Germany: 1.5m In, 32,283 Out

Only some 32,283 fake refugees have been deported from Germany since the beginning of 2015, while at least 1.5 million have entered the country during the same period.

Even then, some 637 of the deportations had to be cancelled because of “violent resistance” put up by the nonwhites at the airport.


The figures, obtained by the Bild newspaper, show that despite the German government’s claims that only “real” asylum seekers would be allowed into Germany, Angela Merkel has allowed anyone from anywhere to enter Germany.

The 637 “failed” deportations provide an insight into the full extent of the Third World invasion. The figures obtained by Bild showed that “violent resistance” caused the cancellation of deportations of nationals of the following countries: Eritrea, Gambia, Somalia, Iraq, Cameroon, Pakistan, Algeria, Morocco, Syria, and Afghanistan.

In 160 cases of “failed deportations,” the chosen airlines or responsible pilots refused to take the invaders on board out of a concern for the safety of the other passengers.

In this regard, 46 Lufthansa flights, 23 Air Berlin, and 20 German Wings flights were affected.

In 108 cases of “failed deportations, a “sudden illness” prevented the invader’s deportations. The nationalities involved (Kosovans, Serbians, and Albanians) indicate that these cases are all linked to the well-known “sick certificate” scam which is most often used by these groups.

Even more disturbingly, in 37 cases the deportations “failed” because the invaders’ countries of origin simply refused to take back their nationals.

The major offender in this regard was Pakistan, closely followed by the North African states.

The Bild quoted a German Interior Ministry spokesman as saying that the “major obstacles to the implementation of deportations are a lack of cooperation of some destination countries in the identification of their nationals, and the obtaining of duplicate identification documents.”

* German Chancellor Angela Merkel has once again denied any link between the mass Third World invasion of Germany and the spike in terrorism across Europe—admitting in effect that her legal immigration policies had already caused terrorism to come to Germany.

At a political meeting in her home state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern ahead of a regional poll next month she was asked by a member of the public if “terrorism had come to Germany with the refugees.”

Merkel, whose approval ratings have collapsed over the past few months, answered that the “Islamic terrorism and ISIS is not a phenomenon that has come to us through the refugees, but one we already had.”

Merkel’s claim that the already-existing nonwhite colonizers in Germany—allowed in by her and all postwar German governments—were a source of terrorism, is completely accurate, as the spate of legal-immigrant attacks has clearly shown.

However, her claim that there is no link between terrorism and the fake refugee invasion which she sparked off, is an outright lie, as the terrorist attacks in Paris, Brussels, and Germany have all involved nonwhites who came to Germany at her express invitation.

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  1. She is a dangerous, misguided fool whose arrogance will not allow her to admit to her catastrophic error of judgement. She could have stopped the mass invasion had she come clean in the early days when it became abundantly clear just who the “refugees” actually were. Not “poor, wretched Syrian families”, but young men of fighting age, thugs, sexual predators and economic parasites.

    The terrifying crisis facing Germany and all of us in the civilised world, from North America through Europe to Australia, has its roots in one thing: the fantasy of multiculturalism.

    People have always moved around the world to settle, even in times of peace, but immigration was very different then. After the Second World War, there was mass movement, but it was a scenario of civilised people moving from civilised countries to be with other civilised people with shared values – prepared to integrate, contribute, and respect the laws and culture of their new country. They did not seek to impose their own beliefs, laws and culture on that host country. Most of all, they were GRATEFUL for the opportunity afforded them to escape the problems of their past and begin new lives. That gratitude is what is markedly missing with the majority of “new” immigrants, particularly Muslims, who, because of their belief in their total supremacy, have never had any intention of integrating and think only of imposing their beliefs, laws and culture on the host country. And multiculturalism ensured that this unacceptable attitude was never challenged and allowed to flourish.

    The crucial difference now is that these are not civilised people on the move, but uncivilised people from across the Third World – in many cases, no better than savages, many from backward black Africa – who are bringing with them their Third World chaos and criminality.

    Unfortunately, the West was lulled into a false sense of security by the relative success of past immigration. Take New York, a melting pot of Jews, Irish, Poles, Italians, Chinese and others who have chosen to coexist peacefully. The problem began with the then fashionable theory of multiculturalism, that all cultures, races and religions were equal and to be treated equally. It is a theory now thoroughly discredited by all the evidence of the past decades, since clearly they are not equal in any way.

    The West is finally waking up to the reality that in the misguided belief that we would all live in harmony, it has allowed countless millions of immigrants with other ideas to invade their countries and begin to plot against the the very people who took them in when no one else wanted them. Political correctness followed multiculturalism, so it became impossible (and now virtually illegal in Britain) to criticise these groups, particularly, of course, Muslims.

    The massive problem facing us now is undoing decades of “multicultural” insanity, and we must share some of the blame as we allowed our politicians to go down that path. We have changed our laws and our traditions to accommodate them, with no concessions made in return.

    It will be the challenge of our lifetime to save the free, democratic, civilised, cultured West from extinction.

    1. Probably one of the best comments I have read in years.

      Due to decades of political correctness and failure to act out of fear of offending immigrant minorities who have no intention of assimilating have allowed the cancer to grow when it could so easily have been nipped in the bud. Like cancer, the cure now is going to have to be all the more drastic surgery.

    2. As long as Cultural Marxism of the Frankfurt School, which has contaminated the western mind and destroyed its sensibilities continues the only outcome will be total devastation of the West. Decades of the march through the institutions, the monopoly of media, academia and the wealth of nations via usurped central banks in support of the multicultural overthrow are merely a continuation of what took place during the Bolshevik revolution and the World Wars which were part of the earlier movement to destroy the West.
      I would recommend listening to a famous speech by “Benjamin Freedman at the Willard Hotel in 1961” which can be found on YouTube concerning the Balfour Declaration and the Transfer Agreement. In the context of the Frankfurt School and the infiltration of Cultural Marxism into our midst which was part of a global Zionist push for world dominance.
      The “melting pot” as a term was the same “multiculturalism” that is being pushed today. Much of our modern multicultural disaster didn’t really happen until around 1924. And some Asians were also forbidden and denied entry until around 1965.
      Failure to understand the Jewish role in this push for the destruction of nations and nationalism is the lynchpin to our downfall.
      Decisive historical factors such as the Versailles Treaty, the Balfour Declaration, The Transfer Agreement (read The Transfer Agreement by Edwin Black), the Civil Rights Movement and the strategic infiltration of key positions in banking, legislature, the media, and academia have brought us to where we are.

    1. The whole situation is bad for the few Germans who warned for years about these sinister plans but have been laughed at for being stupid conspiracy theorists with tin foil hats.
      These Germans did not elect Merkel nor any of the block parties like SPD/LINKE/FDP/GRUENE/CSU/CDU/AfD

      Because a majority of superficial materialistic cowardly behaving people voted for decades cuckservative and leftitist parties,the more conscious ones are paying the price together with dumbed-down do-gooders. Also even if someone wanted to make a change decades ago. The quality of people have changed. They were and still are as one mentioned above infected by the toxic ideas of the Jewish Frankfurt School.

      Truly the end time. As in the days of Noah…..

      As everything is disintegrating, nation states like France, Spain, FRG, UK, Sweden will simply by the intended demographic change disappear from the face of the earth. What will arise out of the ashes of these states must be something much stronger and much better and a newly reborn Aryan peoples.

  2. Germany is disgusting……to the gutter with her! until hercitizens rise up and throw off the shackles of her left wing government she is doomed……

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