the refugee to learn and respect the culture that has taken them in. The first thing that should be made acutely clear to these men is that they are not in their country and that they are to respect the culture here, or go back to Syria. Period. To put the burden of protection on the women is no different than the oppressive patriarchal society that is making such measure seem necessary.

  55. They come to our contries. So they have to accommodate to our lows and sociaty. If they rape, or even try – they have to go to jail. And that is it. They are free to go back or to some Islamic country.

  56. This raping of women is nothing unusual it has been happening in England for years and our politions have been covering this up. We white girls are just a commodity that they can throw away. While of course there own little darlings remain safe. But we have leaders who think we are PLEBS which is low life.They are frightened of RIVERS OF BLOOD which came from one of our old polititions. The muslims have already been celebrating here that they already have middle Britain. Their children have already beaten up an old man walking his dog and punched a woman who told their child to stop using bad language. and terrorise people out of their homes the crimes angainst whit people are mostly covered up.

  57. Here is a thought. Arms sales have skyrocketed in the ME but there is no increase in the level of war against Isis. What are these Islamic countries planning on doing with their large armies and powerful weaponry? Is it just for defense? Large numbers of young Muslim men are migrating into the heart of Europe and establishing themselves in tight Islamic communities to be available to the service of Allah when the Islamic states decide to invade Europe. How will Europe stop them from taking control of nuclear warheads and blackmailing any country who does not convert to Islam with nuclear destruction. Europe has no will to prevent unarmed masses invading their countries and the result will be worldwide cataclysm. When susceptible infrastructure is destroyed overnight, and chaos and riots appear out of no where what will political leaders do to defend the helpless non Muslim population. Islamists will be well armed, and supported and once the political elite give up because they have no plan against the ‘Trojan horse’ planted in their midst, it will be convert or die. What will Obama’s response be to an Islamic invasion? Will he rush to protect Western allied states? I see him standing by and pretending he had no idea this could happen, then stating ‘I have no plan’.

  58. As practiced today, the hijra strategy is an important part of a covert, pre-violent “civilization jihad” pursued by the Muslim Brotherhood. The UN High Commission on Refugees – which, like the rest of the United Nations, is dominated by the dictates of the Islamic supremacist organization known as the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) – is complicit in the process of bringing Muslim refugees to America. Interestingly, no Muslim refugees are ever resettled in wealthy, low-population density Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia.

  59. I would let my daughter dress how ever she wanted and give her some pepper spray to use on the first muslim bot that bothered her about how she dressed. They need to remind these people that they are guest and need to adapt how they view things and not force others to adapt to their dark age mentality. Problem is, most of the men are probably isis and are using this as an easy way to get into other countries. Let wealthy arab countries welcome them, that way there is no culture change needed.

  60. The wealthy Arab states don’t want them. Only 20 percent are coming from Syria. The others, mostly men of military age are coming from other countries and/or refugee camps. This is an invasion pure and simple. The goal is to eventually take over, as was stated by a Muslim cleric to a Catholic priest at an Inter-faith breakfast, “By your democracies we will invade you, by our religion we will dominate you. ” Make no mistake, this is the ultimate end game. Too bad Europe no longer has leadership like Charles Martel to push this problem back to the countries of the Middle East.

    1. Going back to WWII when Japan nearly destroyed the U.S. Navy, America was put in a very vulnerable threat to our national security. If Americas government hadn’t taken extreme measures America could have very likely been put under a Japanese regime and lost all our freedoms we have enjoyed since obtaining our freedom from England.
      Moving forward to what is going on in the world today with all the illegal aliens “invading” America and European countries it puts America and Europe in great danger of retaining the freedoms and rights offered in their countries.
      Since these South Americans, Mexicans and Middle Eastern “invaders” are demanding the countries they are “invading” change their basic country principles and beliefs it is very obvious to me these “invaders” are not moving from their home countries for freedoms not offered in their home country. These people are moving into countries in the world community to overcome and conquer these countries for total world domination and control by a “World Order” under control of the extremely radical and controllable rule by the wealthy and controlling regimes in the world.
      I feel if American and European countries don’t take control of these “invaders” and enforce the basic rights and beliefs of their own countries they will loose their citizens and countries freedoms many fought, defended and died for.
      Russia has actually taken advantage of the situation in the Middle East and as a result has “unofficially” declared war in the Middle East to place these countries under Russian control. (This is Russia’s ultimate goal) NATO the United Nations as well as major power countries has done absolutely nothing to address this issue. Therefore, major power countries must have bought into this creation of “One World Order” under a “Dictator type Regime”….!!!!
      America and Major European Powerful countries had better “UNITE” and join military forces together to address and terminate this threat to the free world countries or the freedoms and beliefs of these free world countries will be lost forever.

      1. Sorry Bob but our democratic western countries are run by a bunch of left wing pussies who would rather bend over for their heads to be cut off by a Jihadi then stand up and defend western culture , the games up.

  61. This is war and the spoils of war is rape , Germany should remember this when 3 million women were raped by the Victorious Red Army ..

  62. Rick Nash · University of Toronto
    Mr.Justin you want to airlift muslim refugees did you see what happened in paris ?

    All fanatic Islamists should be confined to their region only and not allowed to move anywhere in the world. World should unite to deny them VISA. Develop alternatives of petrol and diesel
    So all non muslims around the world can live in peace and harmony these people bring bad name to all other emigrants who work their Ass off pay their taxes and obey the rules of the country who chose to move and live happily with their customs and the people of the country these muslim fanatics oppose everything
    why come here and disturb lives of nonmuslims living peacefully here We know they came here because they were poor but once they are seteled Muslims start to show their true colours Let in all non muslims into the western world who were affected by Fanatic muslims not These fanatic muslimsAnd what are the rich muslim country doing to help they are the same people right muslims why should rest of the world help while nothing is being done by their own rich muslim neighbours and why the refugees do not go there?

  63. I can see it now, a 10 yr old going to a gym class gets raped. The police, her therapist, or any other gov’t worker. Will say to the victim “this was not a rape, simply a miss understanding. You are partly to blame for wearing your gym outfit on a hot day. Once you become more compationate, & understanding of our immigrants you will be fine, simply trust us, you were not raped, was a simple misunderstanding.” I guess as a dad my gov’t has our best interests. I to will side with our left wing, socialists, what would happen if they impregnate her? Do not tell me, they will give rapest visitation rights. Who knows with a crazy far left wing socialists …..since your preggy…this constitutes marriage. Yes, women open game, to sexually satisfy our new immigrants.

  64. I kept reading comments like “refugees should go back to their country; if they don’t like it they should go back, etc. It is not about them, it is about Europeans who do nothing, fore Europeans doing nothing to same their culture means they don’t deserve their continent. Europeans are weak. WEAKNESS CAUSES PROBLEMS. Europeans deserve to end up in a museum.

  65. I kept reading comments like “refugees should go back to their country; if they don’t like it they should go back, etc.” It is not about them, it is about Europeans who do nothing, fore Europeans doing nothing to same their culture means they don’t deserve their continent. Europeans are weak. WEAKNESS CAUSES PROBLEMS. Europeans deserve to end up in a museum.

  66. Third world boys and young men in an industrialized country need to learn to follow the legal and cultural dictates of their host country. If they even attempted to talk to girls or women in their own countries, they would be beaten with canes. We need to use canes on them here so that they’ll feel right at home.


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