Germany: 81,840 Invaders Vanish Each Month

More than 81,840 of all the nonwhite invaders who officially enter Germany every month vanish without trace, the government has formally admitted. This figure is based only on those invaders who enter the country and are registered, and does not factor in those who avoid the system completely.


According to Heiko Werner, a manager in the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge, BAMF), a third of all “refugees” move off from “arrival centers” even before they can be assigned to an “asylum” center.

“We cannot force anyone to stay,” Werner told the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper, adding that only the Federal police have the right to force the invaders to go anywhere. As a result, those who wish, can just leave without telling the authorities.

According to the Focus news service, there are currently some 7,000 to 8,000 “refugees” arriving in Germany every day. This official figure is most likely an underestimate, given previous admissions by the government that many are not even being registered.

Nonetheless, using these official figures, one third of 8,000 is 2,640 per day, or 81,840 per month.

Police figures quoted by Focus said that there were 46,960 official “newcomers” who entered Germany in the period November 8 to November 12 alone. This means that 15,496 invaders have “vanished” inside Germany in that four day period.


An indication of the chaotic situation into which the state has been thrown by Angela Merkel’s decision to throw open Germany’s borders to the Third World, came with an admission by the central government that it does not even know the actual number of invaders who have entered what they call the “initial reception” process.

Ole SchröderThe admission was made in response to a written question from the Green Party parliamentarian Renate Künast, who had asked for the specific numbers.

German Interior Secretary Ole Schröder replied in writing to her, saying that the government has “no overall view of the number of asylum-seekers accommodated in initial reception” and that it did also not know “how many people have been distributed by the initial reception to the municipalities.”

Künast told the newspaper that she understood that it was “difficult to put a figure on the actual number of refugees in Germany, but to simply not know how many people currently residing in the initial reception centers is embarrassing. How can a sensible policy on refugees succeed if it does not even work on a statistical level?” she asked.

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  1. German citizens are required to (and fined if they fail to) register their place of residence with the state authorities. Even if you leave Germany for good, you have to tell them where you are going. Also, in Germany, income tax is collected at the source, always: Your employer pays directly to the state. Homeschooling is illegal; if you don't go to school, your parents go to jail. The courts and judges are not independent; they are bound to political administration. There is no such thing as trial by jury. Germany has no constitution but a basic law imposed by the allied forces after WWII. If you think that Germany is a sovereign country, then you will never understand what exactly is needed to fix this awful train wreck.

    After 70 years of allied brainwashing and no freedom of speech, Germans are putting up with ridiculous levels of bondage. I had to leave Germany and get myself a proper attitude adjustment in America to understand that Germany is an occupied country with no freedom of speech and no peace treaty. You may think WWII is over — for the Germans that's not the case. Officially, Germany is still listed as an enemy state of the UN. If a head of state should dare do anything TelAviv doesn't like, it's perfectly legal to just start bombing the shit out of Germany again.

    Oh, and Merkel is not incompetent. She is fully controlled by Washington and a certain democracy in the Middle East, and owns properties in at least 4 different countries, including Paraguay.

  2. All that chaos is so uncharacteristic to Germany that it's unreal. Merkel is clearly very incompetent but at the same time very stubborn like a typical "square head". I'm afraid she'd rather cause some sort of serious social disorder than admit she made a huge mistake inviting those hordes in.

  3. Theyll only be hanging around in the big cities,merkel need not worry, they will never leave germany, the benefits are too good. . Merkel was obviously bored and wanted a challenge. Now come on krauts, dont let mutta down, you know you can rise to the challenge!!!!!!!

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