Germany: 2.5m Immigrants in 2015

A grand total of 2.5 million people—the vast majority of them from Third or Second World nations—came to Germany last year, new figures have revealed.

The extent of the deliberate displacement of Germans from Germany means that the switchover to a majority nonwhite nation will come even sooner than earlier predictions.


According to the latest figures issued by the government’s statistics agency (Destatis) last week, 2015 saw the highest levels of nonwhite invaders ever in German history to enter the country.

During the year “a total of 2.137 million people moved to Germany,” the report said—and then went on to admit that this was an underestimate.

“The increase in inflows to Germany in 2015 is due to increased immigration of foreign nationals: Of the total 2.137 million migrants, 2.016 million had foreign passports, which were 674,000 (+ 50 percent) more than in 2014,” the official report continued.

This was 672,000 more than in 2014, an increase of 46 percent.

It is clear that the arrival of hundreds of thousands of invaders pretending to be refugees had greatly affected the statistics.

The Destatis report broke down the newcomers by nationality, a breakdown which also made it clear that their figures are well below the official number of “refugees” provided by the government’s refugee resettlement office.

In addition, the Destatis report gave no indication of the residence status of the newcomers. Bearing in mind that Destatis normally only deals with residents, the difference between their figures and the actual number of “refugees” indicates that they are only referring to those immigrants who have acquired residence in Germany.

The report in fact confirmed that there was a discrepancy in its figures caused by an “underreporting” in the statistics, saying:

Asylum seekers are reportable and therefore generally included in the migration figures. In 2015, however, there must have been an underreporting of this group of people that cannot be quantified.

This being the case, the actual number of arrivals in Germany is likely to be well in excess of 2.5 million.

According to the statistics, 30 percent of “new Germans” came from the Asian continent, and 5 percent from Africa.

New arrivals from Asia came largely from Syria (298,000, Afghanistan (80,000), Iraq (60,000), and Pakistan (20,000).

Arrivals from within the European Union amounted to 45 percent of the total, with most coming from Romania (92,000), Croatia (40,000), and Bulgaria (40,000).

It can also be presumed—although Destatis provided no details—that the very large numbers of “immigrants” from Romania and Bulgaria are Gypsies in search of better welfare opportunities, rather than Europeans.

The only good news for Germany in the report is that the inflow of ethnic Germans from abroad amounted to around 121,000, about the same as the previous year.

At the same time, some 998,000 people left Germany in 2015, of whom 859,000 were foreign nationals (an increase of 94,000 over the previous year). Some 138,000 German nationals also left the country in 2015.

Although the Destatis report than went on to claim that all this meant a “net” migration increase of 1.157 million people, this can be safely dismissed as typical establishment propaganda which pretends that an influx of a million sub-80 IQ people is the “equivalent” of losing a million Germans. The so-called “balanced migration” hoax is used to hide the reality of the ethnic cleansing of white people from Europe.

Earlier this month, the German parliament passed a new “integration law” for the invaders, offering them permanent residence in Germany if they took “integration classes” and learned German.

This law—designed to make German citizens out of the invaders, proves that Angela Merkel was lying when she assured Germans in 2015 that the “refugees” would only stay in Germany for as long as their countries were at war.

In addition, the law also removed the requirement for employers to first employ qualified German nationals, opening the door to unscrupulous capitalists to employ “cheap labor” nonwhites in the place of Germans.

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  1. Underestimate of 2.5 million, wait until a vast majority of them claim family reunion, then you end up with upwards of 5 million, Merkel has made the biggest mistake of her life, Germany will never recover and with Merkel offering Turkey visa free travel and the Turks willing to give 300, 000 Syrians Turkish passports, the end will come sooner than expected.

    1. This is no mistake on Merkel’s part. It is a deliberate attempt to destroy an ethnic European country. Her masters whether through bribery or blackmail have ordered her to do it. As WW2 fades into history and the Jews have run out of old men to put through the courts in highly emotional and publicised trials they are terrified Germany might develop some sort of self respect and even become a proud nation again so this malevolent plot has been done to destroy Germany.

      It is a modern day Morgenthau plan. It has been long said it is a race between Europeans waking up and the World Order destroying them through mass migration. Strong rumours from Germany say that Merkel has property in Patagonia and will go there when things get to hot for her in Germany.

      1. This is foretold in the stories related by our ancestors in the events that lead up to Ragnarok. As sad as it is as long as our people are prisoners to Christianity it is unfortunately a certainty. But individually we can take action to protect our families and loved ones as do the humans that survive Ragnarok by hiding in the Hodmimir Forrest. Hail Odin! Hail Baldur! Hail Frey!

  2. “Cheap labour”- convergence of income across the EU. Stuart Rose indicated this at the start of the referendum campaign. Lowering wages across the EU is the plan…that’s why they want to get rid of the borders so there will be a huge influx of people. Those who will accept the lowest pay will be employed.
    I believe “zero hours” contracts are part of this trend.

  3. This really is the tipping point, I can’t believe what is happening to the beloved Fatherland- the cradle of modern European civilisation with its achievements in philosophy, music, engineering, invention, finance and construction. A land full of mineral wealth and stunning mountains, rivers, lakes and scenery given away to millions of invaders who will collectively turn Germany into a sewer.

  4. A military coup in Germany is inevitable. Merkel and her cronies will hang at some point. The invaders will become refugees again – scared to live in Germany.

  5. Why can’t anyone get rid of this old hag and her cronies. A cleansing of the German government is needed. Include franz timmermanns another wacko in Belgium.

  6. The uprising will come, whether from Europe, the US, or any outlying white enclave. When it begins, it will spread like a wildfire, cleansing and purifying as it does so. No stone shall be left unturned, no place to hide for the enablers and their barbarian hordes.

  7. I hope and pray it will b sooner than later please Germany stand tall for ur country ur way of life ur freedom to express ur wishes for ur children for their futures do not turn ur back on ur integrity do not b swallowed up in this third world invasion u have earn the right to live as u please ur country men did not flee they fought always remember that

  8. Just watching the BBC reporting on tonight’s axe attack on the train in Germany.
    Attacker identified as 17 year old Afghan “boy” who came to Germany recently as an unaccompanied minor refugee, but…
    “The motive for the attack is still not clear, it could be that this boy has just suffered from a psychological disorder of some kind”
    When will they start telling the truth, instead of making fools of themselves.!

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