Germany: 1 Million “Syrian” Fake Refugees

At least 500,000 “family members” of the fake refugees claiming to be Syrians already in Germany are set to be given “family reunification rights” this coming year, raising the number of “Syrians” now living off the German welfare system to at least one million.

The half million extra invaders represent an increase in the “family reunification” process of 50 percent over the previous year, Die Welt newspaper has reported. Most of those “qualifying” claim to be Syrians.

In 2016, nearly 105,000 visas were issued for family reunification worldwide, the German foreign ministry reported. This was an increase from 70,000 in 2015 and 50,000 in 2014.

Of the 2016 number, 73,000 visas for “family reunification” were issued to claimants from Syria or Iraq, an increase from 24,000 in 2015.

Even significant numbers of the 65,000 “unaccompanied underage foreigners” who invaded Germany are now allowed to bring their families to Germany, with at least 3,200 such visas being issued in 2016.

The figures do not include “retired family members” of invaders, the government has admitted—meaning that the actual numbers could be even higher.

These figures are all in line with earlier predictions by Professor Adorján F. Kovács from the Goethe-Universität at Frankfurt am Main, who analyzed the invasion statistics in December 2015 and said that the influx of reproduction age Third Worlders would ensure that Germany becomes majority nonwhite within one generation.

Professor Kovács’ analysis showed that an accurate picture of the nonwhite influx’s impact could be seen when its numbers were compared not to the entire German population, but rather to the white German population of the same age group.

His figures showed that it was “perfectly reasonable” to expect a total “asylum-seeking” population in Germany of between three and four million by the year 2020.

“The fact that the majority of so-called asylum seekers are men, means that in almost all the cases, a successful bid for family reunification will be made.

“This will add between three and eight extra persons per successful asylum seeker, which means that by 2020 the total number of this group will be in excess of eight million.”

The fact that that are currently only 11.5 million European Germans in the 20- to 30- year-old age group means that by 2020—just four years away—white Germans will be an outright minority in this age category.

“Of the 23 million people in this country who are between 20 and 35 years, approximately 11.5 million people have a migration background within five years,” Professor Kovács said.

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