German Police Told: “Don’t Say Rape”

The Socialist Party of Germany (SPD)-ruled interior ministry of the German state of North Rhine Westphalia (NRW) ordered police not to use the word “rape” when reporting sex attacks by nonwhite invaders, it has emerged.

The deliberate censorship of the seriousness of the “refugee” sex crime plague which continues to sweep through Germany is the second such scandal to emerge since the attacks last New Year’s Eve in Cologne.


According to the Express newspaper in Cologne, the NRW interior ministry “put pressure on a senior police officer to remove the word rape from an internal report issued on New Year’s Day.”

The document was written by the chief commissioner of the criminal investigation of Cologne, identified as Joachim H., who was on duty over New Year’s Eve.

The first report he sent on the events that night contained the words “WE-Meldung” (WE stands for “Wichtiges Ereignis,” or “important event,” and “Meldung” means “report”).

The WE-Meldung goes on to say that “Rape, sexual offenses, thefts, are being committed by a large group of foreign persons.”

This message, redistributed in its original format, the Express newspaper reported, “shook all of Germany” because a “sex attack mob of this magnitude had hitherto never existed.”

However, after sending in the report to the interior ministry, the police office received a call back.

In a memo, Joachim H. recalled the content of the conversation as follows, identifying a colleague who took the call as “KHK H. (KHK = Kriminalhauptkommissar, chief commissioner of the criminal investigation):

13.30 pm. In the context of early to late shift handover, KHK H. took a phone call that he ended shortly after I sat down beside him to continue the handover. KHK H. told me once that state’s control center requested that the WE-Meldung be cancelled or that the word rape be removed. According to the National Control Center, this request came directly from the Ministry.

The police officers however refused to change their report, and eventually—despite other attempts to hush up the nature of the mass nonwhite attack, news of the events eventually leaked out.

The previous chief of police in Cologne had to resign in January after it emerged that he had also deliberately covered up the full extent of the attack on German women in the city.

The latest scandal has the potential to cause a similar earthquake in the NRW government, with interior minister Ralf Jäger being summoned to appear before the Committee on Internal Affairs of the Düsseldorf state council.

A spokesman for the NRW Interior Ministry flatly denied the police official’s memo, saying that the “control center did not telephone” the police in Cologne at all that night.

This version of events is, as the Express newspaper commented, “hardly likely.”

There is plenty of evidence of telephone calls between the two command centers that night, and the Interior Ministry has already previously admitted contacting the police to have “coordination meetings” to “discuss terminology” with regard to news releases of the night’s events.

* Meanwhile, the mass nonwhite sex attacks in Germany continue unabated, and are now so frequent that it is nearly impossible to report each and every individual case.

One of the more prominent recent attacks took place in in Delbrück, North Rhine-Westphalia. In that incident, two Afghan “refugees,” aged 20 and 25, cornered a 14-year-old boy in the showers of an indoor public swimming pool and forced him under threats of violence to perform oral sex on them.

The two nonwhites were arrested after the victim alerted the lifeguard and the police were summoned.

There have been several attacks reported in Germany at public pools, and in neighboring Austria an Iraqi asylum seeker is awaiting trial for the brutal rape of a young boy in a pool changing room.

Homosexual rape and assault on young boys appears to be as frequent among the nonwhite invaders as attacks on women, reflecting the fact that the Middle East has a long and established tradition of such sexual abuse.

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  1. Joachim H….I bet that your family are safe from these rapists! Maybe some of this is what you liberal scum need to change your PC, liberal marxist views of these invaders!

  2. The Germans certainly are a tolerant lot.
    Rape and pillaging on a grand scale and they simply turn a blind eye and a deaf ear.
    The Icelanders could teach them a thing or two by about protesting en masse.
    Prime Minister Gunnlaugsson couldn`t resign fast enough when he saw the size of the mob.

    1. If the elite and their marauding apes want to be wild, then we’ll delve back into our ancestry to show them real barbarism.

  3. So what is all this crap about gays being flung off rooftops? Yet when the bastards come to europe it is OK to have homo sex with children? Are the lefties completely mad and way beyond redemption?

    1. Oddly all other forms of intercourse are legal in Islam including dead human bodies-necrophilia, animals alive or dead. Cows sheep and camel are AOK. Viideos availbe. Any orifice of a woman. Saudi Arabian clerical site explains. Its all OK as long as penis is washed afterwards. I think its Christianprince videos on youtube

      1. It’s the Scandinavian and German women who need washing after being enriched by these savages. They don’t wash after attacking them though, the scum.

  4. The Officals are acting worse than the scum who attack people without provocation. Until these Officals are removed from office society can not start to rebuild itself.

  5. That makes sense, nobody will ever figure it out…..The liberal mind is the most deranged thing on he planet!

  6. According to Islam, it’s only homoseksual sex IF they love each other or one loves the other- if it’s only for sexual gratification, it’s not homoseksual. Sex with children does not count in their ideology. Shocking mental gymnastics yes?

    1. Uuuurrgghh!!! An utterly perverted so-called `religion`in which women and animals have no rights and men are allowed to practise what suits them.
      May our our politicians reap their own whirlwind for bringing such filth to the west to continue their vile practices.

  7. The more I read about Germany and the ongoing issues about the refugees the more I asked myself what has gone wrong in that country trying to convince Germans the crimes committed by the refugees are not as bad as they look like. That the German Government cannot any longer control its own created misery that has been proven now many times. How much longer will the German Government pretend there is nothing wrong with the refugees but there is a lot wrong with its own people!! Does the German Government want another modern day Nazi Party to make them wake up to their responsibility that its own people come first before the refugees??
    Something has to give before the German people will go on the wall again and destroy everything as they once done before. Only time will tell us that one which also will be the end of the EU which has become a stand over dictator over all countries involved.

  8. Yea, police mustn’t say the word rape to immigrants in Germany – they must only say pat-a-cake – for these poor young Muslim men were having a ‘sexual emergency’ & only seeking to play the Islamic version of the children’s game pat-a-cake with young underage German girls. Surely there is no harm in that, is there?

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