Germany: 80% Invaders Have No Papers

80 percent of all the nonwhite invaders who have poured into Germany over the last 18 months claimed to have no identification papers with them, it has emerged.

There is little chance of so many having “lost” their papers, and this high figure is prima facie evidence that the “asylum” claims are bogus.


The 80 percent figure was revealed by the Bild newspaper, which placed one of its nonwhite journalists as an undercover reporter at a “reception center.”

The journalist signed up as an employee of the Federal Office for Refugees (BAMF) specifically to work inside a “reception center” to gain a first-hand account of how the government processes the invaders.

The Bild journalist, Abdullah Khan, is a legal immigrant from Pakistan. His salary for working at the “reception center” of the BAMF in Berlin was €1,520 net per month (US$1,700).

His account of a typical day at the reception center reveals the extent of the fraud and swindling being carried out by the invaders:

Accompanied by an interpreter, a young man enters my office. I estimate him to be about 20 years old.

He wears red Nike sneakers, jeans and a thick jacket. I ask him where he got the clothes, and he tells me they were given to him in the receiving asylum center.

The young man claims to originate from Afghanistan. He speaks Urdu, which is spoken in the home of my Pakistani parents.

I understand him without translators. When I ask for his passport, he shakes his head. He swears that he had lost it.

I explain to him that it would be advantageous for him if he had a passport here. At the later asylum-hearing, the decision will rely on him proving that he really does come from Afghanistan.

He reaches into his jacket pocket and gives me his passport. “But it is actually expired,” he says.

I wonder why he did not show me the passport earlier.

The Bild journalist does not have to point out the obvious—that an Urdu-speaker is not from Afghanistan, and that the “expired” Afghanistan passport is obviously fake.

On this day I work five cases. At least two I know have made false declarations.

A particularly brazen one was an applicant who allegedly came from Morocco. He looks like he is 65 years old, but states that he is 30. Even my colleagues laugh.

Another one says he is from Syria, and fled from Aleppo before a barrel bomb sent by Assad. Others claim to flee ISIS.

Are they lying to me and are they just economic migrants who do not qualify for asylum and just hope for a better life in Germany? Or is this an ISIS sympathizer sitting in front of my desk?

On all these issues I have no answers. All I know is that currently there are far too many people living in Germany, and we do not know where they really come from, what they really intend and why they are really here.

The Bild journalist goes on to describe how work colleagues describe the “asylum seekers’ tricks:”

Many pose as minors traveling alone, because word has spread that they will qualify for more benefits.

In order to lie about their age, many passports and identity documents are falsified.

The Bild journalist points out the problems police face when a fake passport is detected: Although they take the perpetrator into custody, they “don’t even know his real name” or where he has come from.

Then the journalist reveals that “80 percent of the refugees” simply do not have any identification at all when they arrive in Germany.

“Most say they have lost the documents while fleeing, and many say that they are Syrians because they know that the chance of being recognized as an asylum seeker is greatest” if they claim that nationality.

However, the demands of proof of being a “Syrian” are appallingly low, the Bild journalist said.

Many asylum applications from Syrians are approved without even a personal interview, he revealed.

From November 2014 to the end of 2015, all that Syrians would have to do to qualify for asylum was complete a 10-page questionnaire.

Simply making a cross in the box next to the first question was sufficient for recognition.

The question read: “In Syria, I fear persecution because of my race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership of a particular social group and therefore apply for refugee status in Germany.”

In some cases, the questionnaire was previously filled by interpreters, so that the refugees only had to sign.

Every applicant who answered “yes” to this question was automatically recognized as a refugee. In this way, 131,160 were given asylum status in Germany.


This “process” was only abolished at the beginning of 2016, when its obvious flaws became too much even for the BAMF officials to bear, the Bild continued.

Other tricks being used by the invaders include preventing the reception centers from taking their fingerprints.

Again and again it happens that the applicants have destroyed their fingerprints. They use grease, acid or superglue on their fingers, while others have actually ground away their fingertips.

Some want to avoid being recognized on crime registers at the Federal Police Office, or because they have already been registered in another country.

There are so many cases of destroyed fingerprints that there is even a procedure set up to accommodate this eventuality—despite the obvious fraud involved in such a case.

If fingerprints cannot be taken, the Bild journalist said, then all that is done is make a check next to pre-printed box saying so.

Even though the Bild reporter reveals the shocking state of affairs behind the scenes as the “refugee” frontline in Germany, that newspaper still stands at the forefront of supporting the invasion, and attacking and denigrating anyone who opposes it.

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  1. Just published today. Worth reading

    islams quiet conquest of Europe

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    Migrants are an underground army
    And from this site:)
    UN supplying invasion of Europe

    1. No surprises here, they send the filthy UN into a country and they rape the children. Corrupt, selfserving and greedy as just like the EU. All for oil and money. How did this mess all start? Remember Blair and Bush’s BS war on terror and weapons of mass destruction LOL. The fight for the trough in the ME still continues, but hey thats okay as the taxpayers can fund the war and fund keeping all the so called refugees as well lol

  2. Apart from the fact that it has been well known for at least a year plus, this revelation being published now proves the level of deceit and corruption of the political elite within Germany. As we all know, you cannot, I repeat, you cannot go anywhere in the world without the correct piece of paper that will allow you to enter any country and the Middle East has more documentation than many other countries – so it beggars belief that the civil servants within Germany have abdicated their responsibilities by order of their dictator. The whole of the EU is under the rule of Dictators, democracy is dead and has been for a long time, the media are irrelevant and do not provide any form of honest news anymore, the future generations will not be grateful for the mess all this will leave them to cope with.

    1. Exactly its all just BS and propaganda to keep the money flowing into the coffers of the worlds elite. They couldnt care a less about refugees and the citizens of countries these savages are invading – the collateral. Taxpayers just have to suck it up and keep paying, and a lot do so willingly and blindly while the worlds rich and poor suck them dry like the parasites that they are and if citizens die or get killed in the process who the hell cares as you dont mean anything to them. But hey the manipulation continues you are all taught to feel guilty and to keep giving whilst those who promote their lies of health and safety couldnt care a less if youre beaten raped killed or robbed, you only have to look at Calais, you try behaving like that and youd be locked up straight away lol. But hey keep listening to the Blairs Merkels Obamas and Junkers of this world while they cream in the money and laugh in your face, but hey when you die or get killed we’ll light up some monument for you lol then forgot you ever existed and then go on with our sweet lives

  3. It was reported that evidence from abandoned equipment supplied by the UN and leaflets found which advised the invaders to destroy passports and state they were minors. This gave them a stronger claim to asylum. It was thought that the info provided was by an immigration organisation funded but Soros ?

  4. Save the rubber boats they come in and repack them. Then tow them out to the Libyan territorial border and leave them there.

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