German Police Rapefugee Cover-up

A high-ranking German police officer has alleged that his seniors tried to strike the word “rape” from an internal police report after the nonwhite rapefugee mass sexual assaults in Cologne over New Year.

A chief superintendent in the Cologne police told the investigative committee established in the wake of the attacks that the interior ministry in North Rhine-Westphalia had sought to influence the investigations.


The officer explained that an official from the ministry had called about a rape charge mentioned in an internal police report.

“That isn’t rape. Get rid of it. Delete the report,” the ministry official said, according to the chief superintendent.

When he complained about the caller’s angry and abrupt tone, the official replied “these are the orders from the ministry. I’m simply passing them on.”

The 52-year-old chief inspector said that he had never in his career experienced an intervention of this nature from the ministry.

Hundreds of women filed complaints in the days and weeks after the attacks with police, alleging that they had been sexually assaulted or robbed by groups of nonwhites around Cologne’s central train station.

In the days after the attacks, allegations were made that the police had sought to cover up the crimes, due to the fact that they appeared to have been committed by nonwhites, and “refugees” in particular.

In March police conceded that they had almost half the number of officers on duty during the assaults as they had originally claimed. A police report published the day after the attacks claimed 140 officers were present at the scene, when in fact at most only 80 were present.

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This police cover-up attempt contrasts dramatically with their rapid—and completely excessive—response to a later Pegida demonstration against the attacks in Cologne.

In that incident, the police arrived in mass numbers, armed with batons and water cannon, and lost no time at all in attacking the crowd—because they were white.

At the same time, the controlled media, which has spent so much time and effort making excuses for—and covering up—the nonwhite rapefugee crime wave, described the white protestors as “extremists” etc.

The two events compared demonstrate once again the inherent anti-white nature of the establishment.

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  1. What has it come to when a country’s own law enforcement and government is so biased against its own people in favour of criminal immigrants.

    1. This is what puzzles me most. How can you do this to your own people? Remember, the ones that pay your salary? Do you think the lazy worthless non-whites will ever contribute to the tax base???

  2. You can fool society by controlled media but I guess there are two groups who you cannot fool no matter how much you try – Police and governmental workers. They see everything on the very front line, they see who commits most crimes, they see who is using most of welfare benefits, they see how refugees actually behave. Problem is that for now they have to obey to current leaders but mostly, they are normal people just like us and I dont think they can take this bs forever. Eventually they will blow too, they’re not brainless robots, just have to do what they’re being told but government take-over or civil war is coming, maybe in 5, 10, 20 years from now but no society will blindly accept it forever.

    1. “5, 10, 20 years from now”. Yeah right. I don’t know if you’re aware, but literally thousands pour into Europe every single day. We don’t have 5years.Period.

  3. It’s simply astonishing that whites who object to rapes by invaders are villified.

    It’s time to wake up, Germans. It’s time to shake off the burden of guilt that has been imposed on you for generations now.

    I’m Australian and none of my ancestors fought or died in WW2 so I carry no torch. All I can say is that living in a very small country town two old WW2 vets have independently confided that they thought the wrong side won the war. Just saying it for the record.

  4. And these corrupt clowns are pushing for an EU army, you can just imagine who they’ll be shooting and it won’t be the savage invaders! Third Riech all over again, blitzing their way through Europe again. Funny how they need an EU army when all they need to do is close the borders and send the savages packing …

    1. Why don’t you come and join the fight Christine?
      You don’t want to be a keyboard warrior from the other side of the world, let’s see you come and join the fight!

  5. Well you live and learn.
    According to this latest German edict issued once again from on high by another of those `nameless` individuals. ( We can see you peeping Merkel. )
    I lfind that as a white objector I`m now classed as an “extremist”. How dare they lump me with muslimes ! Uuurrghh! Extremist indeed !
    Thinking it over I`ve decided that not only am I guilty as charged but I`m also an out and out and proudly rabid raaacist.
    Woo-hoo ….lol !!
    At my age too !

    1. I’ve signed up to your club to, never thought I could be classed as an extreme right winger because I don’t wish to see my country go down the pan.

  6. I do believe we are seeing the first signs of rebellion in the German & other policing services. All it takes now is for the authorities to make one slip in there orders to cover up or favour the invaders and the mutiny will start.

    Once the ball starts rolling in onestateit will spread. YESSSS,

  7. These so-called ‘Germans’ are scum! They are NOT Germans! merkel?has no German blood!There will be a great war coming soon,these so-called Germans will be thrown in the sea!

  8. The Germans in a new poll have decided that ISLAM is not to be encouraged as a German so called religion. More than60% are against this.
    Good news.


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