Germany: 2% of Invaders “Work”

Only 2 percent of the 1.3 million registered nonwhite invaders posing as asylum seekers in Germany have found work—and the vast majority of those are in temporary, menial government-created and subsidized “one-Euro-a-day” jobs, it has been revealed.

According to the head of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), only some 30,000 “refugees” have been employed—out of the 1,303,000 invaders officially registered in Germany.


Speaking in an interview with the Rheinische Post newspaper, BAMF head Frank-Jürgen Weise admitted that he was “not satisfied, because we have failed to make any great achievements” in getting the invaders into the German economy.

When the invasion was at its height in 2015, the head of the Daimler organization—known as a foremost supporter of the “refugees welcome” movement—said that the influx of nonwhites was going to cause a second “economic miracle” (wirtschaftswunder).

The first wirtschaftswunder occurred when Germany recovered from the devastation of the Second World War. Somehow, Zetsche—and other “refugee welcome” supporters—believed that the importation of over a million and a half low-IQ Third Worlders would spark a renewal in the German economy.

Instead, as the new figures now show, the invaders are contributing absolutely nothing to the German economy, and instead are acting as a massive drain on the German taxpayers, who have to subsidize them and their families.

At least 7,500 of the invaders who were counted amongst the 30,000 “employed refugees” were working on temporary contracts, while most of the others had “menial jobs as janitors or as security guards,” the Deutsche Welle news service reported.

Three-quarters of the invaders have no vocational training at all, according to a report from the German authority for labor-related issues, the Bundesagentur für Arbeit (BA).

The agency said 74 percent of the invaders had never completed any job training and that 58 percent of the new arrivals would only qualify for ancillary positions, such as cleaning or maintenance.

The BA’s report came on the heels of revelations that Germany’s largest companies weren’t hiring many of the new arrivals. Only 54 refugees have found employment at one of the 30 firms listed on the DAX blue-chip stock index, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper reported earlier.

With the “family reunification” process still to kick in, the official 1.3 million “refugee” figure is soon likely to multiply exponentially—a move which will further increase the financial burden upon the German economy.

The prognosis is therefore clear: the mass Third World invasion will not “save” the German economy, but will instead destroy it, along with the European nature of that society and its 3,000-year-old civilization.

It is also increasingly clear that the only solution to this problem is not the halting of all Third World immigration and the “refugee” invasion, but also the reversal of both those policies, which must mean the expulsion of all those Third Worlders who have entered Germany—legally or illegally. The alternative is the extinction of Germany itself.

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  1. Merkel will not heed any warnings.
    Common sense suggests that the only way forward is either a coup or civil war. That’s the bare bones of it: the only remedies available and what the political elite throughout Europe choose to ignore.

    1. It has been said recently that the options are submission, repatriation or civil war. Given that the invaders will not leave willingly nor will their home countries take them back, given that their war on us has already started and that our own leaders are herding us towards submission, civil war is a certainty. For that to succeed however, the existing forces i.e. military and police must mutiny against their political masters and join the patriots.

    2. Civil war with military backing. Military coup with the support of civilian militia/Uprising with police support. There are countless possibilities. Keep the enemy guessing.

      1. I did say previously that the dictator, Merkel, would not change her position on the invasion. That’s precisely what she did, reaffirming, to the World yesterday, that Germany would not reject anyone. No doubt, as her last announcement of welcome to the Third Wold prompted, hundreds of thousands of savages from Africa will now take up her call. Why would they not respond to another ‘Welcome’?

  2. Remember, in the autumn of last year a lot of damned, filthy, shameless disgusting liars in the press, media, government, academic etc etc etc tried very very hard to justify the invasion by claiming that an ‘ageing’ Germany ‘needed’ all those ‘young, willing, industrious workers’ in order to ‘fund the German welfare state’.

    Where are those liars now? – lieing about brexit.

    1. I don’t need to remember ‘autumn last year’ Jonathan. The BBC and all other National Broadcasters are currently working tirelessly to massage all the information we receive in respect of Islam (a word they abhor having to even mention in the news). Migration is good. Multicultural diversity is good. In the BBC’s view, Human Rights are good also. Forget that the enquiry into the ‘tagged’ murderer of the Catholic Priest yesterday has already discovered the tag ‘was shut off for hours in the mornings’. In due course we will no doubt learn that a judge decreed that his tag was shut off mornings to comply with providing him with some privacy, enough to take time out to slaughter an old man. Doubtless, that decree will comply with some utopian European Court of Human Rights judgement, providing, the murderers right to “Privacy”.

