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German Jews “Warn against AfD”

The Zentralrats der Juden in Deutschland (Central Council of German Jews, ZJD) has called for stronger action against the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), saying that Jews need to align themselves to Muslims and Gypsies against Germans who vote for that party.

ZJD president Josef Schuster made the remarks at the Jewish Community Day (jüdischen Gemeindetag 2016) in Berlin. The ZJD is the official representative body of all Jews in Germany.

According to a report in Die Zeit newspaper, Schuster also warned against AfD attempts to woo the Jewish vote by “falsely claiming friendship with Israel.”

This was a reference to the fact that some AfD politicians have dared to point out that all they want is immigration and border control policies which Israel already has.

Schuster and the ZJD—like all Jewish lobbies in Europe and America—fanatically support Israel’s policies, but equally fanatically oppose those same policies when white people want to emulate them.

Speaking at the Gemeindetag function, Schuster called upon “all Jews to raise their voices against right-wing populism.” The AfD is “gaining popularity in Germany,” he said, adding that that “party is based on division and exclusion.”

This is, of course, extremist hypocrisy. The AfD’s policies are nothing like those which Schuster-supported Israel enforces.

The AfD has not said, for example, that it would never allow refugees—unlike Israel; that it would outlaw marriages between Jews and non-Jews—unlike Israel; that it would restrict immigration only to those who could prove that they were genetically the same as Germans—unlike Israel, which as a Jews-only immigration policy; and the AfD has never proposed the drafting of laws to steal other peoples’ land—unlike Israel, which has now illegally seized vast areas of the West Bank for illegal Jewish settlements.

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“If feelings against Muslims or the so-called elites is generated, then sooner or later it is generated against Jews as well,” Schuster continued. “The Central Council of Jews has also always worked for the interests of other minorities such as Muslims or Sinti and Roma,” he added.

Schuster also attacked those who criticize Israel, saying that there was an increase in “unrestrained hate and injurious comments” about the Jewish ethnostate.

The German government was represented at the Gemeindetag by Federal Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU), who said that “Israel’s right to exist is unchangeably part of the German state.”

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  1. What a shower of hypocritical anti white ******** who are against those who stand up for the democratic rights of the German people.

  2. Ever since the end of WWII most of the problems across the world have been as a result of nations ‘kow-towing’ to the demands of the Jewish people and Israel. Their control over large areas of finance and media have prevented factual news reporting because they have the financial clout to prevent any form of media criticisng them. They represent the best definition of ‘HYPOCRISY’ that every one should remember.

  3. Are there really that many Jews in Germany. We’ve all been told that the holocaust reduced the population to almost zero.
    Merkel is obviously terrified that the AFD is going to wipe the floor with her CDU at the next election.
    Hilary is right it’s fake news,

  4. So as usual jews take the position of opposition to the majority group of their host nation. History repeating itself. Is this the 109th time? How far are they from declaring war on Germany by blocking exports to starve Germans to death a they did in 1933 ?. Newspaper headlines it was. Professional victims they always are. What a sorry never ending story. German Jewish students will soon be secretly painting swastikas on their accomodation doors stairwells gravestones defiled etc. Screaming their victim hood. Just to feel at home.They seem to need and want oppression.Revel in it .cant live without it.

    1. Yes, expulsion of Jews from Europe have been going on since the days of Carthage!
      Without fail… every time… they seriously outstay their welcome, and get the old heave-ho..

  5. Division and Exclusion are the cornerstones of the controlled opposition. It’s all very well practiced against the indigenous whites, but the boot must never be on the other foot, eh. Well, here’s the news oh glorious chosen, the boots are wearing thin, and the feet are still growing in strength.

