Germany: 2 More Invader Centers Attacked

German patriots have burned down another two invader centers as the war for the existence of Europe on both political and physical levels continues to escalate. In the town of Schkeuditz, near Leipzig, the roof of a planned invader center was completely burned out in an arson attack over the night of November 6–7, police have reported.


The fire originated in a part of the roof which had been badly burned in a previous arson attack two years ago. The local authorities had announced their intention to fix the damage from that attack in order to accommodate 60 invaders.

According to police, about fifteen square meters on the roof of the house burned out, and the local fire services were called out to extinguish the flames, but not before the rest of the roof had been severely damaged. It is unclear if the building can now be used at all for housing the invaders.


A planned invader accommodation center in the village of Peißen, Landsberg, Saxony-Anhalt, was attacked with Molotov cocktails over the weekend, police have reported. It was the first such incident in the area, they added.

Three Molotov cocktails were thrown into the building, an old highways agency office block, over the night of November 7–8, a police spokesman said. The arson attempt failed, apparently for lack of flammable material, and left only scorch marks on the wall.

Local police used dogs and an in-depth forensic investigation to try and track down those responsible, but were unable to do so, the police spokesman added.

The state government had started negotiations to rent the building as an invader center some weeks ago, with the aim of accommodating 200 people. Discussions are still ongoing, as are steps to rent an adjacent former Ramada Inn hotel, which will house 600 invaders. Peißen only has 1,019 inhabitants.

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  1. These parasites come here get 800 Euros a month, free laptop, free mobile, free internet, free food, free housing in a 4 star hotel but the one and only time I apply for ALG I'm told "Nah, you're too rich." YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP.
    I don't wantem here, nobody i know wants it her and so I don't know what's going on anymore.

  2. On Thursday Merkel give a speech during her party meeting in Darmstadt, southern Germany, and she said Balkan states could be plunged back into war if Germany closed it border with Austria. Isn't that grotesque?

  3. I'm with ya, mate! I can't think of anything else but a full scale revolt of seriously motivated native Europeans who one day will say ENOUGH – what else can stop this madness? Merkel looks like an extremly stubborn and very determined person who would never admit her huge mistake … or was it a mistake? Maybe that was all done purposly?

  4. They plan to put 600 invaders in former Ramada Inn hotel in a town with only 1,019 inhabitants? These parasites would feel more like at home in small tents together with their goats – they are mostly nomads for crying out loud 🙂
    This is pure madness!

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