German Govt: 3.6m Invaders by 2020

The German government today voted in new asylum “rules” which it claims will restrict family reunifications for “rejected asylum seekers”—while at the same time its Economic Affairs ministry issued a report says that at least 3.6 million new invaders will enter the country by 2020.

Under the new rules, passed by 429 votes for and 147 against in the German Bundestag, the right to “family reunion” for rejected asylum seekers who still cannot be expelled because they “risk torture or the death penalty in their own country” will be “restricted.”


This is, of course, more nonsense from the Merkel regime. It is currently a rule that anyone under threat of “torture” in their home county qualifies for asylum anyway—and this means that the new “rule” has been created to address a situation which does not even exist.

It also reveals the accuracy of earlier predictions that it is the intention of the government to allow the current—and expected—set of invaders to get “family reunification” rights. This will result in the actual numbers of invaders in Germany increasing exponentially, as each “asylum seeker” is estimated to be able to bring anywhere between four and eight or more “family members” to Germany once they have qualified for asylum.

The Bundestag also approved a new “rule” which “lowers the hurdles” for the expulsion from Germany of any foreigner convicted of a crime. This is also nonsense, because it has already been shown that convicted foreigners are hardly ever expelled anyway, because the Third World nations from which they come either refuse to take them back or simply are incapable of receiving them.

Finally, the new “rules” also include a “speeding up” of the asylum application process, with the aim of quickly processing those nonwhites who had “little prospect of winning refugee status.”

Once again, this new “rule” is also meaningless, as almost none of these “economic migrants” as they are called, are sent back, for the same reason that the convicted criminals get to stay.

The rights to “family reunification” are significant because, according to a report in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, a new projection by the German Ministry of Economic Affairs has said that it expects approximately 3.6 million nonwhite invaders will have entered Germany by 2020.

This estimate confirms the projections made late last year by Professor Adorján F. Kovács from the Goethe-Universität at Frankfurt am Main, who said that there would be between three and four million “refugees” in Germany by 2020.

Professor Kovács went on to point out that each of these “refugees” would be allowed “family reunification” which would at the very least quadruple their numbers.

Because the majority of invaders are in the twenty to thirty-five year old age range, they, together with their “family reunification” numbers, would mean that by 2020, they will form an outright majority of people in Germany in that age group.

This would in turn mean that within one generation after that, Germany will become a majority nonwhite country, resembling the Middle East.

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  1. If Cologne is going to be New Casablanca, Koblenz can be New Algiers, Mainz New Tunis and so on to ensure that the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Territories and Peoples is not violated. And Article 2 assures the Moroccans, Algerian, Tunisian and people from Libya etc. have the right to self-determination; by virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.” without any molestation by the Germanic Barbarian marauding tribes.

  2. Oh, yeah! It’s all going downhill in a hurry and facilitated by laws intended for Germans being applied inappropriately, and wantonly, to invading Allah Aliens. German Patriots had better act soon to stop the Merkel-orchestrated chaos or alles ist kaput. . . No more Germany-at least not a recognizable one!

  3. Anyway, it would never get past the ‘European Court of Human Rights’ of which Germany is a member.
    The activist judiciary CAN and WILL uphold the ‘right’ to ‘family life’ ie meaning the ‘right’ to bring over the entire extended family to Germany.

  4. The German Government have got to be kidding…..allowing in all these rape-u-gees, plus their families……this is genocide of the German race as we know it….

    1. That is the plan…they will destroy the people with any sense and integrity then the zionists can rule them with impunity…Google it..!!!

  5. Also, don’t forget that once ensconced in Germany, ‘arranged marriages’ ie the continual importation of spouses from the ‘home’ country – this effect apparently lasts indefinitely as any Briton could tell you – WILL ensure permanent, massive exponential immigration into Germany.
    This will not end until the entire middle east has moved over to Germany.
    Mark my words.

    Angela Merkel is an old bag.

  6. Bsh*t! Over halfway already with the intake, and we’re only just into 2016. How about German politicians ousting Merkel, and doing a deal with the bundeswehr!

    1. German politicians have no balls as well they possess no brains. They will only think when they are permitted to do so. A sad case of national lobotomy.

  7. They are still making excuses and more or less accepting the migrants. That is tantamount to destruction of Germany in long term, so there must be a revolution against corruption.

  8. Yes Germany ,Angela Merkel is planning your EXTINCTION. There is nothing you can do about it. Get used to German women being raped and shut up about it.

  9. It beggars belief that European countries have meekly followed the EU dictat and their taxpayers have failed to demand an election based on a ‘vote of no confidence’ in their governments. The current families with children should be very worried about the future there is for them and their grandchildren, very worried.

  10. So many defeatists. Under NS rule in Deutschland, this was punishable by hanging. Fight back! Gang up and put the boot on the other foot. Show your metal.

  11. ‘This would in turn mean that within one generation after that, Germany will become a majority nonwhite country, resembling the Middle East.’ This might seem like scare mongering by right wing xenophobes but this is actually the conclusion of a reputable demographer. Despite information like this being provided in the German media not enough Germans are alarmed by this prospect to unseat the CDU from power in elections. The mentality of these sheeple baffles me.

    1. Xtremetic…l It baffles the whole world… except Germany, unbelievable. I am a shame I was born there and thank God I don’t live there anymore. Its is very sad!!!

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