Germany: Democratic Stasi’s Mass Arrests

More than 60 people have been arrested in raids across Germany carried out by that country’s secret thought police—the modern version of the old East German communist Stasi.

The raids—carried out early Wednesday morning—arrested members of a private Facebook group which opposed the Angela Merkel-created “refugee” invasion.


A statement issued by the Federal Office of Criminal Investigations (BKA) said that the aim of the mass raids was to “decisively confront the growth in verbal radicalism which is appearing on the Internet.”

Since December 2015, the BKA has been coordinating a special police unit which combines state and federal police in a project called “Tackling Hate Posting.”

The unit was set up after Bavarian police observed regular “hate posts” being published on a secret Facebook page between July and November 2015.

“Today’s raids make one thing clear. German police are committed to tackling hate speech and provocation on the Internet,” BKA chief Holger Münch said in the statement.

“Hate speech cannot be allowed to poison the public debate. Attacks on refugee homes are often the result of a radicalization which begins on the Internet.”

The statement said that the “secret Facebook group” “regularly committed offenses in the period from July to November, 2015.”

“In this context, the police departments in the federal states of Bremen, Thuringia, Baden-Württemberg, Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Brandenburg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saxony-Anhalt, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Berlin, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony, and Bavaria,” took part in the searches, the statement continued.

“The nationwide operation also serves to warn citizens about making right-wing statements on social networks,” the statement continued, advising the public that they can report “hate postings” to the police via “anonymous portals” set up by the state for that purpose.

The raids come just days after a German couple were found guilty of “incitement” and “sedition” for establishing a Facebook group which opposed the nonwhite invasion, the Merkur newspaper reported.

Peter M. (27) founded the group AFB (Anti refugee movement) about a year ago on Facebook, and he and his wife, Melanie M. (26) were the administrators of the group.

Their “hate speech” Facebook page’s founding statement was read in court:

War and economic refugees are flooding our country. They bring terror, fear, and sorrow. They rape our women and put our children at risk. Bring it to an end!

In just two months, 900 people joined the group, before it was reported to Facebook. The Facebook administration investigated the group, and found it to be perfectly legal.

“Anti-fascists” then reported the Facebook group to the police, who, after an “investigation,” deemed that the pair could be prosecuted.

In court, Peter M. said that “one cannot even express the least bit of criticism about refugees without being called a Nazi. All I wanted to do was to create a discussion forum where people could speak their mind about refugees.”

He added that he repeatedly checked the posts and deleted any “radical” statements so as to always comply with the law. This was, of course, confirmed by the fact that Facebook had allowed the group to continue.

After sentencing Peter M. to a nine month suspended prison sentence and his wife to a fine of €1,200 the judge said: “I hope you understand the seriousness of the situation. If you sit in front of me again, you will end up in jail.”

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  1. The only way that the German people are going to take back their country, is by going on the streets in their millions!

  2. I would rather wash sheets in a brothel than be a policeman in Germany (or the UK). They are slaves to the government but forget that their salaries are not paid by their masters; they are paid by those they arrest. I hope their women receive the attention of refugees; good karma.

    1. Only some days ago the German mainstream media
      reported that members of a police unit of Bad Godes-
      berg, formerly a picturesque part of the town of
      Bonn on the Rhine and before reunification the residential
      quarter of the diplomatic community, refused to participate
      in night operations against criminals of mostly oriental
      descent because they deemed it too dangerous.

  3. That’s just what I’ve told you before. M. has learned her lessons very well. There’s no real political opposition in Germany, that’s the problem. They are heading for the NWO.

  4. Disgusting, flood the country with Third World Invaders and then prevent opposition to it by mass arrests. What a vile and wicked old hag that Merkel is. Women are being raped, attacks on Europeans everywhere and terrorists roaming lose to murder and maim at will because of her open door insanity and she still has the nerve to appear in public smiling and joking with the other traitors of the political class!

  5. There is only one solution to this problem, and the circumstances that occasioned it. It was used in the past to very good effect.

  6. There’s no hate speech, only truth speech. Bezerkei merkel and her cronies can’t handle the truth. I just
    do not understand why it is so important to bring in nonwhite invaders
    as odumma the bumma is doing to the
    US. No country has obligations to take
    in migrants if the majority population
    objects. No moral obligation or otherwise.

