German Resistance Fighter Gets 9 Years for Mosque Bombing

A German resistance fighter, named only as Nino K., who bombed a Dresden mosque in 2016 was yesterday sentenced to nine years and eight months in jail by a German court.

Nino K. was convicted of attempted murder, producing an explosive device and attempted arson, among other charges.

On September 26, 2016, the former member and speaker at the Pegida movement in the city detonated a pipe bomb at the Turkish Fatih Mosque in the eastern German city.

Later that evening, Nino K. detonated another bomb on the roof of the Dresden Congress Center.

After his arrest, the 31-year-old confessed to both crimes.

About a year before the attacks he had held a speech from the stage of a Dresden demonstration condemning Chancellor Angela Merkel for “treason against the people.”

At the meeting, Nino K. read an open letter to Chancellor Angela Merkel, describing here as a “traitor,” and said that the social welfare system was being plundered by “lazy Africans” who seek to “destroy our Christian-German culture”. His speech concluded with the statement aht “Merkel will receive no mercy” for her acts.

The court heard that he started preparing explosive devices in August 2016, and chose his target because it was literally only a few meters from his front door.

The court was told by a forensics expert that the explosive device was built from a wastepaper basket containing three pipe bombs filled with sharp-edged pieces of metal. A timer set the device off.

The court also heard that the imam and his family—who were home at the time of the explosion—have now left Dresden, and are undergoing “psychological treatment.”

After the explosion at the mosque, Nino K. drove his motor scooter to the convention center to detonate the next explosive device. He was only arrested after DNA traces on the explosives were linked to him.

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  1. So this man gets a prison sentence for his acts, which he has admitted to. What about all those illegal immigrants who have committed rape and murder, along with armed assault, stealing and probably a lot more beside, what has happened to them, where is the outcome of their court cases? Whilst the Imam and his family have suffered from his actions, where is the report of what has happened to all the families of the victims that have been raped and murdered. Is there any equality left in this world? What’s good for one should be good for the others. The temptation to form vigilante groups must be high in Germany. Merkel still alive beats me, wonder what the bill is for her protection team?

  2. “He was only arrested after DNA traces on the explosives were linked to him”

    How or why did he volunteer his DNA? Has Merkel demanded samples from every native German and built a database with the data? More likely they arrested everyone in the vicinity with anti-immigration views and then forced them to submit to DNA testing. And frankly, I don’t believe they found any DNA traces on explosives that had exploded.

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