Germany: 82% Invaders “Fail Basic Literacy”

Many nonwhite invader-“refugees” in Germany don’t know how to hold a pen, and 82% fail the most basic literacy test—needed to work in the lowest skill “helper” professions—despite years of individual tuition which has cost the state €120 million, officials have admitted.

According to figures issued by the German Federal Office for Refugees (BAMF), and published by the Bild newspaper, “despite extra small learning groups, the refugees [still] have problems” with the basic German language test, which is needed to work at the lowest possible unskilled labor level.

There are six different language levels, from A1 (beginner) to C2 (expert). The “minimum entry into the labor market” test is known as a “B1” which allows people to “understand key points when using clear standard language and when it comes to familiar things.”

For example, the report said, in a “B1” test, a candidate has to learn how to “apologize, among other things, when they do not come to work.”

In addition, the student should be able to say from where they have come and what job they have.

The test “also includes listening tasks with the simplest comprehension questions.”

However, the BAMF figures said that of the 43,000 “refugees” (out of a total of two million!) who bothered to register for the course in 2017, only 5.9 percent of Eritreans managed to pass the test, while 11.5 percent of Iraqis passed the B1 test.

Other groups of nonwhites also fail this basic test—described as the minimum requirement for helper jobs “also fail the test at more or the less the same rate, with the highest group pass rate being 17.5 percent, the official figures reveal.”

As the Bild report adds: “The results are sobering. As internal figures show, the growing proportion of illiterate refugees is a problem.”

“Despite extra small learning groups and up to 1300 lessons, four out of every five refugees still speak German so badly that they cannot even get a helper job or get an education.”

“For migrants with a Turkish background, the rate is also only 17.3 percent. It does not look any better in normal integration courses, that is, without illiterates.

“Bad language skills present enormous challenges to job centers and employment agencies,” the report notes.

Quoting a spokesman for the Federal Employment Agency (BA), the Bild goes onto point out that “these basic language skills are a prerequisite for successful labor market integration,”—in other words, without them, there will be no “working migrants” at all.

The spokesman goes on to say that even for the most basic “helper” jobs—cleaners and the like—an “understanding in German on instructions on safety regulations or necessary workplace admissions are necessary.”

The broader implications of the findings are perfectly in line with the previously well-established link between IQ and race—and the reality that all of the invaders in Germany come from regions of the earth where the average IQ ranges between 60 and 80—too low to fit into a sophisticated white western society.

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  1. Don’t worry. They’ll enrich our nations in other ways besides speaking, working and paying taxes—they just haven’t thought of them, yet.

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