Germany: Another Invader Center Destroyed

German patriots have finally succeeded in burning down the planned invader center in the seaside resort Trassenheide, located on the island of Usedom in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern—after an attempted arson last month failed to achieve its objectives.


According to police, the apartment building, set aside three months ago to accommodate nonwhite invaders currently pouring into Germany, was this time completely destroyed, after the previous attack only left scorch marks on the outside of the building.

The fire was reported at 3 a.m. Sunday, November 15, and fire units from Trassenheide, Karlshagen, Zinnowitz, Bannemin, and Peenemunde attended the scene. Their efforts were in vain and the roof was completely gutted and the accommodation is no longer habitable, police said.


The building, formerly an office block belonging to a metal construction company, had been renovated in the past few months and the first set of invaders were due to move in there on Thursday, November 19.

The previous attack took place on October 12, when a Molotov cocktail ignited against an outside wall but failed to enter the building and quickly burned itself out.

A meeting to “inform” residents about the planned invader center was held only last week. The people at the well-attended meeting were overwhelmingly against the proposal.

There are only about one thousand inhabitants in Trassenheide.

It has also emerged that there was a second proposal to use a vacant police dormitory on the island of Usedom as an alternative refugee accommodation. This building was also attacked by arsonists on the night of October 29, but only minor damage was inflicted on the front door.


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  1. I'm not surprised. Eventually the truth reaches the German people and the censorship and brainwashing have no effect.

  2. The eyes, the ears, the brains of Germany are starting to overwhelm all the brain laundry soap that Merkel has applied to the populace. The truth hurts. They are tired of seeing German culture destroyed.

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