Germany: 1,900 Muslim Terror Suspects

The arrest of yet another ISIS-supporting Germany-born Muslim for planning a car-ram attack on a Christmas ice-skating rink in the city of Karlsruhe has brought to over 1,900 Muslims currently being actively investigated for terrorism, according to official figures.

Dasbar W. is taken into custody.

According to reports in the German media, the latest arrest of 29-year-old Dasbar W., who was born in the city of Freiburg, followed intelligence-led police raids which revealed that he had been planning to carry out a ramming attack in the name of ISIS on the crowds outside a skating rink.

The Muslim scouted the target in the southern German city of Karlsruhe in August and allegedly tried to get a delivery driver job in preparation for the attack.

“The accused, Dasbar W., is strongly suspected of having supported IS and being a member of IS,” German anti-terror prosecutors said in a statement. He is “strongly suspected of plotting a violent action.”

The prosecutors said that between April and July 2015 he disseminated ISIS propaganda videos online. That same year he left Germany for the first time to travel to Iraq, returning home in March 2016.

He made a second trip in June 2016 during which he pledged allegiance to ISIS and underwent weapons training before coming back to Germany in July 2017.

His arrest came the day after the first anniversary of the Christmas market attack in Berlin that killed 12 people and wounded hundreds.

Rejected “asylum seeker” Anis Amri, a Tunisian, ploughed a truck into the market on December 19, 2016 before being shot dead while on the run days later in Italy.

In a recent interview, German domestic intelligence chief Hans-Georg Maassen confirmed that the police were currently investigating at least 1,900 Muslims in Germany for terrorist links.

Dasbar W. first came to the police’s attention because of his involvement with the “Islam-Lies!” campaign launched by Salafists in Germany a few years ago, which attempted to propagate the story that it was a lie that Islam was a violent religion.

That campaign was given wide media coverage in Germany, as a part of the controlled media’s ongoing propaganda efforts to convince Germans—and Europeans—that they have nothing to worry about from mass Third World immigration.

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  1. No going back for Germany now, sectarian conflict within the next 40 years is inevitable & that is probably the best outcome in truth. With the demographic insanity Germany has inflicted upon itself, in truth, all Islam has to do to conquer Germany…is nothing but breed.

    Europe has a horrible future ahead of it, but it has gone through much worse, we will survive it.

    1. One thousand yrs ago, Europe went thru this, and it took centuries to round them all up and herd them back home. Nothing is more decimating than the global caliphate.

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