Germany: €93bn on Invaders

Germany’s government is preparing to spend €93.6 billion ($104 billion) on expenses related to the Angela Merkel-created nonwhite invasion within the next four years.

According to a leaked document from the Federal Finance Ministry, published by Der Spiegel magazine, the costs include accommodation, food, and “integrating” the invaders.

invasion of Germany

The figures are based on a further 600,000 nonwhites invading Germany in 2016—in addition to the estimated 1.5 million who arrived last year.

Then, the projection claims, a further 400,000 nonwhites will arrive in 2017, and 300,000 in 2018 and 2019 respectively—making up a grand total of over three million.

That figure does not include the right to “family reunification” which is likely to quadruple the figures—at the very least.

The budget projection contains the following breakdown:

Welfare “benefits” for the invaders, including subsidized rent payments, will amount to an estimated €25.7 billion.

€5.7 billion has been set aside for language courses.

€4.6 billion has been set aside for “integration assistance with regard to employment”—this is likely to be the creation of fictitious jobs so as to provide “employment” for the invaders.

The document “assumes” that 55 percent of the invaders will be working after five years—a figure which earlier studies have shown is ludicrously inaccurate.

Another fact which is apparent from the budget is that Merkel’s promises that there would be no tax increases resulting from the invasion were patently false.

The Finance Ministry document says that the sixteen German states will have to contribute at least half of the expected annual costs of around €21 billion—a figure which will rise to around €30 billion by 2020.

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The tax implications per German are studied in the report, which says that in the Saarland Federal State each resident will have to pay €70 for the “refugee” costs, while in the state of Bremen, each resident will have to contribute €700.

The shock figures have already created division within the governing Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party, with state governments almost all rejecting the calculations as “impossible.”

Talks on the issue between the central government and the states are set to be renewed on May 31.

The allocation to create “jobs” for the invaders is also likely to be an Achilles Heel for the government at the next elections.

The German unemployment rate currently stands at 2.7 million people—who have all now been sent to the back of the line in favor of the newly-arrived nonwhite invaders.

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  1. How can you employ ‘people’ with below average IQs who don’t even want to integrate, who don’t obey the country’s laws, can’t speak the language and bring their disgusting cultures with them. They are economic invaders, nothing more!

  2. This left me speechless on first reading. Absolutely unbelievable !!!
    Will Merkel also be carrying on the enforced sharing out of the ever increasing hordes plus the ballooning costs of supporting the basturds (sic) plus their families following on behind for years to come?
    Surely Germans won`t roll over yet again and meekly accept millions more muslimes to pacify mad Merkel and the EU`s inclusivity and diversity agenda ?

    1. Swedens refugees debt projected is 14 times the defence budget.
      German Gov is scared to calculate the long term cradle to grave costs. Ach du liebe !

  3. Does anyone seriously see this insanity continuing into 2020? Surely by then even the sleepiest of sheeple will have rumbled what’s going on, and surely the Merkel worm will have vacated it’s rotten apple by then???

    1. By 2020, if this is not stopped, there will be no “sheeple” left.
      We are at the critical point now…if the people don’t rise up very soon, then Europe is an Islamic state, end of story, switch the lights off when you leave.!

  4. This generosity of Merkel’s with the German people’s precious resources is breathtaking. I wonder what the cost per German would be for a gallows and rope for Merkel. It is overdue.

  5. If there are 2.7 million German nationals unemployed, and from a previous report that BMW offered 200 jobs to these invaders which were rejected, it is obvious to me that the nationals must be wondering what their future is, and being unemployed will consider the UK is not that far away, as long as they can get the money to make the journey? This is a topic that will never be aired by politicians or the media because it gives the impression of negativity over the arrival of the invaders. The EU led by Merkel has to go, and the sooner the better.

  6. Absolute madness but, what is always assured, is that the Taxpayer will foot the bill and finance the whole debacle for the future. Taxpayers in the main that did not vote for Merkel to beckon all in sundry to come to Germany. For the long term implications, the Taxpayer will foot the bill in many more ways than just financially. They will have to live with and witness the, about to accelerate, changes towards an Islamic state that have been developing at a slower pace behind the arrival of the Turkish diaspora, a more “western thinking” Muslim.

    In the UK, all this similarly happened under the brainless Tony Blair regime when the floodgates were opened and the rapid deterioration in living standards and particularly the country’s infrastrucute started. Perhaps Germany is different? The UK lurches from one crisis to the next. There is no long term planning for obvious eventualities only day to day crisis management.

  7. Will this latest piece of Merkel shite finally wake the Germans from their torpor ?
    Or will it be life as usual hanging on her every dictatorial word.
    German reaction should be interesting to say the least.

  8. Shame on the political elites ruling Europe for wasting this money. It would have been more humane if this money had been spent on helping the poor countries in Africa and Asia. Perhaps this aid would encourage people to stay in their countries and not to immigrate to Europe.

  9. I guarantee it will end the same way we see here in London, England. London has 33 council boroughs, and the boroughs with the most immigrants are, to no surprise, the poorest. Most of these non-white immigrants came in the 1980s – 2000s. The local councils are dependent on council taxes (property tax) and rent payments on government owned social housing (council houses), and local business taxes, and with so many immigrants on welfare, these councils have zero income from these immigrants. This then leads first to all the local services, rubbish collection, road maintenance, repairs and policing etc. to be drastically reduced because of lack of funds until the place becomes like a third world shanty town, which it is now already in East London non-white majority council boroughs like Newnham and Tower Hamlets.
    Most white people then leave due to the filth, vandalism, crime, and degenerate cultural pollution, making those areas even more non-white and even poorer and more criminal. Those who do stay and work are then forced to pay ridiculously high local taxes (council taxes) much higher than the rich white boroughs charge, to cover the zero income from the non-whites on welfare. When that happens on a national level over in Germany, the country will truly be down the river without a paddle. Then all Germany will resemble the worst areas of Paris, Berlin or London, and those who do work will be financially raped in endless taxes, so time to exit Germany if you want any kind of meaningful life away from the non-white hordes of nation wreckers.
    Personally, I think nothing will reverse. While millions more criminal illegal invaders come to Germany this year and next, the complaining and marches of the native Germans will achieve very little. Then, when it gets really nasty, it will be too late, there will be so many hostile invaders, they will never be removed, and so the Jewish Cultural Marxist plan of polluting Germany with toxic alien races and “cultures”, will have been achieved. If anyone did get into power to try and deport them all, world Jewry would soon put an end to that, and declare war on Germany again, or assassinate those trying to save Germany. Personally, I think Germany is totally screwed. Sadly, most Germans are clueless to their real history, and are so brainwashed with guilt from things that never historically happened, they will submit to their own demise, complaining quietly, but still submitting. RIP Germany.

  10. Good luck Germany,….. you`re going to need very much more than mere luck now that the merchant of madness Merkel is once again on her mission to bring millions more Muslimes for you to support.

    If any more convincing was necessary that muslimes are definitely not coming to Europe seeking sanctuary and hoping  to live in peace then take a look at the link below. 

  11. Germans, how much more of this abuse are you willing to accept from your autocratic despot of a leader, Angela Merkel ? Your country is being destroyed. You are all going to drown in a sea of Merkel’s red ink.


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