Germany: 99.9% of Invaders Will Stay

Contrary to German government claims that “refugees” will go home once there is “peace in their countries,” new statistics show that only one out of every 1,000 invaders granted “asylum” are ever refused permanent residence.

According to an investigation by Die Welt newspaper, “almost all refugees are allowed to stay permanently” in Germany, even those who were only initially granted “temporary subsidiary protection.”

The investigation revealed that the latest figures from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) proved that in 99 percent of cases, once anyone had been recognized as a “refugee,” they could remain permanently in Germany.

According to the Geneva Convention, the report continued, “asylum and refugee protection are granted for a limited period of three years.”

However, after the expiration of this period, those granted “protection” are then almost always given indefinite leave to remain, Die Welt revealed.

This process is only interrupted if the “refugee” protection status is revoked or withdrawn within the three year period—but, as the investigation revealed, this has only happened in 240 cases during the whole of 2016.

At the same time, Die Welt continued, a total of 256,136 Third World invaders received “full refugee protection” in 2016, meaning that the rejection rate was 0.09 percent.

Since August 1, 2015, the German immigration authority has been able to grant settlement permits much more quickly in terms of an amendment to the Residence Act.

This amendment, Die Welt revealed, had made “a considerable streamlining of the regular review process” possible, so that “only a small number of the recognized refugees needed a detailed examination of the grounds” for revocation of their status.

All in all, the BAMF admitted, only 2,207 such examinations were ever carried out in 2016. These cases included decisions on the “protection of refugees, subsidiary protection, and protection from deportation.”

The BAMF figures showed that most of the decisions, that is, in 1,812 cases—were made in favor of the invaders, and only 240 lost their “right” to refuge in Germany.

What this means is that of the nearly two million nonwhite invaders who landed in Germany over the past two years, the vast majority are going to be allowed to stay, and bring over their extended families.

This process can only be halted by a change of government and policy direction in Germany. A failure to achieve this aim will lead to the rapid extinction of Germany as a white, European nation.

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