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Germans Jailed for Anti-Invasion Military Unit

A court in Bavaria has sentenced four Germans to jail for periods between three and five years on charges of forming a military group which aimed to carry out attacks on invader centers throughout Germany. The group had not actually carried out any attacks before being arrested.

According to evidence before the Munich State Court, the group, calling themselves the “Old School,” allegedly had about 30 members before its leadership was arrested.

The court found that the four main accused—three men and one woman—planned to “commit attacks on foreigners and refugee homes.”

Judge Reinhold Baier said in his verdict that the group “wanted to drive refugees out of Germany even if it meant killing people to do so.”

The group had planned to attack an invader center in the Saxon town of Borna in May 2015, but police had the group under surveillance and detained the four founding members shortly before they could carry out the plan.

The head of the group, 58-year-old Andreas H, from Augsburg, was sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison.

Deputy leader Markus W, 41, received five years, and his girlfriend, Denise G, 24, received three years and 10 months. Both are from the eastern state of Saxony.

Olaf O, the group’s spokesman, from Bochum, was sentenced to three years. Last names were withheld in line with German privacy rules.

Denise G, who called herself “terror lady”, expressed impatience during social media conversations intercepted by the police that attack plans were not developing fast enough.

In a separate conversation, Andreas H and Merkus W talked about how to build a nail bomb.

During raids on their homes, police found gas guns, swords, illegal fireworks, and nails. According to the court, Markus W and Denise G had bought the illegal fireworks in the Czech Republic just days before the planned attack in Borna.


  1. If you are determined to protect your country from those who have been trying to conquer it over last 1400 years, you end up in jail. Yet, if you betray your country and population, commit high treason and facilitate moral, cultural and financial destruction of your country – you get re-elected.

    Welcome to the brave new world.

  2. German police are by default the enemy of the German people as they are the enforcers of the anti-German genocidal German politicians’ will.

    1. Exactly, now we’re getting somewhere.
      People must understand that when it comes to enforcers and what’s called “intelligence,” there are only few options.
      They are either:
      a. Incompetent
      b. Israeli, Saudi, USA, UK agents
      c. Or simply traitors to their own country, people, race.
      And most likely paid well by Israel , Saudis and our tax money.

      To take out those in charge you must go through those who protect them.

      1. Among many options is the fact that the people can direct the invaders to wives and daughters of enforcers, officials, sponsors, so on. And let them have it.

  3. This case looks like a classic sting operation to me. The 24 year old girlfriend was most likely an agent/informant or plant from the start that was used to entrap the other guys. The circumstantial evidence is heavy to back this assertion up.

    A. 24 year old girlfriend with 41 year old guy. Really this doesn’t happen if the guy is not wealthy, famous or has a very high paying job. Very unlikely in far-right circles.

    B: She was applying pressure to others to get things done. Sorry, 24 year old girls in these circles do not act this way.

    C: Last names of defendants are omitted, indicating court proceedings behind closed doors, which means they are protecting someone, usually an asset/informant or agent.


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