Germany: 20% of “Asylum” Applications in 2018 were Babies Born in that Country

At least 20 percent of the 185,853 asylum applications made by nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees in Germany during 2018 were lodged on behalf of babies born in that country that year—indicating the extent of the Third World colonization of Europe which is under way.

The figures, presented by Interior Minister Horst Seehofer in Berlin, showed that in total 1,630,730 nonwhites pretending to be refugees lodged “asylum” claims in Germany from 2015 to 2018.

One in five of the asylum applicants in 2018 were babies who were born in Germany, Seehofer said, adding that the “bulk of recent claims came from Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans and Iranians.”

The 206-2017 “Migration Report” issued by the Bundesamt für Migration und Fluchtelinge (BAMF, or Federal Office for Migration and Refugees)—which is the latest printed report available from that office—said that around 1.5 million people moved to Germany in 2017 alone.

However, of that number, 67 percent of arrivals came from another European country, with Romania leading the pack. How many of these are Gypsies is impossible to tell, as no government institution tracks such numbers.

At the same time, in 2018, more “refugees” were transferred from Germany to other EU member states than ever before, according to an Interior Ministry report obtained by German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Some 8,658 “asylum-seekers” who were required to leave Germany did so between January and the end of November 2018. The previous year, 7,102 were deported to other states.

The deportations follow the EU’s Dublin III rule, which states that the country where a “refugee” first entered Europe is responsible for handling his or her application.

According to Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany made 51,558 requests in the first 11 months of 2018 to other EU countries that are party to the Dublin III agreement. Of these, some 35,375 were accepted.

Italy was the first destination for deported “asylum-seekers,” with almost one in three being sent there. On the other hand, Hungary received none of the “refugees” deported in 2018.

Greece took in only five and rejected the vast majority of requests that were made. Germany’s Interior Ministry noted that it found Athen’s reasons for not accepting more refugees “predominantly unfounded.”

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  1. Of course, it’s a deliberate tactic – the idea is that the childbirth ‘entitles’ the parents to stay forever.
    Even more worrying is the eventual and inevitable so-called ‘family reunification’ and spousal import ion, (incidentally both fully enshrined in EU law, thus no German government can do a damn thing to stop it). These two abuses between *CAN and WILL* ensure that the virtual entirety of the MENA population will dump themselves upon Germany and the EU.

    Brexit was the right thing to do.

    1. Unfortunately, the Brexit Stitch-Up is nearing completion, as predicted, with the Nest of Traitors in Parliament now ready to vote for Treason May’s Fake Deal keeping us enslaved to the EU forever. Yes, they put on a grand show of rejecting it only weeks ago, but now even Rees-Mogg is backtracking, despite all his eloquent Brexiteer speeches. They will then declare that “Brexit has been delivered”, and “democracy has been served”, while laughing up their sleeves at the peasants. Then they will trot out Nigel Farage with a “New Brexit Party” to distract the people’s rage toward “new elections”, as if it matters.

  2. This shows the typical characteristic of the invader which has been going on in all Western European countries for decades now. As soon as you arrive from the third world into Europe have a baby then it’s more difficult to deport you and technically your child is a citizen of that country with a European passport. Shocking demographic change in a once beautiful clean and low crime country.

    1. They will only be able to claim welfare assistance if the receiving nation they invaded can afford to pay.
      There is going to come a point very soon where even Germany will be bankrupted. Their two leading Banks the Deutsch and the Bundesbank are both in serious trouble. Greece, Italy, Portugal are all in fairly serious financial difficulties, and the French economy has been in free fall for at least two decades. The UK also has officially 2 trillion pounds of debt, but unofficially the figure is said to be far higher at £4.8 trillion.

      By taking in these feral, criminal minded, and often disease carrying inbreeding invaders Europe is stoking up its own funeral pyre.

      Civil unrest on a massive scale is now unavoidable, Europe is like a powder keg just waiting to explode, and it will very soon, mark my words.

  3. Marxist Merkel doesn’t care—she has already bought an estate in the Illuminati Hideout Country called “Andinia”, not far from the Bush family’s estate, along with all the political elites, Hollywood celebrities & European royalty. See “Zionists Set Their Sights on Patagonia”, and “The Andinia Plan”. You see, that’s why they don’t care what happens to western civilization, because they won’t be here. They are planning to watch the destruction of the West and the WW3 they have engineered from the comfort and safety of their vast estates in Patagonia, while the world is told they have gone into “underground shelters”. Many will fake their own deaths, just like Hitler did, when he escaped with Eva Braun to the same Illuminati Hideout Country “Andinia”, of which Argentina is a part.

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