German Patriots Panic Establishment

The continued German patriotic defense against the Angela Merkel-created Third World invasion of Europe has the establishment panicked, with the head of Germany’s federal police saying that attacks on invader centers reached “alarming proportions” during 2015.


In one of the more recent incidents, an incendiary device detonated in a planned invader center in Marktoberdorf, Bavaria, local media reported. Marktoberdorf is better known for its locality to the world-famous Neuschwanstein castle.

According to the reports, the device started a fire on the front façade of the invader center, and the damage inflicted amounted to several thousand euros.

At least ninety nonwhite invaders were set to inhabit the housing complex by the end of January.

In another incident in the town of Guben, located on the German border with Poland, a large group of masked men physically attacked an occupied invader center, hurling rocks and other objects at windows and onto the roof.

The invaders, whose number includes a large number of sub-Saharan Africans who have absolutely no claim to asylum in Europe, and are clearly there just to take advantage of European liberalism, stayed indoors during the attack.

The crowd of patriots then moved on to a second house in a neighboring street being used to house dozens of Middle Eastern invaders pretending to be “Syrians,” and smashed out further window panes.

According to an end-of-year report issued by the head of the Federal Criminal Investigation Office (BKA), the attacks on invader centers have reached “alarming proportions.”

BKA chief Holger Münch said that the number of attacks on invader centers “continues to rise. Since the beginning of the year, police have recorded 875 such crimes,” he said.

“In 783 cases, it is clear that the attacks were carried out by highly motivated perpetrators,” Münch continued. “In a further 92 cases, a political motivation cannot be safely ruled out.”

He said that most of the attacks caused property damage (314 cases), and that a “thirteen-fold increase in arson attacks have increased over the previous year.”

Münch expressed his concern that the “right wing” are “exploiting the fears and concerns of the population over the refugee crisis, contributing to a further radicalization toward asylum seekers, foreigners, and Muslims.”

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      1. I hope they publicly execute the establishment who brought the third world into our countries to begin with!

        1. The political elite/corrupt have a lot to answer for throughout the West…now their chickens are coming home to roost

          1. These traitors must receive the punishment that throughout history
            has always been administered to the traitor.

  1. “A large group of masked men physically attacked an occupied invader center located on the German border with Poland” – as I’ve said before, the real resistance to this madness will come from the former East Germany. One thing is to burn an empty building but to charge on an already occupied biuldng? This is huge! As usually in such cases there is a certain time needed until common people wake up nad speak their minds.

    My prediction for 2016 is quite simple: this is going to be the end of Mother Angela of Berlin!

    1. I think it has to be the end for Merkel Kol, otherwise it’s the end for Europe. The problem is that most Germans still seem to be liberal, and as I’ve just commented on the latest story, happy to be committing collective suicide. The only saviour for Germany and as a consequence the rest of Europe, will be a right wing leader replacing Merkel. That seems unlikely because of the madness of Merkel’s followers, and the fact that they’re taking the right wing party to court in March to try and ban their very existence.

      I still only see full scale conflict as the only way this will ever be resolved, and if successful for Europeans, the rounding up and total ejection of all Muslims from Europe, regardless of how many can claim to have been born in European countries.

      1. Stu, needless to say I’m with you on that one, but let me suggest that what you’re talking about here is almost another war! Do you realize how many muslims and their sympathizers live in Europe right now?

        Another thing: no European country has even any existing laws which would strip a convicted terrorist of their citizenship like they have eg. in Canada. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think so far only Le Pen-father campained for that but it’s still far from implementing.

        1. Thanks for the link Kol, that is staggering.!

          I’m under no illusions about what the non-Muslims would be up against, which is why it would have to be our armed forces who change tact and start actually defending us instead of them…shocking concept I know.
          It will be all the more horrifying because these savage, barbaric people think nothing of beheading other people as we’ve seen all too often. Basically what ISIS have been doing in Syria and Iraq is going to become the norm here too, and then our politicians will have no option but to act, and use the armed forces.

          I see no other way for it to end, either Europeans will be wiped out, or the non-whites will be removed from all of Europe, because Islam and humanity cannot coexist.

      2. it doesn’t take that many europeans to make a change. Prior to the Romanians executing dictator Cescaue, many Romanians went along with what he was doing (whether they agreed with him or not). All it took was one Romanian man defiantly holding his arm up in the air and heckling Cescaue, then more Romanians in the crowd did the same, the look on Cescaue’s face was nervous and even the riot police couldn’t contain it. By the next week, the same crowds that cheered for Cescaue were cheering for his executing. Things can change and it can change quickly. There are many other examples in European history, whether it’s the 60000 European men under Polish general Jan Sobieski that fought off more than half a million Turks at the Gates if Vienna, or the 200 Boer who defeated some 10000 African Zulu warriors at the Battle of Blood River or the 8000 united force of Spainards, Italians, Greeks, Maltese that fought off some 50000 muslims at the Siege of Malta.

