6,000 Invader “Incidents” Per Day

Nonwhite invaders in Germany are responsible for in excess of 6,000 “incidents”—most of them criminal—to  which police are called out every day, according to an extrapolation of figures secretly compiled by the authorities in the state of Saxony.


According to a report in the Sächsische Zeitung, the German police in that state are keeping a record of all the incidents—in secret—and deliberately not releasing the figures to the press or the public.

The report, leaked to the newspaper by a whistle-blower in the police, revealed that nonwhite invaders posing as “refugees” are responsible for around 400 crimes per day in the state of Saxony alone.

If replicated throughout Germany’s sixteen federal states—and there is no reason to think that they are not—this means that there are likely in excess of 6,000 such incidents every day right throughout Germany.

According to the Sächsische Zeitung, the list of “incidents” is compiled on a daily basis and sent to the German Interior ministry—“but withheld from the public.”

Using the invader center in Riesa, Saxony, as an example, the Sächsische Zeitung said the building housing the nonwhites had been used as “asylum accommodation for more than two years.”

The paper goes on to say that since then, there has been no news from the police about any incidents in the invader center, and from that, one might have presumed that a “smooth coexistence goes on there.” However, this is “apparently not” the case, the report continues.

The Sächsische Zeitung then lists the incidents which have taken place at the invader center, all noted down in the internal memorandum.

The list of attacks includes serious injuries, fights, knife attacks, robberies, and sex abuse, all of which, the report says, involved “asylum seekers.”

When asked why none of the incidents had been made public, the police said that they had orders only to respond to specific queries. In other words, someone else must first know about it, before the police will confirm that it happened.

Four cases in particular serve as examples of the police cover-up, the Sächsische Zeitung reports. They were a fight between invaders at the “asylum center,” two robberies in nearby Dresden, and one case of child abuse, all of which occurred in a single 24-hour period and all linked to the invader center in Riesa.

Only one of the two robberies was reported to the public by the police, the Sächsische Zeitung said. This was a case in Dresden last Tuesday evening when three Moroccan “asylum seekers” attacked a “Tunisian,” severely beating him and robbing him of a cell phone and wallet.

“A similar case which occurred five hours later in Dresden Neustadt by several Tunisians remained unmentioned,” the Sächsische Zeitung said.

In addition, a sex abuse case of a six-year-old boy by a “Syrian” on a train also remained unreported, despite several witnesses. According to the secret police report, a 44-year-old nonwhite invader had grabbed the child from behind and kissed him on the mouth. He had only stopped when another passenger intervened.

The police had not reported the incident, the Sächsische Zeitung said, because after his arrest and when under interrogation, he claimed that it was a “cultural misunderstanding” because that was how they “greeted children” in his country, and that in future he would just “pat children on the head.”

This police policy of deliberate non-reporting unless they get a specific press query has the practical effect of stifling any reports of the invader crime wave, and only letting the most public of such attacks even make the police press statements.

The Sächsische Zeitung went on to say that, with “300 to 400 operations per day” involving the “asylum seekers,” the police in Saxony had to “choose which to make public and which would not be relevant.”

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  1. And the beat goes on! Is anyone paying attention? I am soon going to be 67, and it makes me happy not to witness the complete breakdown of western civilization precipitated by retrograde misogynistic refuse breeders
    (did I forget an adjective, if so, please remind me). Eternal peace seems welcome, but what about my child, and his children? Merkel does not have any!!!

    1. Merkel couldn’t care less and neither could Cameron.European leaders are guilty of complete and utter indifference to the suffering of indigenous Europeans.there are honourable exceptions of course ,such as Orban of Hungary and the other leaders of the Visegrad.But western European leaders are happy to bring about the cultural annihilation of their own people.

      1. Shelagh,
        I find I am constantly having to tell people that what is happening has nothing to do with indifference, incompetence or any other perceive failing on the part of politicians & their officials.

        It is a carefully planned program for the New World Order in which you will have no say.

        The only indifference being displayed is by the people who constantly vote for this socialist freak show.

        We are all being constantly bombarded with the PC culture and the stage is now set to keep you quiet so the NWO agenda is carried to it!s conclusion ……unless of course Europe & other western nations revolt.

        The tempo of change is being stepped up as the politicians fear revolution.

      2. Western Europe will soon fall under a Caliphate after mass killing and mayhem. The citizens can’t think critically or know their history. Few alpha males exist and freedom of speech is outlawed. Decadence, idiocy and apathy prevail, caring nothing about their children or future. The EU Marxist-globalist leaders will hop a jet to S. America with a wad of money (pay offs) for handing the EU over to globalist control. Some may already be Muslims and will stay and rule. This whole thing is an enigma to those who understand Islam and the terror they bring when a country is taken over.

    2. Congrats! I too will be 67 in June. However it’s not really much to celebrate these days is it? 2 possible reasons Merkel has no children; 1: She knew what was coming, 2: She’s too bloody ugly!

    3. merkel/cameron and the EU leaders are having to accelerate the take over as the natives are restless and may blow up any moment!!! and we will…

  2. Try as they may, the genie will come out of the bottle. These incidents can’t be whitewashed forever. It is only a matter of time, and the clock on the timebomb is ticking.

  3. Methinks the headline to this story is perhaps wrongly worded.
    Surely even repulsive mysogynistic sex-crazed Turdworlders would be hard pressed to notch up 6000 incidents PER DAY….lol
    Otherwise….Heaven help us all !!

  4. the German police in that state are deliberately not releasing the ‘secret’ crime figures to the press or the public. Is this a government policy to try to keep Mrs Merkel in power at the upcoming election? It is a clear violation of the Germans rights to protection from crime and deliberate misinterpretation of clause 2 Article 8 of the EU human rights act which list the exceptions when public authorities can interfere with the rights to privacy and family life of people claiming such rights.

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