Germany: 50% Failed Asylum Seekers Stay

About half of all failed “asylum seekers” in Germany stay on in defiance of their deportation orders, and all Eritreans are given “asylum” even though that country is not at war.

In addition, almost all “asylum seekers” who claim to be Syrians or who are “stateless” are also being given refuge in Germany.


These facts were released this week in the German Bundestag in answer to an in-depth parliamentary question posed by Ulla Jelpke, a member of the far left Die Linke party.

The German government statement said that “well known” deportation hurdles are to blame for the low deportation rate. This has meant that 49 percent of those who made an unsuccessful attempt for asylum in 2014 and 2015 did not leave the country as they were supposed to do, according to a report in the Die Welt newspaper.

The largest number of rejected “asylum seekers” come from Albania and Kosovo. These people mostly leave voluntarily, but it is the “others” who are simply refusing to leave.

These “others” include Pakistanis, sub-Saharan Africans, and North Africans.

The statement also revealed that the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) is still dealing with at least 410,000 “asylum” applications as of March 2016—but that that office has “presumed” that a further “300,000 to 400,000” invaders in Germany had not even made any official request for asylum.

These invaders make up at least part of the estimated half a million nonwhites who have just “vanished” after taking up Angela Merkel’s offer to come to Germany.

The acceptance rate of those invaders who have applied for asylum stands at around 71 percent, the German government statement continued.

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Worked out by nationality, the acceptance rates are as follows: “Syrians,” 100 percent; Eritreans, 99.3 percent; stateless, 98.7 percent; and “refugees with undetermined nationality” 97.1 percent.

These figures make a mockery of the entire asylum process. It is well-known that Syrian passports can be purchased for as little as €20 per document.

In addition, the almost guaranteed granting of asylum to any nonwhite invader who feigns ignorance of his nationality, and to Eritreans—even though that country is not at war or even facing unrest of any sort—proves that the standards being used to grant “refuge” are deliberately being distorted to facilitate the invasion.

The Die Welt article went on to reveal that an average “asylum” application takes about six months to process, but takes much longer for Afghans (15 months), Eritreans (11.7 months), Iranians (17.6 months), and Pakistanis (18.9 months).

The reason for the delays was not given, but it mostly likely has to do with the inability of those nations’ governments to cooperate with the German authorities.

Finally, the chaos in the “asylum system” was highlighted by the fact that in March 2016, the number of asylum applications exceeded the number of registrations in the national database, known as the “Easy” system.

In that month, there were 58,315 asylum applications, but only 20,608 “Easy” registrations. This means that there is a massive undercount of the number of nonwhite invaders actually in Germany.

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  1. Even the most credulous German must now realize that Merkel is a plant for the Zionists, she is destroying Germany from the inside!!

    I hope she goes out screaming!!

  2. “Worked out by nationality, the acceptance rates are as follows: “Syrians,” 100 percent; Eritreans, 99.3 percent; stateless, 98.7 percent; and “refugees with undetermined nationality” 97.1 percent.”

    That’s ridiculous.. They are all poverty migrants, the way the asylum system is run, entire WORLD can claim asylum in Europe.

    Every European country needs to get rid of it’s welfare system(welfare should only be available to tax paying European citizens) and do away with these ridiculous outdated asylum treaties.

  3. Can anyone seriously see this ending well now?
    The handful of Germans trying to resist, will sadly never make any real difference, and it seems the majority of Germans are well and truly subjugated already.

  4. It has become a necessity now for the German people to elect a new Hitler, in order to save Germany from the Islamic barbarism. Unlike the old Hitler who plunged Germany into unnecessary wars, the role of the new Hitler is to defend Germany against the Islamic invasion.

    1. They’ll have to be ruthless to rid Germany, and subsequently Europe of this vermin, fighting fire with fire is the only way now.

  5. It’s been said on other threads, when it comes to the ability to lie through your back teeth, all these invaders from all the countries they’ve left, are so expert at it, and the do-gooders that have never been in the real world for long enough to tell the difference, still want welcome them, but even money says they won’t be offering them a home. So the invaders think they are safe and unless force is used, they’ll not be sent back to where they originally came from. What the UK political elite of three parties are not prepared to discuss is how many of them will be crossing the English Channel in the near future.

  6. A little over 70 years ago, the great German people could have easily solved this if you understand my thoughts.

  7. These criminals, cowards and fugitives from other lands must be removed from Europe. Europe must wake up and realize this invasion (even though they come as beggars) is no different from past invasions, the end result will be the same. Round them up and deport or your descendants will not have a home land.

  8. The elites know something we do not. EU will cease and so will all pensions and social security. EU will be in a mess. Capitals will all flee to usa.


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