        We are reaching the tipping point not just in Germany, but all over Europe. Even Frenchmen attacked a muslim who attacked a fireman in Corsica, you have French now calling for burning Korans, you have French mayors calling for French militas to defend their villages; you have Swedish men who are burning down asylum centers; you had the Italians burn them down; you have Norway deporting nonwhites; you have Finland nationalists having night patrols; you have the numerous nationalist parties growing all over Europe (Greece, France, Sweden, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, etc), you have countries flat our refusing to take in nonwhites (North Italy under Lega Nord-controlled regions, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary), you got countries putting the military on their border/building a fence/etc (bulgaria, slovenia, etc). Then of course Russia shows a lot of promise too.

        1. Interesting summary – not all hope is lost, yet!

          BTW. The trial of Nicolae and Elena Ceaușescu held on 25 December 1989 is widely considered a kangaroo court. Before the legal proceedings began, the spot where the execution would take place had been already selected. As a result of this power struggle, another old-school commie, Ion Iliescu, became the president of Romania.

  2. Send them a crystal clear message that they are not wanted and will not be permitted to settle in Europe, let alone leech of the tax payer indefinitely.




  4. Liberalism is the problem, although full scale conflict might be of use here, we would need many who feel the same as you

    1. The Talmud-inspired Frankfurt School Cultural Marxist ideology is the cancer that is destroying our White nations and our White people.

    1. I think it’s always actual staff moderating here Sue, not software like the dreaded Yahoo, and you’ve not said anything which others haven’t said in other posts.

  5. The authorities always claim that a few right wing activists stir up people’s fears and worries. What balderdash. People are angry at the invasion of their countries by third world parasites., and frankly they’d be insane not to be angry.

      1. What I hate about going on You Tube to view these Kol is this…when you’re viewing one such as this, you look down the right side panel and see video after video uploaded by the liberals, with titles such as “Racists Attack Iraqi Refugees”. These people posting such titles have no evidence that any of the protesters are “racist” at all, after all they are protesting an invasion by mainly a religious group, and one which must be feared.

        Also this made up word “Islamophobia” which infuriates me. A phobia is an “irrational” fear of something, and as we can all see, there is nothing irrational about fearing Islam.!

          1. Absolutely Kol, it just bugs me seeing all the liberal bull on there too, although at least we can have our say in the comments too. It seems there’s no escape from the deluded leftists anywhere.
            I think I mentioned before I haven’t watched TV for years, cable is wound up around the sat dish outside. Just watching the political bias (and handpicked multicultual audience) of a BBC programme like Question Time is enough to make you want to throw your TV out of the window, so safer just getting rid of the signal 🙂

    1. But the left-wing, liberal ‘do-gooders’ just can’t accept that point of view. They think we have both an obligation, and a never ending source of money, housing, healthcare, education etc, to take in and look after everyone who is less fortunate than ourselves.

      We have a decent standard of living today because of centuries of invention, ingenuity, hard work, sacrifice, or to phrase it like this, “the blood, sweat, and tears” of our forefathers. All this while the sub-Saharan African sat around for thousands of years waiting for the world to give him a living. Well, now they think that the wait, and all their laziness has paid off, and all they have to do to grab the ‘pot of gold’ at the end of the rainbow is reach Europe.

      Many thousands of years ago, man walked out of Africa, and spread out throughout the world, evolved, learned, invented in order to adapt and survive. Thousands of years later, he returned to Africa, only to find that the descendants of those his ancestors left behind had done nothing. Hadn’t evolved further, hadn’t invented anything, hadn’t even tried to understand nor make use of the most fundamental resources around them.

      We then colonized their lands (which in a manner of speaking were our lands as we originated there) and made use of the resources, only for them all to show typical ingratitude by demanding their independence. Well, having eventually been given their independence, they couldn’t make a success of their lands, and all their valuable resources, mainly because they still didn’t have any understanding. So, having achieved their freedom from white rule, they now want to come and be ‘looked after’ again by the white race.

      Perhaps soon, when all of Africa is empty of black Africans, we can all move there, fence the continent off completely, and while they drag Europe into the primitive abyss once more, we would turn Africa into the booming continent which it has always had the potential to be.

    1. Every day on the Internet more & more Whites are in opposition to the JWO. I know because I’ve been surfing patriot sites in the UK & the US for fifteen years or so and things have changed tremendously in our favor. Because of this, the JWO/Cultural Marxists are in a panic & that is why they have gone into overdrive with Merkel’s mass immigration in an attempt to make their mass immigration into our White nations irreversible. Though they seem to be in charge Whites are awakening in huge numbers & we patriots have them worried of that I have no doubt.

    1. “Right wing” and “white supremacists” are buzzwords they use to silence normal whites who don’t want to become minorities in our own nations.

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