    2. I also remember about 2 yrs ago some remarks in the UK MSM, by way of a half-hearted confession, that politicians were “just waking up” to the impact of mass immigration. Then they promptly went back to sleep.

  3. What ever happened to the intelligence
    of the Germans and the rest of western
    Europe. European suicide is happening
    faster than I imagined. So sad.

  4. like a light bulb coming on….suddenly the authorities are saying “Hey, you know what ? The people were right, they aren’t here to help us, they’re here to scrounge what they can !!!”. Duh…….

      1. Announcements, expressions of sorrow and hand wringing at the ‘front door’, yet the back door is open wide to whoever decides to walk through it – including Muslim terrorists.

  5. What is happening in Europe is not “suicide”, it is cold, calculated, premeditated murder and genocide. The treasonous Merkel and Hollande know exactly what they are doing. It is not some misguided naivete that propels their actions. They are willingly doing the bidding of their Zionist masters, the hidden “power behind the throne”. It pains me when I hear people say, “well, Europe is just reaping what they’ve sown, they were so liberal and guilt-ridden and now the chickens have come home to roost.” I’m quite sure that the average man on the street did not want this invasion and certainly did not get to vote on it! The people must rise up and fight!

  6. It still beggars belief that there is no resounding cry for a vote of no confidence in Merkel and all the leaders of all the other countries that are now afflicted with uneducated and unemployable masses that will never contribute to anything.

  7. If that evil woman gets another term, the destruction of Europe will be complete. I grew up in Germany and as a woman never had to fear for my physical safety. The rest of my family who is still there will have a very different experience. The destruction of Europe right before my eyes. It takes my breath away!!!

  8. Another powerful article. Great thanks TNO. I don’t want to sound anal, but I remember that when in 2004 the Eastern European countries joined the EU, Germany and Austria shut their job markets for them for the next seven years, amidst terrible huffing and puffing that an earlier opening of the market would result in a big loss of jobs for the Germans and Austrians. And now, all of a sudden, Merkel et consortes invite in millions of non-European aliens, ready to give them jobs on a silver plate. Not just those sh*tty ones that folks from the East of Europe would have been happy to take, but also good ones. For instance in THE BUNDESWEHR. Yes, the German Armed Forces are offering jobs to aliens from Syria!!! (I think TNO should investigate and write about this).

    1. 22 million people unemployed in the EU, I still don’t know what they are talking about when they say that they have a labour shortage.

      1. They lie like a rug. And they don’t care about the wellbeing of Europeans. Isarel’s wellbeing and “safety” first (especially the Germans, and notably Merkel, seem paranoid about it). That’s why they dump those Islamist hordes into Europe. “You’ve got to share the danger, Europeans. It’s your moral duty!”

  9. Military coup is now a necessity in most european nations,the present governing bodies locked up awaiting trials for treason.If this does not happen NOW future generations of europeans will face a life of hardship and abuse at the hands of islamist rulers.The fools in the police force that help merkel,hollande etc. need to wake up ……..terry

  10. Is anybody surprised, they only want a house and a life on welfare, no intention of working, or ever defending the country.

    1. Absolutely correct.

      Does anyone in their right mind even consider for one moment that these people came to Europe to WORK?
      Oh wait, the liberal loonies are clearly not in their right mind.

  11. “menial jobs as janitors or as SECURITY GUARDS” Guess we’re all safer now eh. A school caretaker maybe? Swimming pool security? Large venues for music festivals maybe, or get your friends free passes for ficki.Just couldn’t make this sh*t up.

  12. The answer is in your reply “Germany would not reject anyone”. Well, clearly, politicians view their own opinion as being a reflection of the wishes of the populace, when the truth is, the politicians speak for themselves, and no other. The true belief and concern is conveniently brushed aside. Merkel will fall on her own sword!

    1. Ste-G, the problem is the irreversible and mounting problems created while she is in power, so-say, “Following the will of the people”.

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