Germany: Dreams of “Refugee Work Force” Vanish as 95% of Nonwhite Invaders Remain on Welfare

The widely-propagated liberal delusion that the fake refugee invasion of Europe would “boost the workforce and save the pensions” has been again rudely shattered with new official figures which show over 95 percent of the nonwhite invaders granted “asylum” since 2015 are still on welfare—and that the state’s much-vaunted “refugee reserve” fund of €32.5 billion will be “wiped out” within the next two years.

According to the January 2019 edition of the German Federal Ministry for Labor and Social Affairs’ “Migration Monitor: Persons in the Context of Refugee Migration,” the total number of “job-seekers” who are recognized asylum seekers in Germany as of that month stood at 454,527.

However, in a deceptive bureaucratic doublespeak—so typical of the liberal establishment—the official report then goes on to admit that there are a further 374,619 “underemployed” asylum seekers, and at least 38,299 undergoing state-sponsored “training” (and thus not included in the “unemployed” figures).

All this makes a grand total of around 867,445 unemployed or “underemployed” asylum seekers in Germany.

At the same time, the latest figures issued by the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge, BAMF), show that since 2015 at least 558,549 “asylum seekers” have been granted refugee status so far, while a further 278,536 have been granted “subsidiary protection,” and another 75,363 have been allowed to stay because their deportation allegedly poses a risk to their lives. This gives a total of 912,448 “asylum seekers” living legally in Germany.

Expressed as a percentage of this figure, the “unemployed” asylum seeker figure (867,445) therefore represents 95.07 percent of all “refugees” currently legally living in Germany.

These figures also mean that the “refugee” population makes up nearly ten percent of all Germany’s unemployment rate.

As the Ministry for Labor and Social Affairs itself has noted, those “refugees” who do have jobs are generally speaking in “cleaning” and “kitchen helper” jobs—ones which contribute almost nothing to state coffers.

According to a report in the Wochenblick newspaper, the German federal government has admitted that it will have a deficit of almost €25 billion by the year 2023 “as a result of high spending increases.”

These spending increases include the “complete exhaustion of the so-called ‘refugee reserve,’ a €32.5billion set aside which is being used to pay for invader accommodation, meals, language and integration courses, and general welfare.

Finally, to add insult to injury, the Ministry for Labor and Social Affairs statistics show that there were 598,685 “refugee” principal welfare claimants registered as of October 2018.

Given that on average there are at least four dependents for each claimant—and often more—the full financial impact of “family reunification” rules are also rapidly depleting German largesse.

The belief therefore that the nonwhite invasion was therefore going to “save the pensions,” “boost the economy,” and provide “a new workforce for German industry” has proven to be yet another establishment and controlled media lie.

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  1. impeach who ever allowed this in the first place, they are not your friends. send the deep state george soros invaders home. the experiment did not work.

  2. A totally self-inflicted disastrous cash flow projection for which those responsible are not forming a queue to end the problem. Once the UK stops paying the EU, Germany’s finances will take a hammering as well as the reduction in production if Merkel continues to do everything to stop us leaving the EU altogether. Germany on the rocks financially will be good news because it could commence the end of the most corrupt organisation ever invented.

    1. They’ll just borrow more money as they do anyway, budgets? What are they? Budgets are for tax-paying scum. The government(s) have agendas to persue, common sense be damned!

      1. Exactly. Jews just borrow more money and take it for themselves, and their white-hating projects. If the result is inflation, why would they care?

  3. No one seriously ever expected anything different.
    When pigs fly. That’s when these sorry excuses will
    “finance the pensions”.

  4. What a f*cking waste of money.

    It’s noteworthy how the Germans signally refused to bail out their fellow EU members, the Greeks, but somehow can pony up untold billions to subsidise the third world invader trash which targeted their country.

    Brexit was right.

    1. IF Brexit happens…even if it happens in name only, establishment will simply pass laws that match the EU’s.

      How dare ordinary people vote for what the elites don’t want! Who do tax-paying voters think they are?!

    2. How right you are. Anyone could have told them that the majority of these migrants would be a long term drain on their economy but of course Mrs Merkel was trying to put a positive spin on her decision to invite them in. She, who is apparently only the Chancellor of one of the EU countries but in reality is the leader of the EU, (read new German Empire) was put on the spot when the migrant invasion began – she was asked by Juncker to deal with it. She didn’t want to appear hard-hearted but neither did she want them in her country. Unfortunately she didn’t have the means to stop them anyway so took the decision to welcome them in, hoping she could offload them elsewhere, and is now reaping what she sowed. She is no longer leader of her party or any party but somehow remains Chancellor – how does that work? How typical of Germany/EU – the rules never apply to them. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so depressing.

      1. It isn’t a ‘new German Empire’. It’s a Jewish empire. Don’t insult the Germans, who have been through hell beyond your imaginings

    3. Germany set up the EU and the euro to favour themselves, to make Germany rich and powerful at the expense of the other EU nations. They also made it a condition that each nation was responsible for its own economy, and bail outs from richer EU countries (Germany) would not be allowed. Of course this wasn’t part of the spouted EU propaganda. However to keep the euro afloat Germany have had to cough up large amounts, LOL, oh the irony! And they will have to continue to prop up the euro if they don’t want it to fail, because it is struggling and it is built on weak foundations. The Germans are now about to join two of their failing banks hoping to create a strong bank, a theory not generally successful in practice. We’ll see.

  5. They need to let in more Islmaic-origin refugees, to boost employment & slash budget deficits.

    Nothing else will work, the time for discussion is over, this is the 21st century,

    1. I guess you’re being ironic, or a troll ?
      These people will exhaust the German coffers, then move like a plague of locusts acroos EU free movement areas until either EU collapses or the locals take action to deal with the problem

  6. It’s hard to believe how not so many years ago, there were comments stating that the invasion could have been halted with some early casualties. Whether that would have worked is questionable, but what irks a lot of decent folk, is the number of their fellow countrymen/women who are bending over backwards to get these people housed and fed in their various countries. The mass majority WILL NEVER WORK, they’ve nothing to offer an employer. In the UK, it seems driving taxis, hand-washing cars, and a few others I’ve no doubt, are a form of employment which will enable the state benefits to be added because they will cheat the Tax Returns. All these illegals are members of the “Something for Nothing” section in every EU country that has welcomed them.

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