German Police: “Attacks on Invader Centers have Tripled”

The number of violent attacks, propaganda, and “race incitement” incidents against the nonwhite invaders reported to the German police have tripled this year compared to last, official figures claim.


According to statistics released by the Bundeskriminalamt (Federal Criminal Police, or BKA), in the 306 days from January 1 to November 2, 2015, some 637 incidents were logged, compared to 199 for the same period in the previous year.

The BKA defined the incidents this year as “damage to property” (216), “propaganda offenses” (123), and Volksverhetzungen, or “race incitement” (74).

Left All incidents reported to the Police from January to November 2, 2015 Right All arson attacks for the same period

Left: All incidents reported to the Police from January to November 2, 2015. Right: All arson attacks for the same period.

According to the BKA, the number of “violent crimes against refugee shelters have risen sharply.”

The previous record from last year (28) has already been significantly exceeded with 104 acts of violence this year, they said.

But in the third quarter of 2015, there were 303 crimes committed, with more “crimes against asylum accommodations” reported in that period than in the entire previous year.

Among these “acts of violence” were 53 arson attacks, as compared to 6 for the corresponding period last year. During this period, 8 criminal prosecutions have been started after perpetrators were identified.

Left All demonstrations reported to the police Right all assualts reported to the police

Left: All demonstrations reported to the police from January to November 2, 2015. Right all assualts reported to the police for the same period.

It is not only the number of attacks which has the BKA concerned, but the fact that police had no prior knowledge of 70 percent of the offenders. In other words the attacks are largely being carried out by Germans with no previous overt connection to any “right-wing” group, making intelligence led counter-operations nearly impossible.


The BKA told Die Welt newspaper that this “phenomenon means that these offenses are moving slowly into the mainstream of society.”

In Saxony, a vice president of the GedenkstättenSachsen (an institute dedicated to the “victims of Nazism and Communism”), Bert Pampel, has generated a storm after putting up a Tweet on the organization’s twitter feed saying that the government was to blame if citizens took the law into their own hands against illegal immigration.

Pampel wrote that a “Government which fails to comply with legal & law, carries the blame if citizens defend themselves against illegal immigration.”


This opinion appears to be widely shared. The far-left Der Spiegel news service has had to formally block all comments on articles dealing with the nonwhite invasion, as the German public overwhelms their moderation teams with negative feedback. Der Spiegel tells its readers that:

In contrast to many other articles on SPIEGEL ONLINE, there are no comments [on these articles]. Unfortunately when we write about refugees, there are so many inappropriate, offensive or legally problematic forum posts that it is not possible to scrutinize and moderate them so that they comply with the rules of our Netiquette. Therefore, [comments] are only allowed on selected articles on this subject. We ask for your understanding.

The Federal Government Commissioner for Refugees, the Turkish-origin Aydan Özoguz (a parliamentarian for the Socialist Party of Germany, or SPD, one of Angela Merkel’s coalition partners along with the conservatives), was quoted as saying that the “trend was worrying and should make us be vigilant. They should examine whether it is really just individuals or whether there is an organized structure behind the attacks.”

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  1. There are millions more invaders to come. African leaders have said the €1.8B bribe is inadequate so expect them to encourage more of their over populated countries to be
    encouraged to leave to drive home the point to the foolish/treasonous European leadership
    to up the ante. The Africans can smell European weakness.

  2. Merkel appears to have found Billions Yup Billions of Euros – to provide for these migrants when filling in the winter potholes appeared a problem. How much will taxes have to rise – and that is permanently? The Sates and local authorities will endlessly need more money for every which eventuality. Wha do you imaging policing cost are going to be – these visitors are not from Northern Europe!!!!

  3. We should be thankful to old hag. Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable. It is too late to work within a system, time for s…ting bastards has come.

  4. What worries me is that the majority of we EU citizens may already have been butchered by the `cheering crowd` of `guests` long before any of our insane governments fall.

  5. If you do get caught setting fire to one of these guest houses, don't despair. Germany has no death penalty, and as soon as this insane government is disposed of, you'll be pardoned and walk out of prison into a cheering crowd.

  6. So the Federal Commissioner for Refugees suggests "examining whether it is really individuals or an organized structure behind the attacks".
    What is it with these power crazy EU lunatic leaders refusing to accept that a huge number of people as individuals across Europe want NO more Muslims under whatever guise..
    EU officialdom needs to look in the mirror for the " organized structure."
    One that`s devious and expert at manipulation of dark arts to further its agenda.

  7. Don't Germans have some sort of legal avenue to oust Merkel based eg. on suspicion of her mental health problems? Looks like she went mad!

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