German State Keeps North African Crime Wave Secret “To Stop Right Wing”

Criminals from North Africa have been rampaging through Germany for years with the full knowledge of the police, controlled media, and all establishment politicians—but the facts have been deliberately suppressed from the public out of fear it would empower the “right wing” parties in that country, it has emerged.

CCTV on a German train catches North Africans stealing from a sleeping passenger.

In a front page article which appeared in Die Welt newspaper on January 17, 2016, titled “Criminal North Africans: A Long-guarded State Secret,” the extent of the nonwhite crime wave—and the facts around the cover-up—are detailed in public for the very first time.

According to Die Welt, the North Africans “steal, drink, and harass women. But, out of fear of fanning xenophobia, police and politicians have been silent for years about the problem of violent migrants from North Africa.”

“As early as 2014, [former North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) Interior Minister Lothar] Hegemann, and his secretary of state, and internal politicians of all political groups knew that there was a problem group among refugees: Northern Africans who stole massively, drank, harassed women, and perpetrated violence. But this knowledge was treated very discreetly from all sides,” Die Welt continued.

“The culture of silence became a tradition in the NRW,” the paper said. “Over the years, politicians and police were silent over foreign offenders . . . but since Cologne [the mass nonwhite sex-attacks on New Year’s Eve], the silence has been broken.

“A political climate change is happening: more people are daring to speak out about what was previously regarded as politically incorrect.”

Even the Socialist Party of Germany (SPD) politician, and new NRW Interior Minister Ralf Jäger, has spoken of the Cologne attackers as being “almost exclusively migrants.”

Director of the Federal Criminal Police in NRW, Dieter Schürmann also described those who “tore women’s clothes from their bodies” as “North African-Arab men” and said that “mob sexual violence” of this nature had been “imported by migrants.”


Die Welt reported that an October 2014 meeting of the Civil Liberties Committee of the NRW state parliament had actually discussed the problem of North African crime—and how to keep it secret.

Interior Minister Jäger told the meeting, the report continued, that he had “no ready solution,” but that it was best not to publicize it because there was a chance that “fear of refugees would be stirred up,” and that this would cause “public perception to change” [against the asylum policy].

koln-police-car1Other committee members expressed their happiness with the controlled media’s suppression of the nonwhite crime wave, saying that they were “pleased about the current sensible media coverage of the increasing numbers of refugees.”

In a direct reference to the German patriotic movement—and why it was so important to keep reports of the North African crime wave secret—meeting participants went on to stress that the committee had to remember that there are “extra-parliamentary competitors who we really do not want to strengthen.”

In other words, Die Welt said, this meant that whoever “publicized the North African problem, supported xenophobes,” and that it was clear that all the establishment parties had formed a “bipartisan consensus not to do so.”

Thus, even though the police, the controlled media, and all the establishment parties knew all along that the mass importation of Third Worlders was causing a dramatic increase in crime, they deliberately chose to hide these facts for fear of increasing support for patriots like the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) or the populist Alternatief für Deutschlandland (AfD).

The German federal states also launched a constitutional court action to ban the NPD—even though that party was, at that time, the only organization daring to discuss the problem of invader crime.


A separate article in the Bild newspaper revealed the contents of a secret police report specifically on “theft gangs from North Africa” which had been earlier prepared, circulated—and suppressed by official order.

The report revealed that the police in the NRW city of Düsseldorf had to establish special crime units devoted exclusively to fighting the nonwhite crime plague, known as “Soko Casablanca.”

The 18-page report, “Evaluation and Analysis Project Casablanca—North African suspects in Düsseldorf,” covers the period from June 1, 2014 to November 14, 2015.

It revealed that over the seventeen month period, 2,244 North Africans had been arrested in Düsseldorf, and that there had been at least 4,392 theft incidents committed by nonwhites in the city. The majority of the suspects—1,256—were born in Morocco, and most of them were young men under the age of 30, the report continued.

More importantly, the report revealed that two of the masterminds behind the coordinated gangs, Khalid N. (28), and Taouf M. (32), have been seen recruiting “refugees” from the “asylum accommodation” in Düsseldorf.

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  1. Surely imposing a blanket ban on the reporting of such crucial information – affecting not just Germany, but every citizen of the EU and its future – is an indictable offence. If not, it damn well should be.
    Despite every one of these EU bureaucrats knowing the full implications of importing many thousands more rampaging criminal third worlders, they calmly went ahead fully aware of the inevitable consequences.
    Yet another piece of the NWO jigsaw slots neatly into place.

    1. Ironically, the German government, hence the EU, has been castigating Poland recently about various changes the Polish government has made to the state broadcaster.

      1. I read today in 10newsdk that Swedish Police have now been briefed that they cannot
        discuss crimes in case they lay colour attributability. The Swedes have obviously
        capitulated, and have fallen back on denial, a virulent form of PC. How you can live
        in such a society I really don’t know, but Germany is looking like next.

    2. Very well said. I would say that is a treasonable offence and carries the death penalty.

      Nothing less will save our countries of Europe.

  2. So through their inaction police are aiding state sponsored rape , robbery , sexual harassment. Tourist stay away. Especially women….. They are no better than the criminals and rapist.

