Germans Fight Back as Invaders Attack

Several dozen nonwhite invaders posing as refugees attacked a crowd of Germans last night in the east German city of Bautzen—but received a thorough beating when the German civilians fought back.

The town authorities have now expelled 34 of the invaders and banned all alcohol in the local invader center, as it emerged that the nonwhite attacks are regular occurrences.


The invaders then turned on the police and violently assaulted the officers with glass bottles, bricks, and other items. Police then charged the groups with truncheons drawn and used pepper spray on both sides.

At a press conference, Bautzen Police Chief Uwe Kilz said the nonwhites—all “unaccompanied minor asylum seekers” started the violence by throwing bottles and stones at the white people at the Kormarkt, one of the town’s major squares, and said that the “violence was triggered by the refugees.”

Instead of meekly accepting the nonwhite attack, the white Germans decided to fight back, and a mass brawl erupted, with the invaders receiving a beating which only halted when they fled back to their invader center in the town’s Dresdnerstrasse—with angry Germans in hot pursuit.

The controlled media—always desperate to portray white people in the worst light possible—called the Germans every imaginable slur they could think of—but could not hide the fact that the nonwhites had started the violence.

The Daily Mail, for example, in its coverage, announced that “neo-Nazis” had engaged in a “vicious brawl with 20 asylum seekers who goaded them into violence.”

Many readers of course immediately spotted how the Daily Mail’s Jewish news editors had attempted to twist the story by claiming that the Germans had been “goaded” into the violence—as if any normal person would just stand by when attacked by gangs of nonwhites with bottles and bricks.

The Daily Mail had pulled its version of events from the Bild newspaper in Germany, another far-left news outlet which also described the Germans in the same way, and tried to blame the violence on “xenophobia.”

However, both outlets had to admit that the official police statement said that the nonwhite invaders had started the confrontation, and then later attacked the police who were trying to protect them.

Both news outlets also showed pictures of a Moroccan invader with a scratch on his arm, claiming to have been wounded in the fracas.

Commentators in the Daily Mail version correctly pointed out that anyone from Morocco was not in any sense of the word an asylum seeker or refugee—but simply an invading freeloader seeking to parasite off Europeans.

The Die Zeit newspaper—a slightly more conservative controlled media outlet—was one of the first to admit the real cause of the violence, namely the nonwhite invaders.

According to Die Zeit, the attacks by the invaders in Bautzen upon locals are actually frequent occurrences which take place “nightly” as “underage unaccompanied refugees” attack the local white people at random.

Part of the measures announced today to try and bring the nonwhite thugs under control are a total ban on alcohol in the invader center, and a curfew starting at 7 every evening, local authority chief Uwe Witschas told Die Zeit.

The MDR Aktuell Nachrtichten news service confirmed the alcohol ban at the invader center, and said that it was not the “first incident of its kind in the Saxony town.”

The MDR Aktuell also reported that after the violence, four of the nonwhite ringleaders have been moved to other sites, and a further 30 invaders have been forbidden from living in the city anymore.

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    1. Amen to that. Just need the rest of their fellow countrymen to stand up and beat those disgusting savages back to the hell holes from whence hey came. They should also give those disgusting traitorous lefties a good hiding and send them packing too. In the interim they should torch that rotten invader centre!

    2. Yes, thank you Germans and I hope you will keep up the good work.. Don’t care what these idiotic newspapers say, you know who you are and be proud to be a German.

  1. Does anyone for a moment think that with this curfew, they will all obligingly be in their invader centres by 7pm and there will be no alcohol? Why not just scold them and tell them they are very naughty boys.

  2. Shameful, these poor migrants just minding their own business, quietly munching away in the corner, getting set upon by these infidel savages.
    I say they should be sent back to their countries right away, where they can be safe from this sort of barbarism.
    Disgusting, we can do it.

  3. The Drudge Report also called the townspeople a group of Neo Nazis who viciously attacked refugees.
    Is it possible even for the alternative media to not skew the news into anti white hate propaganda ?

    1. Maybe there is a way of fighting back against the left wing newspapers. Newspapers get most of their income from advertising revenue. So if people started to boycott all companies and products advertised in the worst of the left wing newspapers, and let the companies know that they are being targeted for supporting that newspaper financially ,then as soon as it affects sales they will be forced to withdraw their adverts.
      Once the adverts disappear the newspaper will have to close down

    2. Bob, you are correct. Even the so-called “alternative” media such as Drudge (a jewish homosexual), Infowars, and others are entirely controlled opposition. People flock to these “alternatives” without realizing they are just falling down another rabbit hole. In the end, almost everything is controlled – just like in politics.

  4. Send the parasites worthless shites back to their homelands they would lose an hand at least there for their rebellion AV not the the guts to do it in their own countries for fear of the punishment they will get chancers piss takers Stay strong Germany patriots WE R BEHIND U MORE THAN U WILL EVER KNOW WE KNOW THE TRUE AND HONEST PEOPLE OF GERMANY DO NOT DESERVE THIS I FEEL A BAD MOON ARISIN!!!!

  5. Come on, own up!

    Who put Testosterone in the towns drinking water…..obviously the Germans are now growing some balls…….hope they get really big!

  6. Sorry Bob, but the homo jew Matt Drudge is NOT alternative media. He is a ZOG shill who likes to put mens penises in his mouth. Such a role model.

  7. Hopefully, this incident will spark off a wave of civil unrest throughout Germany – rather like the spontaneous uprisings that brought down communism or started the French revolution.

  8. It could be that Bautzen, small as it is, is the ancestral home of hardier types. The original occupiers of that area were a Slavic tribe called the Sorbs, who were in turn part of the greater Polish ethnic group … the city which developed did not become part of Saxony until the 17th century.

    1. i doubt that. as modern day eastern Germany was very much middle Germany until 1945. i.e. the Germanic peoples had for centuries occupied large swathes of modern day eastern Europe including most of modern day Poland and even spread into parts of Lithuania and Kaliningrad in modern day Russia (East Prussia). the Sorbs were always a tiny minority in Germany. and were far outweighed by Germanic tribes in most other European nations. in short the Germanic tribes spread far and wide.

  9. There are two kinds anti-Semitism: legitimate anti-Semitism, for example, criticism of Israel and Zionism for the Gaza invasion.
    And illegitimate anti-Semitism, for example, blood libel.

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