Germany: “1 Million Refugees”

With three weeks to go before the end of the year, the German government has officially registered one million nonwhite invaders as “asylum seekers” as of the beginning of this week, it has been announced.


There were more than 200,000 new registrations in November alone, placing a massive strain on the “asylum processing procedure” which has until now taken on average two years to process a single application.

According to the Rheinischer Post newspaper, experts are also doubting the one million figure. The Rheinischer Post said that this figure was most likely an underestimate due to the fact that the authorities are weeks behind in tallying the numbers.

The ability of the state apparatus to cope with these massive numbers has also been called into question with the revelation that in one case, an “asylum seeker” who invaded Germany in 2013 has just had his first hearing—two years after first registering.

The Somali “refugee,” named as Mohamed Ali Sharif, was, according to media reports, called for his first hearing by the Federal Office for Migration (Bundesamt für Migration, BAMF) in Braunschweig last week—and he will only find out in a “few months” if his application has been successful.

He first invaded Germany in November 2013 through Hungary, and although arrested, was never deported. This means he will have spent at least two-and-a-half years living off the German taxpayer before even being told if he will be allowed to stay.

The BAMF is itself in a near state of chaos. According to reports, before the current invasion started, it had 356,000 undecided “old” cases which still had to be investigated.

That office currently employs some 3,300 people, of which only 600 are “asylum decision-makers” in the field offices who are actually involved in the interviewing of applicants. They are also meant to make the decisions in clear cut cases, and are backed by an additional 600 “special decision makers” who are stationed in four major centers around the country.

So far, they have only managed to start processing 31,000 “new” applications, receive another 26,000, and have made decisions in just 100 cases.

An example of the type of fairy-land which the German politicians inhabit came with the news that the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party in the state of North Rhine Westphalia (NRW) wants to set up a “fast track” failed “asylum seeker” system.

In a “secret” report, “leaked to the media” this week, the state government stressed the need for a speedier decision process because of figures which showed that, prior to the Angela Merkel-driven mass invasion, only 5 percent of “failed asylum seekers” had been successfully deported.

To complicate matters even further, the German government earlier admitted that Syrians are the absolute minority of the current rush of nonwhite invaders, and at least 30 percent of those claiming to be Syrians are using fake papers to justify their claims.

Furthermore, the official figures are, as the government also admits, not a true reflection on the actual numbers entering Germany—and Europe by extension—as a result of the open borders Schengen policy. It was earlier admitted that large numbers of invaders were not being registered and were bypassing the reception centers or just “vanishing” after a few days without being registered.

Given all of these factors, two conclusions are clear:

1. It is going to take a great many years to process all these applications; and

2. Even if the nonwhite invaders actually patiently wait all these years—highly unlikely in itself—anybody who thinks that they are going to meekly accept being deported after years of living off the German taxpayer and submit to being sent back home, is under a great misapprehension.

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  1. Perhaps, forcibly deporting one thousand ‘migrants’ back home is a possibility, but trying to forcibly deporting upwards of one million – fit, healthy, strong, desperate, fanatical young men with nothing to lose, en masse, when they can band together to form a resisting army – bigger in numerical terms than they combined weight of the entire German police and army forces, well, you’ve got a WAR, on your hands.

  2. Deport all nonwhite invaders to Syria ; it needs repopulating and all the nonwhite expertise it can get. Plenty of land there just waiting for occupation ; if you can beat the neighbours to it.

    1. The unfortunate fact is that totally innocent European nations – forced by Merkel to take ‘their fair share’ – of the ‘migrants’, will also be forced to lie on that bed.

      It’s a pity that these nations are run by political prostitutes. Ultimately, the electorates of those nations bear responsibility by elected those dirty whores.

  3. “on the “asylum processing procedure” which has until now taken on average two years to process a single application.”

    How on EARTH can they spin it out for that long? I thought the Germans were known for efficiency. I must have been ill-informed.

  4. So with a workload of one and a half million migrants that number of 5% will be reduced to less than 1% of economic migrants deported . No doubt taxes will be shooting up in Germany as all the migrants are not leaving.

    ” prior to the Angela Merkel-driven mass invasion, only 5 percent of “failed asylum seekers” had been successfully deported.”

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