German Green-Communists Want North Africans

The Green-communists in the German parliament have prevented an amendment being passed which would declare countries in North Africa “safe”—and thereby stop nonwhite invaders from that region claiming “asylum.”

The move to block nationals from Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia comes after it was shown that they are the perpetrators of the majority of sex attacks and street crime in Germany.


The nonwhite sex attack plague and street crime caused such a public uproar that even the pro-invasion German government decided to change the existing asylum legislation to declare the North African states—known as the Maghreb—as “safe countries of origin.”

However, when the amendment came before Germany’s upper house of parliament last Friday, the Green-communists voted against the legislation, effectively denying the government of the majority it needs to change the law.

A declaration that the Maghreb was “safe countries of origin” means that nationals from those states would have little chance of winning asylum in Germany.

The amendment has been going back and forth for several weeks, each time being sent back due to objections from Die Linke (“The Left”) party and the Greens. Die Linke are the direct descendants of the former East German communist party.

The latest attempt to push the amendment through the upper house failed after the Greens rejected the measure, saying that the “human rights situation in the three countries was poor,” and that homosexuals were discriminated against and journalists “faced censorship.”

Without the support of the Greens, the measure could not win approval in the upper house.

“We will try to hold new discussions on the subject in the coming days,” said Reiner Haseloff, member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union.

At least 30,000 nonwhite invaders from the Maghreb arrived in Germany last year, and only a very small number have been given asylum—mostly by falsely claiming to be homosexuals.

However, even those who have been denied asylum generally just remain in Germany because few carry identification documents and the Maghreb countries simply refuse to take them back.

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  1. I find it so hard to believe that there are people elected to represent their voters (who pay the taxes) can be so unpatriotic to the well being of their nation first and foremost. This proves beyond a shadow of doubt that the level of corruption within politics has reached heights that I never considered possible, and based on this wonderful site, it seems there is not one country within the EU that is not like it, including the UK.
    I feel for the next two/three generations across the whole of Europe, their country will disappear and called something totally different to what it is called today.

  2. The Green Party? Isn’t that the party (((Daniel Cohn-Bendit ))) belongs to. And isn’t he the one that reported that as a kindergarten teacher, “It happened several times, that a few children would open the fly of my pants and begin to stroke me.” And didn’t he also make reference to an “incredibly erotic game” he played with a five-year-old girl as he watched her undress and talked about the joys of wiping the children’s bums. And didn’t other members of the Party, such as the “Urban Indians” and the “Working Group” seek to liberalize and decriminalize sex with children. So listen, I don’t want to create panic here or anything, but if any of you North Africans claimed asylum as underage minors, you might be in for some cutlutral enrichment of your own! Just saying.

    1. It would appear that Germany / EU could do with a strong dose of Sharia Law. Nothing else will work. Goodbye Germany & the EU.

      When you do wake up please do not complain!

    2. my god that is so repulsive why is he still free these arse wipes think its normal I despair of so called humanity, even though I’m nearly seventy I feel very naive.

  3. German commies are obviously multi coloured green pinkos with yellow bellies and a multicultural bent.
    Friends of Merkel ?

  4. The countries refuse to take them back? Force them back! Germany is not obligated to keep them, and keeping them is the worst option for the German people.

  5. Germany is finished, and its all Merkel’s fault, you can’t allow over a million people into a country and not expect unrest and the majority of these illegals are only after housing and benefits, they have no intention of integrating or working.

    1. Well let’s not forget that many Germans voted for those parties. If not for the CDU ( Merkel party) than they voted for SPD, Greens, Die Linke ( openly communist successors) FDP, Afd ( another false Alternative and serving the Jewish interests) or the Pirates.
      And even now there a sufficient Germans who earn quite well and prefer to follow the political correct line.

      Materialism is a toxic virus for the mind and 76 years Jewish -Masonic Propaganda has left its mark on the Germans to that extent that many are so disconnected from their own heritage that they will never find back.

      That was part of the Re-education plan enforced by the Allied Powers.

      Btw the famous word Integration will also mean the destruction of the genetic heritage. There no so such thing as integration on this is large scale. That might work with individuals, but in general it is the disappearance of one group. As an example serves the Caribbean. Before the Arrival of Europeans there where Amerindians living on almost every island. With the upcoming Jewish-slave -traffic of Black Africans for centuries – the Amerindian populations have been replaced by Black Africans,Mulattos, Hispanics, Asians, and Europeans. The far dominating part are the Africans and Mulattos on many Islands.

      The original inhabitants have been “integrated” into all the other groups, as a consequence they also disappeared as a people.

  6. If they want to help these people they should run for office in there country. And not exploit white European Christian taxpayer money.

  7. The ‘green party’ is really former Marxists masquerading as environmentalists.

    Tell me how can any ‘environmentalist’ possibly advocate massive uncontrolled unlimited immigration?

  8. Amazing that fools in the electorate still vote these people in this man should be in jail alongside his friend merkel.I wonder how many of these north african countries have emptied their jails and took advantage of frau merkels invitation.

  9. I guess I’m just stupid. I cannot comprehend any of this. How can you actually WANT them as neighbors, not to mention going against the will of the citizens that elected you! I just don’t get it.

    1. No honey, you’re not stupid! Far from it. You’re in pain and confused because you are wide awake and aware of what is going on. Everyone who isn’t shocked and confused about the state of things right now is just a sleepwalker stumbling to their doom. Thank goodness we can comfort and reassure one another on sites like this otherwise we really would believe we are the ones who are insane, but who knows how long before they shut down the internet. My question is, with all the technical brillance of our people, why can we not come up with an alternate forum they cannot control?

      1. You talk about creating an alternative forum that they cannot control, but after being excluded from the internet Stormfront reopened on the TOR network and started work on transferring their forum there. It seemed to be technically challenging so I don’t know how far got.

  10. I take conservation seriously, and I resent & actively oppose SJW’s co-opting ecological science.

    Rewarding over-breeders by letting them overwhelm places where people breed responsibly is NOT “green” — tell the imposters immigration levels have to be sustainable just like anything else. Immigrants should have to agree to be sterilized as one condition for admission — if they refuse they are not “desperate” and we don’t owe them any further consideration.

  11. The mentality of the Greens and ex Communists with respect to bogus asylum seekers is hard to comprehend, but I interpret it as a misguided desire to champion the world’s poor and oppressed, while virtue signalling at the same time. This is the mentality of the Guardian newspaper and it’s readers in the UK with which I am familiar with.

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