      1. Sounds more like the Jew’s holohoax revenge toward Germans every day. And Merkel is a bought-paid-for shill.
        Jews are using their enemy (Islam) to destroy their enemy (Christians). It’s a brilliant move, especially since they’ve successfully crafted the German/Nazi = evil, from the get-go. What better way to destroy an enemy without a single-shot, than to infest its country with your “other” enemy – destruction without blame. Jews paint themselves as innocent in all of it, while they are the ONLY enemy to reap the benefits of complete control/power in the end, when all Christian nations have been eaten-alive from within.

  7. And Germany wants to creat an EU army, we know where thats heading. Meanwhile rag heads are at it again killing more people in France, Merkel’s enrichers lol and she wonders why people hate them stupid stupid cow

  8. It’s rather ironic that the German political class has undertaken the mass summary arrest of nationalists and patriots at exactly the same time as third world invaders committed a massacre of French Europeans.

  9. Angelstazi Merkel just uses what she has been taught during her youth in the communist era. Pls. do not forget she was a communist youth leader.
    “a former member of the East German Communist Party who functioned as a mid-level propaganda commissar for the Free German Youth, that is, the young Communists.”
    The so called “democratic” German government, did not have enough policemen in Cologne to defend women from group molestation and robbing, but they had the resource to arrest and to search 60 persons, who only criticized the Merkelistan ideology.
    So if I attack people and steal, I can get away with it, but if I speak my mind I will be arrested and fined. Is this a farce or everybody went insane in Germany????

    1. Commissar Merkel is still following the stalinist rule to punish one person
      in order to terrorize hundreds of people.

    1. This crime was enacted in Germany in 1945. Small wonder in a country where all chancellors from Adenauer to Kohl are supposed to have been CIA assets (Egon Bahr, aid to chancellor Bill Brandt, in an interview with one of the mainstream flagship journals “Welt” in 1996).

  10. Dangerous path these police are taking they live among the population that is being replaced and most people know what there neighbours do for a living.I wonder if merkel will take them with her when t.s.h.t.f……..terry

    1. Why do you think the police wear masks when they commit these crimes, so their neighbours won’t recognise them.

  11. Freedom of speech is a basic human right guaranteed by the German constitution – but if one questions the holocaust / holohoax or the flooding of Germany with immigrants one risks getting prosecuted and ending up in jail. Germany has been turned into a colony of the US after the war and now resembles a mental asylum more than anything else.

      1. Not only one constitutional jurist, but all the cream of German constitutionalists
        have characterised the Merkel regime as a permanent and deliberate violation
        of the constitution. In fact, socalled “values” – saving refugees – have supplanted
        the constitutional limitations.

  12. I’ve commented on here before about my own country, Scotland…I think Sturgeon now models herself on Merkel, and ‘Sturgeon’s Stasi’ are well and truly committed to stamping on anyone who dares even think anything negative about Muslims or ‘refugees’

    We are under the thumb here, and our treasonous new Prime Minister May has just effectively given Sturgeon a power of veto over our democratic decision to leave the EU.

    1. I read that Scotland has lots of space and is why most Scots voted Remain being oblivious to life with Islam.
      Merkel is looking for countries to take in a hefty share of recent Muslime arrivals in Germany.
      If Sturgeon whispers that Scotland`s got plenty of room the EU just might do a deal

  13. EU bigwigs certainly have a distorted view of what constitutes “radicalisation.”
    Any EU citizen complaining – as is their democratic right – re governmental policies being forced upon them which will radically change their way of life is guilty of `provocation, sedition, incitement and radicalisation.`
    To disagree with Merkel is now a heinous crime in the cock-eyed world of left wing politicians.
    Yet Muslimes are given free rein to rape and pillage with gay abandon with few – if any – sanctions !

  14. The fact the Jews and the establishment are going overboard and so extreme only proves that we are right and we are winning. There is going to be a major backlash very soon. The Europeans are waking up and starting to fight back. Whites are civilized and tolerant, but that is only things are too unbearable and our backs are against the wall.

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