  6. Germans need to wake up to the 70 years of unrelenting demonizing of the Germans…they need to get their country back…and stop supporting Israel..and ignore the constant,annoying whining of the Jewish population
    Europe has been at peace for over 70yrs ….and criticism of Jews and Israel is justified if they are in the wrong…why should they be exempt if they are in the wrong….and this anti-semistism nonsense i do not buy into
    We should be able to criticize anybody….if they are wrong….and their is evidence to prove they are wrong

    1. When the Germans wake up to the fact they have been lied to as a whole, and fully understand the depth and scale of the treachery inflicted upon them, and Europe as a whole, namely that it was ‘nationalism’ and ‘Hitler’ that caused WW1 and WW2 when in reality it was globalism and world Jewish plutocracy, then…

  7. If the European Convention on Human Rights was of a value Article 4.1,2 would ensure that the Germans were not subjected to slavery or servitude and not be forced or do compulsory labour for the aliens.
    The aliens have in their Arsenal of rights an obligation to look after their own sanitary acts and subsistence.

    1. Aligning the Jews with Muslims and Roma………………..???? Really? And these three groups are going to get along just fine because of course they have the same values ????? Well good luck with that!

  8. Yet another Jewish activist group – this one is called the ZJD but it doesn’t really matter if people forget it’s name, does it – for yet another of the thousands of Jewish activist groups will spring to the fore, as always, weeping & wailing & accusing Whites of the usual anti-semitism for daring to put Whites first in Germany, their own nation.

    Are these ‘German Jews’ part of the 100,000 who preferred to move to Germany and not Israel after the collapse of the USSR in1991. What a strange choice Germany was for these Jews who now spend 24/7 complaining about anti-semitism which is certainly a growth industry for these Jews in Germany and every other White nation that these hypocrites infest with their malign unwanted presence. Jews, do us all a favor and move to Israel, for we Whites have had more than enough of your neverending hypocrisy.

  9. I quoted the first bit in the Express and also mentioned Soros, the Rothchilds and Barbara Spectre. My account has been closed. I then commented on my Twitter account but they also barred me. I have also criticised May and the government but I think that it was the first comment… German Jews “Warn against AfD”. To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize – Voltaire.

  10. EVERYBODY I know is voting for the AfD next year. That is, everybody who has German citizenship. There is no stopping it anymore. Germany, and Europe in general needs to adopt the same exact policies as Israel, specifically the “right of return” applicable to all people of European descent now living in the European diaspora, like America, Australia, etc. All other immigration needs to be stopped. Unlike the AfD, I DO feel that marriages between Europeans and non-Europeans should NOT be permitted. That is, unless you want the movie Idiocracy to become a documentary. The external borders of Europe need to be protected at all costs. Due to incresing automation and outsourcing, we don’t need as many people anymore to maintain our economies, so the fact that the population is going down is not that big of a problem. You think that trend will continue forever? And that one day there will be no Europeans living here? NO trend lasts forever. That’s the main reason that all the recent arrivals in the last 4 years need to be shipped out using any pretext available because they multiply like bacteria and soon they’ll outnumber us. Unless you have some physical relationship to Europe, living here was, and should be, a privilege, not a right.
    That said, I’m gonna have a glass of water. You know, the stuff that’s in your toilet.

  11. Dig deep enough, and you’ll find that many of these Caucasian-looking ‘liberals’, anti-whites, ‘progressives’ and ‘traitors’ are in fact Jews- just a Cohen-incidence, eh? The scum who are disposessing innocent and peace-loving peoples (Christian and Muslim alike) from their homelands in the Middle East are the same scum behind state-sanctioned multiculturalism and mass immigration in Zionist-Occupied (Z.O.G) nations of Europe, USA and Australia. They are the architects of white genocide. It is they who establish and fund fake nationalist parties and street movements (Kosher Conservatives) in Europe who scapegoat peace-loving Jew-wise (anti-Zionist) Muslims for the social cohesion problems the dirty Jew created (multiculturalism and mass non-European including Muslim immigration) and incite hatred against peace-loving Jew-wise (anti-Zionist) Muslims. The ‘right wing’, Israel-supporting and lemming-like white working classes and radicalised Muslims are both being used as PAWNS.


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