  3. Here in N.Ireland a few months back, a friend of a friend said that if it comes to the bit and these scum come here, that the Catholics and Protestants would stand together and get rid of them and it won’t be just by protesting! Even thou we have our problems, it is still our country! There will come a time in Germany that the police will need to be protected from the public for betraying them!

    1. @ antieu : Don`t you mean…”it WAS your country.”
      The Brussels pipeline is already stuffed full of ever more EU directives waiting to spew out should the `Stay` vote win.
      In which case Herr Merkel will soon have things moving again across Europe [ especially the “refugees”.]
      If we think what we have now is bad…..we ain`t seen nothing yet.

  4. i am truly disgusted. when will people be pushed to action? it seems civil war is inevitable. can not come soon enough!! just wait when in spring a new wave comes. all of africa is on the move. btw, if you do not have guns, baseball bats will do in a pinch, lengthens your reach in case one of these retrograde misogynistic breeders has a knife, which i am sure they do.

  5. The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk March 3 1918 in Sub Appendix l to Appendix ll of the Treaty of Peace Part second in Article XlX The Frontier authorities of both contracting Parties shall be instructed to have all vagabonds and other such persons possessing no passport, who are to be readmitted to the territory of the other party, whose subjects they are, conveyed exclusively to such points on the frontier as have facilities for sending off travellers.
    This peremptory norm says they must be kept close to an airport, or harbour where their own State Officials can collect them to take them home.

  6. Culture war is coming. Islam culture is all about violent. West culture is too tolerant. They see that as an opportunity. EU must implement something like the Australia before europa is finished.

    1. Under our former ousted prime minister, Tony Abbott, the policy was to keep illegal migrants out and send them back. Unfortunately PC scumbags have taken over Australia’s excellent laws to refuse them entry. And so we are now flooded with aliens. Sudanese and other third world people now are a drain on Australian taxpayers as they are in Europe.

      1. Yes Maryanne, I too was sorry to see Tony go. Turnbull is centre left for mine and far too
        ‘fuzzy’ with Australia’s moslems. As we know and is confirmed by Europe, give these
        people an inch, and they’ll take your house.

    2. @ Victor “EU must implement something like the Australia before europa is finished”.
      There`s not a hope in hell of the Eurocrats at the head of the table implementing anything useful to us. Unless and until things get so out of control that their own positions are under threat, of course.
      This is social engineering on a grand scale and the resultant chaos we`ve got is a major part of the plan.
      The eurocrats being “forced” to control the situation is next on the agenda.
      It`s anyone`s guess how that`ll play out, but it`s coming soon.

  7. Quote: “the report revealed that two of the masterminds behind the coordinated gangs, Khalid N. (28), and Taouf M. (32), have been seen recruiting “refugees” from the “asylum accommodation” in Düsseldorf.”
    Presumably these two creeps were severely reprimanded with a tap on the wrist and allowed to carry on recruiting. So what`s new?

  8. This is already happening here in the UK isn’t it. We must vote to get out of the EU as soon as possible, and we must fight together against this mass migration of people from Africa and the Mid- East and Pakistan/Afghanistan etc. Let them sort their own countries out – we give them enough AID don’t we??? Surely that’s racial discrimination, to prosecute white European citizens but not black immigrants/would be asylum seekers? How can the PC EU do this? The trouble is the people in positions of power- they do not live with the consequences of this unfettered mass migration. BIG TROUBLE is ahead if we don’t stop this now.

  9. I don’t buy into the state’s excuse of keeping stumm in order not to fuel right-wing extremism and so forth among the natives. No. The state, all of the marxoid states in the West, wish to keep the lid on information about third world crime in our midst so that the sheeple don’t wake up until the numbers of these imported savages are so enormous that their criminality is up close and personal everywhere. At that point, we have no chance.

  10. This is no longer any sort of “secret”. I believe that most Europeans are now more aware of the epidemic of crime being perpetrated by the migrants. Yet Germany and Central Europe is relatively defenseless against the nuclear might of USrael. Any resistance by the indigenous European people will be met by violence from NATO troops.

  11. As if we didn’t have enough problems here BEFORE the invaders started coming because our traitorous “leaders” let them in. Like the Irish guy said, the Catholics and Protestants will unite against this common enemy, which is how it should be. Extrapolating that further, I think that ALL of us Europeans should unite and coordinate a strategy against them. East and West, North and South! An example I can’t stop thinking about is not far from here, a local farmer wasn’t doing too well, so he took in 6 invaders and set them up in a converted barn. Seeing as how he was getting about 600 Euros from the government to house each of them, he had another barn built and now he has 36 of these young MEN in there. He makes additional money by having his wife and daughter (!!!) serve them. They even take them out on shopping and sightseeing trips like they’re schoolkids or something. The farmer now drives the most expensive BMW, is wearing lots of Gold jewelry, and goes on expensive vacations with his family. But this is a village of about 50 people and 10 or so houses! Needless to say, everyone is VERY mad at him, but he claims they’re just jealous.
    I believe the medical term for what disease he has is TRAITOR to the German people and Europe. For a couple of wrinkled sweaty Euro notes this guy is endangering OUR lives just so he can drive around in a hot car and get some extra zeros on his bank statement. Now, I wouldn’t want to hurt this guy or his equally stupid family but sooner or later somebody’s going to do something to those 2 barns (not me). So far there has been no criminality, (so he says) but that too is only a question of time.

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